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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Big Bertha escapes OKC once again. 8-29-15

If you are following my silly blog, you know that we took the new fifth wheel for a spin and overnight trip to Red Rock Canyon, in Hinton, Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago.

The trailer had to go back to Oklahoma RV to fix a water issue we were having in the bathroom.
They kept it a week, and we got her it back and supposedly they have fixed our little issues.

Chuck fills our tanks with water and we test all the areas, and looks like they actually did fix it.

Diana & Chris have bought a new truck.
We call her Big Bertha's sister....she is a pretty little thing!
She isn't little, but she is pretty  :)
Chris has been busy getting theirs set up to pull their trailer.
They have gotten the receiver hitch put in, and they want to make a quick trip and make sure all is well.
We hatch a plan to go back to Red Rock Canyon for a night.
This will be good for us to see if we have any other issues to deal with. (I am told there is always an "issue" to deal with...sounds like our "Harley")

I am texting Diana to see where they are, and we have plans to meet up on Rt. 66 right outside of Yukon, OK.
We look to the east as we pull up to 66, and we see a rig topping the hill.
From our vantage point it looks like a semi coming.
Well, it isn''s Big Bertha's sister....and she looks mighty fine!

We pull out and Diana & Chris take the lead.
Their trailer and truck really look nice.
I know Chris is really proud of it.

We are at the Hinton exit before we know it.
Down into the canyon we go....we are getting really good at this.
No cars going down this glad of that.

Chris makes his way to the back of the park, and we pull up to the same area we parked a couple of weeks ago.
The side we had parked on was full, but the east side of the road was empty.
Diana & I get out and decide on lot #66 and #67 would be our picks.

The guys back the trailers into the spots, and we unhook the trucks and begin leveling the trailers.
Wow, I am getting the hang of this.
But, I have to say, I still ask if this is what we do next...or is it that.LOL

Our weekend without the trailer, we went with Diana & Chris to Camping World to get our DISH network stuff.
The guys worked on setting it up and getting us activated.
Figuring out what plug to attach the coax and what did what was another learning experience.
All is good, and the boys were able to get everything working, I think!!!!

Our new charcoaler is going to be used this evening to cook up some chicken and veggies.
It worked great....and between the brauts that Diana & Chris grilled on theirs, we had a really good meal.

After dinner entertainment consisted of watching a DVR movie.
I had gotten the movie, The Long Long know the one...with Dezi and Lucy in it.

Have to say we got a good chuckle out of watching them travel with their big ole trailer.

Time to get some rest, so we say goodnight, and the Biggs head back to their trailer.

Of course you know I have been glamping up the trailer with our own personal touches.
Reading about that subject, I realize it probably isn't good to do too much "personalizing" of the inside as it may not be something that would resale well, if for some reason you would sell it.
I am trying a few things, and think I have gotten the bedroom fixed.
Fell in love with the throw pillows, and what an easy way to give a personal touch to a rolling home.  :)

Our short trip to Red Rock is over, and we are packing up and heading back home.
The trip was a little easier than the first one, and yes, we still have a lot to learn but we are getting there.
Hopefully we will get to try out our skills for real on the trip coming up over Labor Day.
I hope it will be a blog worthy holiday.

Until next time, I will continue glamping up the trailer!