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Friday, November 6, 2015

Lone Star Bike Rally 2015 (day 3)

Refreshed and ready to get back out there, we meet at the pool area of the hotel.
The breakfast leaves a lot to be desired, so we decide to walk over to the MacDonald's that is just around the corner.
We opt for a direct route, which entails a retaining wall that we have to jump off to get there.
This little 5 foot wall was just a little obstacle for us.
Doreen was the first brave sole to jump off and show us it could be done.
Don't get me wrong, in my younger years, no problem, but the thought of bouncing just isn't as easy as it used to be.
We all got a good laugh watching each of us make our way off the wall.
Chuck backed up and I got a somewhat piggy back ride down!
The even funnier part was the people in the drive through watching these 6 people make their way off the retaining wall.
I was laughing so hard and paying attention to everyone, I failed to even get a picture of the whole mistake for sure...would have been really blog worthy!

Breakfast was a typical McDonald's, but it was miles better than what we would have eaten if we hadn't attempted our great escape from the hotel.  :)

As we make our way back to the hotel, there is a little store we pop in and check out their souvenirs.
We got a good laugh out of the 4 seater peddle carts that you could rent at this shop.
They were so eaten up with rust, I'm not sure a person would even be safe to ride in one.
His sign says they are "new", and if that is so, I guess the salt air really does erode things very quickly!  LOL

We head out on the bikes to go back to The Strand, and I have to say it was a good thing that we took our picture yesterday on the beach, as it is a bit froggy :) today!
Good choice of days Chuck :)

Back to The Strand area, and we park about a block from where we parked yesterday.
We know exactly where we left off, and we make our way back towards the Wharf.
It is really warm today (10:25 am and it is already 81), and the humidity is really high.
You just want to duck from shaded area to shaded area.
In true typical style we get our picture at the Wharf.
Thanks to the lady that took it for us....seems she was looking for someone to take one for her as well, so it worked out great.

Time to eat some lunch, and we go to Fudruckers and eat a burger.
The place had a limited menu for the rally, but have to say, the food was good, and oh, the tea was even better.

We finish looking around The Strand area and head back to the bikes.
We will make our way to The Boardwalk and check out the vendors there.

Parking is very limited in the free areas, and Chuck pulls over to the seawall and we park.
A very nice gentleman from Galveston explains to us about the pay and park app that we need to do to park here.
We had been here and used it before so it was easy to log in and add the motorcycle tag...well, for some of us anyway.
The gentleman that assisted us worked for the township of Galveston and this was his make it easy for people to park and pay!

The vendors are the typical vendors.
We hear them fine tuning a Harley on the dyno machine.
I still hate to hear them rev the engine so high, but I get it!

The heat is really wearing on me, and I for one would like to sit down and chill for a bit.
We find some chairs at Murdock's Souvenir shop and do just that.

Was nice to sit and eat an ice cream and just chill for a bit.
The sea looks really strange farther out.
The sun is shining, but it looks kinda cloudy.

Soon after we leave Murdock's we see what those clouds were all about.
We walk out of a 5th wheel trailer they had on display and can hardly see in front of ourselves.
The fog has rolled in.
Very eerie looking and feeling.
It comes in and then it dissipates.
You blink and it is back.
I guess this is just island life, but for us flat landers, this is pretty cool!

Our time is going to be up on the park and pay, so we make our way back to the bikes.
As we get close to the bikes, we see a paper on ours.
Looks like we have gotten a ticket...WHAT!!!!!

I call the number on the park and pay and ask what the heck.
Well, looks like I failed to put a digit on our tag number and it almost matched the one I had listed, but it wasn't guess what...the nice officer gave us a ticket.

The girl on the other line was very nice, and she changed the tag number, and told me who to contact to try and get this taken care of....heck I didn't want to pay a $30 ticket.

One of the guys on the seaways was across the street and the guys waved him down to come over and help us.
The girl on the phone told me to contact this person and come to find out it was the guy that had helped us when we parked earlier.

He was across the street as well, and the attendants suggest we go and talk to him.
We drive over to him and he recognized us.
I told him about my mistake on the tag number and he said maybe we could get the officer that wrote the ticket to do something about it.

Gosh this was a lengthy process, but all is well, and we are not convicts or anything, and there are no arrest warrants in Galveston for us.
The officer hadn't batched his tickets, so he was able to just go into his little computer and delete the ticket.
Man, that was a relief.

Very froggy (foggy) ride back to the rooms.
We do a quick turn around and head for dinner
Seems this group is good at eating!

Allen had suggested we go to Guido's for dinner.
It is a very nice restaurant, and it has been on this island for a very long time.
The waiter told us all about it.
He suggested a few things off the menu.
I knew they were known for their crab cakes, and we had eaten them a few years back.

Allen and Chuck went out on a limb and ordered the Golden Tile fish.
I on the other hand was not that brave, grilled shrimp for me....and Chris was in usual form with the fried shrimp.  :)

My food was really good, and I think everyone else enjoyed theirs as well, but Chuck and Allen said they would pass on the golden tile if offered again.  

Its dark and foggy when we finish dinner, and gosh it's 7pm...LOL
Amazingly we are all worn out again, and we say our good nights and end our final night on the island in true fashion.
We are in our rooms early again!!!!

Tonight we are awakened to a girl screaming bloody murder.
It was so bad, I got up and looked out to see if I could see her.
Between the revving of engines and screams, we have a pretty sleepless night. :(