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Friday, September 4, 2015

Big Bertha and Big Bertha's Sister Explore Eureka Springs (9-4-15)

Seems that everyone got a good nights rest, and I am going to attempt to put a breakfast casserole in the oven and fix for everyone this morning.


First things first, lighting the oven.
Had to get Chris to come over and show us how this is done.
Success....we have fire  ;)

I had bought some of the disposable aluminum pans thinking this would make clean up very easy.
Cooked the casserole the allotted time and looks really good.

As I put a spoon in it for serving, I notice that it hasn't cooked evenly.
Looks like its going to be a brown bottom casserole  :(
Everyone ate it, but I really wasn't happy with my morning meal.

Diana is fixing a crock pot of stew for dinner tonight, so she has got it all ready to cook while we are away.

When we checked in last night, the owners at the Wanderlust RV Park, gave us a few tips on areas we may have not ridden.
I have to say we are veterans to the area, and most of the roads have been explored, but I think they have shown us one that we haven't been on.
With that information, we plot our ride for the morning.

Chuck has messed with our satellite last night and started again this morning.
He is a bit frustrated to say the least.
We have exchanged receivers with Chris and Diana's and even put their satellite up in place of ours. 
Maybe the trees in the RV park is our issue and especially the one directly in our path of the satellite??!!!!

Time to get on the bikes and go for a ride.
We make our way to the spot in the road called "Osage AR".
There is a place called Osage Clayworks  and I would love to see what it's all about.
The ride to Osage was very nice.
The windy roads were so relaxing, and of course just breathing the air and the smell of Sweet Autumn Clematis along the way was even more of a bonus.

The Osage Clayworks was an interesting place, and the pottery was really nice.
A lady was sitting at the potters wheel learning how to make a pot with the helpful guidance of a gentleman that was a local I assumed.
He was quite patient with her, and showed her some tricks they use to get the pots so straight.
One of these days, I would like to try it!!!

As we start to leave the gentleman that owned to place asked if we had ever eaten at Low Gap.

Funny he asked,(do you think he thought we looked lost)  as I was actually trying to get a signal on my phone to google the location.
He was so kind and gave us the directions to get there.

Looks like we are going to Low Gap Cafe for lunch.

The ride was absolutely great.
We travel over the mountainous area, and enjoy the shade that the trees and mountain is providing, as the temperature keeps rising.

Before we know it, we are at Low Gap Cafe.
Man, if you blink you will miss it!!!

There was no waiting line, in fact, there was only one other couple in the cafe as we made our way through the front door.

The people at the cafe and even the people that we eating there were so friendly.
I guess this is quite a well known place to eat.

We enjoyed the food and even had dessert.
They tempted us all with this beautiful very large piece of chocolate cake.
I am a sucker for chocolate of course we had to share a piece.
Chris had coconut cream pie that looked just as yummy.
Now that we are miserably full, we will get back on the bikes and head back towards Berryville.

Now if you are not pronouncing Berryville correctly you WILL be say it like this.... Burrie-vel....with a slight accent.  (haha...learned this a few years ago)....can't help myself, have to pronounce like the locals do.

Diana & Chris are having TV issues so we are going to stop at Berryville at the Walmart to check out what they might have to replace theirs.
They scoped out the TV's and figured out which one they wanted so we will go back to Eureka Springs and get the truck and come back to pick it up.

The day is getting quite warm, so it was good to get back to the park, and get into the air conditioned truck.
Back to Berryville we go.
You know how Walmart is, you can never go in there and not purchase something.
Seems we needed DEF for Big Bertha, so of course we purchased some.
The TV was purchased as well.

Back at camp, Chris starts removing the old TV and replaces it with the new one.
The stew that has cooked all day is really smelling good!
Before you know it we are sitting down for a delicious dinner.

There have been a lot of people move into the RV Park today and looks like it is pretty full.
We decide to take a walk around and check out the other homes away from home.
Nothing like being a nosy neighbor  :)
Diana and I had signed up on RVillage, and we see that there is someone at the park that has said hello to us, so we go and seek them out and say hello.
Enjoyed meeting them and sharing a few stories.

All in all this was a really nice day....
Looks like we have plans to Zip Line stay tuned....
Goodnight  :)