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Friday, September 25, 2015

BIkes Blues and BBQ 2015 continues

This day was spent visiting the vendors at the Rally.
Seems like the vendors are a little more sparse this year.
The area at Baum Stadium was hustling with a lot of bikes, but there were a lot of spots open for more vendors.
Seems the luster of the rally may have diminished a bit.

We have lunch and then we make our way to the downtown area to see what is going on.
The parking at the church was great, and we got nice shady spots.
The weather is pretty warm for the end of September....and not a cloud in the sky.

We check out all the vendors and make our way to an area to get something to drink.
The area is nice and shady, and we sit for  probably a couple of hours just people watching and sipping on drinks.
Didn't hurt that we had a large fan directed right at our table, which really made the area nice and relaxing.

Lynn gets the urge to buy some Leather Legs, and comes back to the group with the prettiest set with a whole lot of  bling on them.

We decide to head back towards the bikes, but Lynn and I pop into a booth and buy a couple of braided pony tails to attach to our helmets.

Lynn gets a blue one and I get a bleached blonde...can't wait to put them on the helmets.

We had gotten a flyer from someone at the rally with an interesting place to eat.
We are always game for something new, and a place like "Juicy Tails" sounds interesting.

Keith is leading us to the location, and as usual does such a good job getting us all there.
Juicy Tails has a mixed menu of crab boils, catfish, and other fish....and some very messy food!

Doug and Curtis decide to go the messy route.
Asked later if Doug would do it again, he replies, NO!  Too messy!

Our food was good, and by the time we walk out to get on the bikes, we are again in darkness.

Standing around talking and saying our goodbyes to Curtis and Bonnie, Doreen shouts that she has left her phone up at the restaurant.
It has only been a few minutes, and as she makes a mad dash back upstairs to see if the phone is still there, I call it.
First time I get no answer, and then the second call, I get a lady on the phone asking if we are looking for a phone.
Yes we are, and Doreen is on her way up there to get it.
Wow, that was a scare, but all is well!
She said she was in the restroom and placed it on a ledge, and then proceeded to walk out without it.
Thank goodness for honest people!!!!

Back at the room we make ourselves at home around a table that is very reminiscent of last year.
I think Allen could tell the story about last year, but wait, he might not remember it!!!!
I know for a fact he has gotten teased about quite a bit.
We all sat and chatted and enjoyed winding down after a fun filled day.
Time to say goodnight once again.

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