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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-28-15)

It is time to go home.
We are up and packed by 6am.
We have breakfast at the hotel....
Today Larry has the devotion and prayer.
Today's words are Changing times.

On the bikes by 6:30am, and we split right outside of Amarillo, back to how we started this trip.

Two bikes heading towards Oklahoma City, and 3 bikes heading towards Duncan, OK.

We have some cloud cover this morning and the ride temperature is awesome.
Not a lot of traffic on the roads, and we make very good time to Sayer, OK.
We pull off and get gas and stretch our legs.
As we make our way to the restrooms, I noticed a very well dressed lady standing outside the doors to the station.
She was much older, had on a fancy lace skirt, and her hair was jet black.
We are just about to get back on the bikes that are now parked in front of the station.
The older lady and another lady come up to us.
She said she saw we were on these bikes and wanted to know if she and her friend could pray for us.
This area of I-40 has always been a bit tricky for us, as we have had a few close calls on it, so why not...we never pass us a prayer!
After the prayer the lady explains that they are from Elk City, and are heading to Amarillo with "their profit" for church.
We didn't ask any questions, and we thanked the ladies for the prayer.
Back on the bikes, we make it home in great time.
We pull into the backyard at 10:30am.
Its nice to get home before all the heat builds.

I can't say enough great things about this trip.
We had a very nice time.
This is our second time to ride a long distance (almost 3000 miles) with this group, and I sure hope there are many more to come.
Can't wait to see where the road takes us.
Thanks again to Doug & Twana for making all the plans and mapping out the trip.
You did a wonderful job!

Mileage for us was 2964.  :)