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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-27-15)

June 27th -

The morning is beautiful here.
We are all going to eat the buffet at the Inn, as it is provided with our rooms.

After we finish we gather in one of the courtyards for our morning devotion and prayer.

Before the devotion I make a stop in one of the little tucked out of the way restrooms at the Inn.
I had to take pictures as the artwork that was on the walls were too cute.
Seems we girls always see some interesting things in the bathrooms we visit!!!

Today is Doug's turn again.
The word for today is Lost Wallet!!!
As friends we all come together to help Diana & Chris with their lost wallet, even if it is just moral support!!!!

Our bags are packed and we are ready to point the bikes towards Texas.....Amarillo to be exact....but not without a u-turn.

Man, first thing this morning, our leader, Doug, pulls out and heads towards Santa Fe....
Hey Doug, turn the other way!!!
He was just showing us the other end of town, right!
Back on course, we make our way to ride part of the Enchanted Circle, through Angle Fire, and Cimarron.

We stop in Eagles Nest, NM to fill up with gas.
The gas pumps are very tall in this town.
I always laugh when we get gas here, because you have to stretch to slide your card.
I purchased something to drink, and the clerk asked which way we are heading.
I told him we are going to Cimarron.
He tells me that the road is closed due to a rock slide and flooding.
Remember that storm last night that we saw....well it missed us, but reeked havoc in another area.
All the guys are listening to him, and the decision is made to go back to Angel Fire and take that little detour to get us back on track.

Chuck and I have been on that road out of Angel Fire before...the one that is 9 miles of unpaved road...but maybe, just maybe they have paved it!!!

Guess isn't!!!!
U-turn #2.....and back to the road we know goes through.
It is a very narrow and curvy lower road.
We are seeing a lot of bicyclist going to opposite glad they are!!!
Beautiful countryside...beautiful weather!
At this point I truly have no idea what town we are in, but we pull over and wait for everyone to re-group.

We make our way to I-40 and roll past Santa Rosa....we hit a few sprinkles but not worthy of stopping and we just keep making time on the road.

Gas stop in Tucumcari, a little snack and back on the bikes.

Plans to eat at the Big Texan tonight when we roll into Amarillo.
We are staying at the same hotel we stayed in as we began this trip.
Tired of riding by this time the limo that takes us to the Big Texan was a welcomed site.

The Big Texan was very busy...and we make our way back to the back portion of the restaurant.
They have a large tent with fans on out there.
Was a pleasant less crowded area to hang out while we wait for our table.

There were several photo ops that we took advantage of as well.

Our wait wasn't that bad, and before you know it we are seated.
There is a 21 yr. old guy that is going to try to eat the Big Texan steak and trimmings.
Just looking at him, he doesn't look like he has a chance, but you never know.
We eat and watch the progress of the young guy.
He isn't going to make it....guess he gets to buy that big ole hunk of steak he can't finish...LOL

Food was good, and it is time to get in line for the return ride back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, we put on our swim suits and go to their indoor pool.
We no more get there, and everyone else leaves...LOL
That's OK with us.
We sit and laugh and talk just like we have the other nights of this trip.
Sorry to see it end, but you know....all good things must end.
I am really happy that we have been able to spend time with all these wonderful people and share so many moments with them.
It really doesn't get much better than this.
Doug and Twana planned a wonderful trip, and all the accommodations were great.
Tomorrow we go home...but now we sleep!!!!