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Friday, June 26, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-26-15)

June 26th -

We decide to eat at the Inn this morning.
After we all finish, we gather for the morning devotion and prayer.
Today words are "Jesus Love Me".
Thanks Carla for reminding us all...we sometimes forget those simple but important words.

We are packed and ready to make some miles for tonight we have rooms in Taos, NM. waiting for us.
The ride back through the Million Dollar Highway was a little more calm this morning.
Let's put it this way....a little more my speed!!!!
As you can see the big trucks have fun negotiating the turns as well :)

Our first stop is Durango for fuel and potty stop.
The air is nice and cool today...a great day to ride.
Before you know it we have left Colorado and are now in New Mexico!
Thanks Colorado for all the wonderful riding and beauty that we have been able to see this trip.

Next stop is Chama, NM for lunch.
The Elk Horn Restaurant was a nice stopping point.
The cotton wood trees are in full bloom, and it looks like it is snowing as we look out the windows.
Back on the bikes, we make our way towards Taos.
The afternoon clouds are starting to form as they usually do around Taos.

We stop at the Rio Grande Gorge so everyone can check out this wonderful site in the middle of almost no where!
At this point, it is looking like we are going to get wet...but we actually make it to the Sage Brush Inn without getting a drop on us.

We arrive around 5pm, and we fill the front of the motel with our bikes.
There is a line to check into the Inn.
The weather is sure looking like it is coming our way, so Keith and Chuck find a spot to get the bikes covered just in case.

Our rooms are really nice, and the whole ambiance of the Sage Brush Inn was really cool.
It is sooooo New Mexico!

Originally we had plans to eat at a Mexican Restaurant that Lynn's friend told her about, but since it was about 10 miles back towards those dark skies, we opted to just eat at the Inn.
They welcomed our group of 10 without hesitation.

The food was great, and we loved that we had our own little room to ourselves.

After dinner we all sat out in front of Doug & Twana's room and enjoyed the evening.

The rains never did make it to our area.
Saved again!!!
Time to get some rest, for tomorrow we travel to Amarillo....our vacation is coming to an end  :(