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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Big Bertha and the Fifth Wheel tackle Red Rock Canyon 8-15-15

Our great friends, Chris and Diana suggested we camp in our new trailer.
They said even if we stay in our backyard, it is just a good idea.
This way we become more familiar with the trailer and how to set it up, and also find any problems that we weren't expecting.

This trailer is a whole lot different than our little 21' that we pulled only a few times.

This is big...and long...and heavy....and oh, did I mention big....  :)

Its amazing everything you have to think about.
Will you be able to make this corner, and will you be able to turn around once you get in there.

We attached Big Bertha to the trailer and made our way down I-40 to Hinton.
Looks like we will spend the night at Red Rock Canyon.
I know it sounds silly to only drive less than 50 miles to camp, but I think it was a really good idea.

Truly the best advise we have been given...appreciate the suggestion!!!

Chuck negotiated the drive into the canyon like a problem...and the poor guy that was trying to come out of the canyon definitely yielded to us as we made our way down the windy road.

The campgrounds was not overly busy, but the only area we could find to park two of these beast was back in the farthest location.
We scrape a few trees along the way, and the small windy roads that we have been on many times before, sure seem small....and more windy!!!
Diana & Chris lead the way, and we pull into a  really nice shade tree covered area to set up for the night.

We cooked out on Chris & Diana's charcoaler as we hadn't gotten our gas tank filled yet.
Diana & Chris suggested we purchase one like theirs from Sams, and I have to say, it is really a nice one!

Being the first trip we haven't purchased our DISH network and the reception wasn't good in the canyon for regular TV, so that kinda sucked a bit, but we will fix this issue by our next trip.

The trailer had a few issues our first trip.
As we started packing up, we noticed that we had a leak in the bathroom area.
The toilet seems to be dripping into the lower compartment.
The shower also seems to have an issue.
We stop at the dump station to dump the tanks, and only get a trickle out of them.
You can imagine that there is a phone call to the Oklahoma RV first thing Monday morning.

First trip is in the record books.
The trailer was very comfortable, and we have a better idea of what we should bring with us.
I took measurements of all the cabinets so I can get bins and cubbies to organize and make good use of the space we will have.

Although we only spent one night in the trailer, it was fun.
Amazing how getting away from the hustle and bustle for only one night makes a person feel like they have had a little vacation.

Hope you had as much fun as we did this weekend.