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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lone Star Bike Rally 2015

Hard to believe that this year is about over.
The Lone Star Rally is always our last big hooray before the year ends.
They have moved the rally back a week, and you just never know what the weather is going to be doing at the end of October, and for sure the first week of November.
It looks like we are going to have smooth sailing leaving Oklahoma, but there is a threat for rain on Saturday, and that is the day we are planning on setting sails back north.
With that all said I will tell you a bit about the trip we just had to Galveston, TX.

We leave the house at 9am and are meeting up with Doreen and Allen in Purcell, OK.
Diana and Chris are going to get a later start and hoping we will meet up before we reach our destination for the evening.

We pull into our designated meeting spot in Purcell at 10am.
Doreen and Allen had just gotten there as well.
The weather is overcast, and I for one was glad I put on a light pair of thermals on to make my ride just perfect.

By the time we make it to Gainesville, TX, we decided to stop at Cracker Barrel and have lunch.
The food was typical Cracker Barrel, and was very tasty!
I had gotten a text from Diana and she and Chris left their house at 11am.
I checked their location as we finished lunch, and they were about 120 miles away from us.

Our route is to take Highway 82 out of Gainesville and then go south on Highway 69 towards Tyler, TX.

Diana and I are in communication via text and I make sure they know what exit to take and what highway we are on, as we are hoping that they can eventually catch up with us.

The overcast skies stayed with us until we got on Highway 69 and we finally saw sun!!!
My two shirts, and multiple layers of jackets were finally getting a bit warm.

Diana text and say they have made it to Highway 69 and I told her she would finally warm up, and sure enough she text and asked what that bright thing in the sky was...LOL

We stopped for gas in the town of Emory, TX., and I had seen a Dairy Queen,  and I suggested we have a little bit of ice cream.

I informed Diana that they were closing in on us, and we would just wait at the DQ for them to show up.
It wasn't much over a 30 minute wait and they indeed showed up.
So glad they were able to catch up with us, and not get a speeding ticket either!
According to Chris he had Angel their Goldwing flying below the radar!
Our little group of 6 people and 4 bikes are now complete.
Lets get on the road.

Our travels were good and we really made some good time until we hit Tyler, TX.
It was a little after 5pm, and we got right in the middle of their rush hour.
Now you wouldn't think Tyler could have a very big rush hour, but let me tell you.
It took us all of 45 minutes to get out of that town.
Golly, it was really busy!

By now, the sun has set and that time of night you start worrying about critters.
I had noticed a few deer feeding in some fields but nothing close to the road.

Luck was on our side, as a guy hauling a load with his truck passed us, and he drove a nice steady speed.
Chuck got behind him and we followed him all the way to Lufkin, TX.
When the guy finally turned off in Lufkin, I wanted to thank him for being our front door this evening.
We make our way around the bypass to our home away from home this evening.
As luck would have it, there was a Mexican Food Restaurant right next door to the motel.
Didn't have to twist any of our arms to have a drink or two, and eat some good food!

All in all a great day of riding.
So happy that Chris and Diana caught up with us!
Tomorrow we head to the island.  :)