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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2015

It's that time to head to Arkansas for Bikes Blues & BBQ.
We meet Lynn and Keith and Doug and Twana at 10 am and make our way east

Our day started off pretty rough as we had to put our Blue Heeler Belle down this morning. 
I am actually happy we are leaving town so I don't spend the whole weekend crying.

So nice to see that Doug and Twana were able to make the trip.
We get on the road by around 10:30 and make our way towards Arkansas.

We stop in Tulsa and eat at a very good Mexican restaurant (Las Cabos) we had tried a few weeks ago. 
The food and quantity was just like our last visit. 

Back on the rode we stop for gas outside of Tulsa. 
Chuck ask everyone if they want to go the turnpike or the scenic ride. 

Scenic it was. 
Highway 412 was nice and curvy and yes, it's a slower route but we are just out for the ride. ;)

We will be meeting up with Doreen and Allen at the hotel.
She has text me and asked our ETA.
We should be there around 4pm.

Our hotel of choice is by the Northwest Regional Airport. 
We have stayed at this location for 4 yrs now.
It's off the beaten path and away from all the noise of the rally.
As we pull up to the hotel we see a lot of bikes. 
Looks like others have found our little spot. 
The hotel has roped an area off for bike parking. 
Seems like they planned for us this year. 

We are all settled in our rooms so Keith leads us through the back way to get to Pig Trails Harley.
As we leave from visiting the vendors we stopped for a group shot in front of Little Flock sign.
Yes the jokes were rampant. 
I don't know if I could live in Little Flock without laughing every time I told someone where I was from.  LOL

Lynn had seen a restaurant called Smoking Joe's BBQ earlier so Keith was once again in charge of  leading us there.
The food was really great but have to say the fellowship of these people we ride with was even better. 
Missing a couple that wasn't able to make it
Hopefully Diana and Chris can make next years trip. 
By the time we exit the restaurant I was surprised to see that it was dark!
Just another sign that summer is over.
My the ride back to the hotel was cool but not too bad for October.

We had to make one detour and stop at a liquor store I had spotted.
The name was so catchy and we just had to go and check it out. 
I think the picture tells it all.
I just love that you can't tell who the picture is actually of...;)

And yes, as usual we are like kids in a candy shop
Fully stocked we make our way to the hotel and sit and have a drink and discuss just about any and everything. 
Nice day and now it is time to say goodnight.