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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big Bertha and Big Bertha's Sister Explore Eureka Springs. (9-5-15)

When we first started planning this trip, Diana had mentioned that there was a Zip Line in Eureka Springs!
Over dinner last night, we discussed all of us doing the Zip Line.
Over breakfast the discussion came up again, and it was decided that the guys would go down and get the tickets when the store opens.

The guys ride downtown to the Zip Line place, and Diana and I work on a small project she had wanted to get done.
Seems the windows in both of their doors are not frosted.
While visiting Camping World she picked up some of the static cling frosted material to put on them.
We got our paper out and traced the windows out.
Diana got her scissors in gear and before you know it she had one cut out.
I gave her a helpful hint on installing the film.
It is a lot easier to move around if you use something like sudsy water or window cleaner on the surface.
It makes it a breeze to make it fit even better.
We had both doors done by the time the guys got back from downtown.

Diana had gotten a text from Chris saying we are going on the first zip line group of the day.
We have to be at the store at 10:30am to get fit with our gear, and ride to the staging area.
We got in gear, and as the guys returned, we got on the back of their bikes and headed to our 10:30am appointment (with death??!!!!)  only kidding!

Here is the link to the Zipline Eureka Springs
Of course you have to fill out the paperwork before anything else happens.
We are then told to go into this other area and they will get our equipment sized and installed on us properly.

We have 2 really nice guys that are in charge of our group this morning and immediately they are cracking jokes and kidding with the group.
Our group is made up of 4 couples (including us) and a man with his 2 daughters, and his parents.
As we ride to the staging area, everyone is fairly quiet....but truthfully we are just holding on and trying not to fall off our seat in the bus.
I am not saying they drove wild, but with curves and bumps, it was definitely a trip you had to make sure you were paying attention to or you might end up on the ground.  LOL
The first part of the zip line is 3 or 4 short zips.
We will actually do a total of 10 zips and reach speeds of about 60 MPH.

Our guides were very helpful with getting us hooked on the line and explained everything quite well.
Getting the hang of the hand break and knowing when you need to use it was about the only thing you really needed to remember, and of course holding your feet up aka crossing your feet.

Wow, this is fun...and by the time we get the small ones down, it is time to graduate to the longer ones.
We even walk over a suspension bridge to get to one of the staging areas.

Our group of people were a bit more talkative and were really having fun as we all took our turns to hook on and zip the lines.

Each line gets a little longer, and before we know it we are about 200 feet over a canyon and zipping along a 1800 foot zip line.

Wow is all I can say.
It really was fun looking around and seeing all the green tops of the trees under you just like clouds in the sky.

I never was sure if it would bother me to be that high in the air, but I can truly say, it never entered my mind as they latch you on the line and you zip to the other side.
Chuck took a video of me, and said I nervously chewing my gum, but I really don't think I was ever scared.
You just have to remember to brake if they hold their hand up for you to do it.

On on the the longest zips, when I get over to Diana she tells me that her lanyard on her IPhone had broken, and as she got to the landing platform and uncrossed her legs, she heard something drop.
You guessed it, it was her phone.
It actually landed on the platform and dropped off the edge.
It didn't fall 2 feet, but you can imagine what we thought about.
Can you see it....all of us calling her phone down in a canyon and trying to find it with "find my phone"....and then of course realizing it was wedged in a tree somewhere with probably wild monkeys making overseas calls to their monkey family in other countries....OK. well, maybe not wild monkeys....LOL
She is a very lucky girl is all I can say.
Sure did make me tuck mine a little more tightly the next zip!

Our 2 hour tour of the tree tops is over before we know it.
We all truly had a great time....well.....actually Chuck was singing soprano due to his harness not staying in place...and you can imagine the conversation we had on that matter....LOL

We get back in the bus and make the mad dash back to the store.
They have another group right after us, so time is of the essence!!!  
Again, I am holding on for dear life to stay in my seat.
Our guides direct us to the staging room and we remove our equipment.

Great time for sure...would do it again in a heart beat...and if you find yourself in Eureka Springs, it really should be on your list of things to do.

Of course it is lunch time, and we have to make our usual stop at Grandma's Beans and Cornbread.
A trip to Eureka Springs just isn't a trip unless you go there.

The food was as good as ever....and of course the cobbler and ice cream was divine as well.

We walk to the leather store that is next door, and spy a couple of really cute skull purses.
We are not convinced that we need them, so we don't purchase at this time, but you know there is always tomorrow.
The Harley Dealership has moved and it is just up the hill so Diana and I walk and the guys move the bikes up there as well.

It was a pretty quick run through at the dealership, but as we walk out we see this store that we had been told to go to.
It is called The Spice Boat, and next door is Fresh Harvest.
Its obvious what the Spice Boat is but Fresh Harvest, well, it is a Balsamic Vinegar shop.
It was really cool to see what they have infused with the vinegar.
They have little cups that you can test all the different flavors with.
It was pretty interesting, but as we looked at the guys faces as they walked in, we knew it was going to be a quick browse and go type of thing.

The Spice Boat had quite a few nice folding utensils for the trailer.

You know the type, the space saving ones.
Diana and I both purchased this really cool chopping thingy...
Its called a Swiss Pull Chop, and you just put the stuff in to chop and you pull the cord, like you are starting a lawn mower...LOL
Look out  salsa....theres a new kid in town.

Its time to head back to camp and take a dip in the pool.
After we take a dip, its time to think dinner.
I had made some turkey chili, and we put it in the crock pot earlier to warm up, so we know what is on the menu for this evening.

We finish our meal, and walk around the camp site again.
Couldn't help ourselves so we had to get a pictures of us with Yoda.

Enjoyed our new experience of Zip Lining  today, and all the rest of the day was fun as well.

Time to get some rest, so I will say good night!