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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Bertha and Big Berth's Sister Explore Eureka Springs, AR (9-7-15)

The bikes are packed and we have gotten everything put away.
Now is it time to head back home.
We are on the rode a little before 9am, and all is well in the world, or at least our world.

Diana and I have the walkie talkies, and as we start through Springdale, AR, Diana says she needs to make a potty break.

This was a perfect time to do this, as we had seen a gas station that had a large sign saying they sold DEF, and there was a McDonald's next door.

Breakfast at McDonald's was quick and easy, and tasted quite good.

After we eat, Chuck and Chris drive over to the filling area and fill Big Bertha with DEF.
This is all very new to me, as I had no idea the new diesels have to have an additive added.
Learn something new every day.
I know that the big truck stops have DEF, but this was right in the middle of town.

We make a small purchase as Chuck had filled with the DEF we got at Walmart earlier.
I have learned about DEF and at this point, I now know way to much about DEF.
Not a very exciting thing, but to know that you are putting pig urine into the truck to make it run, is really just way too much for me to understand.  ROFL

Back on the road it was a non-eventful trip back home.

We had a great trip to Arkansas with our wonderful friends.
Got to Zip Line, ride the bikes, sit under the stars, and just enjoy life.
Can't get much better than that.

Labor Day Weekend 2015 is in the record books!