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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lone Star Rally 2015 (day 4)

Ever had a couple of sleepless nights?
Well, this visit to Galveston, we have had a couple of them  :(
I sure would like to find the girl named "Claire" that was causing all the commotion in the wee hours of the morning.
Since we are on the Honda and I know they don't make any noise, I am using my imagination and asking Doreen to do our dirty see Doreen's bike is loud!!!
Wouldn't it be fun to find this "Claire" and park right in front of her room and blast her with the pipes....Oh, that is really mean, but between the screaming of last night, and the banging on doors the night before, I think it is only fitting....but alas, it is only in my thoughts....LOL

We awake to exactly what we thought would be going on this morning.
It is raining!
Yep, and we are all prepared for it.

Rain suits and everything to keep us dry are on, and we are ready to point the bikes back to the main land.
Chuck thinks we will just hit spotty rain if we leave around 9am, so that is just what we did.

The rain was actually the hardest in Galveston.
As we crossed the causeway and say goodbye to the island, the rain lets up.
We hit spots of rain, but nothing that bad.
It is so funny to see the bikes heading to the island, and the people on them, are wearing short sleeve shirts, and no rain gear, and we are bundled up like crazy.
We are prepared!

We get almost to the Woodlands, and we stop to grab some breakfast.
Was a perfect time to do this, as Allen shows us his blown out rain suit that he is wearing.
He and Doreen walk to the Walmart and he comes back with a new rain suit.
Frog Togs to be exact.

Our next stop is for gas at Buc-ee's.
The rain is still coming down, but we keep making miles trying to get out of the stuff.
It really isn't a bad ride, but sure would be more fun if we didn't have to deal with the rain.

Amazing what can happen as you drive down the highway.
Somewhere along I-45 ( I swear it said Brueback but I can't even find a name like that on the map) we see a black SUV up on top of a very large hill right off the highway.
The headlights are on, and we see several people standing outside the car.
As we pass, we realize that one of the people are mooning the cars that go by.
It happened so quickly, all we could do was laugh.
Darn, we should have honked!

Allen and his Frog Togs...well let me tell you about it.
Seems he just can't keep his legs away from the exhaust of his need I say more!!!
He tells us that he noticed as he was riding that it was a bit more air coming in and his shirt was actually riding up.
He said he looks down, and he can see his clothes.
Upon further inspection, he realizes that he has not only gotten one leg too close, but actually both legs.
I think the stop at Buc-ee's was where this said event happened.
I for one laughed so hard when he was telling us about it.
I remember his last adventure with Frog Togs, and I have to say, it had the same outcome....ROFL

That was pretty much the excitement for the rest of the trip.
We actually had gotten out of the rain, and are just dealing with partly cloudy skies by now.
Our destination for the night is Arlington.
We stay in a hotel very close to Six Flags.....and looks like there are a lot of Eagles and Cowboys fans staying here as well.
We are lucky to actually find 3 rooms I guess!

We get settled in and walk to a restaurant that is in front of the hotel.
Enjoyed watching some football and talking about our trip.
Great time for sure.
We got back to our rooms and Allen had to share his fried Frog Togs with all of us.
I was so glad I was able to get a picture of these poor things.
Good laughs for sure. 
Time to get some shut eye. 

Good night.