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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Big Bertha and Big Bertha's Sister Explore Eureka Springs (9-3-15)

Do you have any plans for Labor Day?
We do, and it involves two 42' Fifth Wheels, 2 Goldwings, and a couple of monster trucks to get us to our destination.
Our plans are set in stone...LOL, and we head out on Thursday morning to our destination of Eureka Springs, AR.
Reservations have been made at the Wanderlust RV Park in Eureka Springs.
We are so excited to be actually taking a longer trip and spend some time enjoying the sites of Arkansas.

The reservations were made a couple of weeks ago, and Diana handled all this.
The lady at the Wanderlust RV Park was quite thorough with all her questions.
She is actually putting us in a "buddy" site.
This should be awesome.

Our bags are packed and we are on the road by around 10am.
This is officially the first time that we have put Snow the Goldwing in the garage area of the trailer, and she is tightened down and ready to roll as well.

We meet up with Diana & Chris on I-40 around Choctaw Road.
They weren't hard to spot pulling that long thing.  :)

Traffic is pretty heavy, but we make our way through it all, until......

Seems we have met up with a funeral procession.
Must be someone pretty important, because as we drive by the town of Shawnee, there are police officers out by their cars, saluting as the funeral procession goes by.

Some of the officers jump in the first car in the line of the saluting officers, and puts on their lights, and speeds to catch up with the procession.

Imagine this with a line a mile long of traffic behind us.
Now the new addition to the procession pulls into the center of both lanes and doesn't allow anyone to pass.
If you don't think this hasn't bottled up a highway!!!
This goes on for quite a few miles, and finally, one of the front cars to the procession pulls out of line, and takes over the last position.
At this point, he pulls into the outside lane and allows all the cars to start passing the procession.
I hope you can understand what I am trying to say, but gosh, this was quite an ordeal.
(Diana googles to see who the person might be that passed, and she finds out it was Terry Gregg.
He was a Senior Law Enforcement Special Agent know  as the Oklahoma Cowboy Cops)
and it looks like we was part of his funeral procession.

Diana & Chris later tell us that they thought there was going to be a wreck as these two cars were having a bit of an altercation.
We finally get to pull out and get back to a reasonable speed.

By this time, Chuck has had a full blown allergy attach, and he is miserable.
I haven't equipped Big Bertha with any Kleenex or anything yet, and we are going to have to make a stop and get something out of the trailer.
Finally he pulls over at a rest stop, and I go back to our rolling home and find something quickly.
Can't remember where the Kleenex are so TP paper will have to do!

We are driving the route that the nice people at Wanderlust RV Park emailed to us.
They said there are some low bridges going some of the other ways, and we sure don't want to rake off an air conditioner or anything else along the way!!!

Big Bertha and her sister did very well.
We made it to our campsite and followed the owners as they directed us to our sites.
We are on #54 and #55...buddy style!

Setting up is getting a lot easier.
Just have to remember what to do and when.
The guys unload the bikes and we get our home away from home all set up.

It is decided that we will just eat at the campsite tonight.
Diana charcoaled brats and we had a very nice first meal at the Wanderlust RV Park.

We actually have a great spot and got a real nice view of the Arkansas sunset.

A good day is a good day
A bad day is a good story
At the end of the day, It's all Good.  :)
Goodnight world.