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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lone Star Bike Rally 2015 (day 2)

We wake to humidity!
Not raining but sure feels like it is.
The skies are overcast but we plan on seeing sunshine today, so we set out for Galveston Island.

I failed to say that Texas has really had an abundance of rain the last couple of weeks.
When we got close to Beaumont, TX, we could see the remnants of it in the fields and across the roads.

We only had a couple of areas that the water was still covering parts of the road, but sure did make you aware of the flooding the locals had experienced the last week.
It was so nice to see the clouds break up and actually have sunshine this morning.
By around 10am we got to see some beautiful blue skies!
By the time we make it to Port Bolivar, the clouds were all gone, just blue skies ahead for us.

Our ride on the ferry was fun as usual.
It is always a good time to take a few pictures and watch for dolphins.

We exit the ferry and we had already discussed lunch so we head to The Spot for some good food.
The township of Galveston is roaring with bikers and bikes, and The Spot was busy as usual.

We found a table to sit at upstairs, so we made ourselves comfortable and ate our first meal of seafood for this trip.

Although we are early for checking in the hotel, we decide to see if our rooms might be ready early, and sure enough, by 1:30pm we are checked in and getting settled into our rooms.

We all meet back at the bikes about an hour later, and decide to ride to The Strand and check out a few vendors.                                                                                        
As we leave the hotel, Chuck asked if we should go ahead and stop and take our customary pics of our bikes on The Boardwalk.
No time like the present, so we stop and do just that!
(glad we did, because this really was the best day of all to do this!)

Making our way to The Strand was refreshing as usual, as I just drool over the homes that are along the street we ride.
I love all the colors and different styles each home has.
It would be so much fun to own one of these beauties, until the hurricanes come!!!!

Ok, back to reality, we make our way to The Strand.
We park a block away and walk to start our way through the many vendors.
Amazing how many years we have been to this rally, and how we know pretty much where every vendor is located, or not....if they decide to not come back to the rally.

The Strand was beginning to swell with bikes.
We have in the past parked on The Strand, but sometimes it gets so full with bikes, it really is hard to get out of your spot when you are ready to leave.
If you haven't been to this rally, it really is a good one to come to.
The Strand will become wall to wall bikes and people this weekend.
There will be a steady stream of motorcycles riding down the middle of the street in parade fashion, showing off their bikes and/or just looking at all the sites as they drive through.
You have to do it once just to say you did it!

Our feet are tired and it is time to head back towards the hotel.
Once again there is a Mexican Food Restaurant next door, so we park the bikes and walk over to have some dinner.
I can truly say, I have had better food at other places, but hey, it was close!
After we eat we walk across to The Boardwalk and walk on the beach.
There are a few shells to be had, so of course we picked some up.
Back across the street we notice a frozen custard store and of course we have to go check it out.
It was quite tasty, as it was a mix of Italian Ice and Custard.  Yummy!
Yes, Rita's we liked you....6 thumbs up!

We have had a full day, and we are all tired.
Sounds like we are getting old, but really it was a full day of walking and playing.
Time to chill a bit and get our energy back for tomorrow we have more vendors to check out.
Goodnight world.