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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thunder Blizzard And Final Thoughts 2015

As I sit here in a very dark room thinking about the lack of electricity and water due to the blizzard we are in the middle of, I thought there was no better time to write my final entry into this years blog.

My Facebook feed showed a picture from 2006 and all the snow we had gotten during this same time. 

I don't remember it being so brutal but I am sure it was. 

The weather has been really very unpredictable this year. 

Right after Thanksgiving we had a terrible ice storm and my poor husband is still trying to clean up all the tree mess from that. 

Our whole perimeter of the house has piles of tree limbs that are patiently waiting to be picked up by the City

The rate we are going with this latest bout I am sure we will have more limbs to add to the piles. 

Only problem is we are running out of room to do this. 

It's amazing how dependent we are on this wonderful current that is delivered to our homes and work called electricity. 

The news reports over 50,000 people in El Reno, Yukon and Piedmont are the worst hit areas. 

It's a mess out on the roads this morning with power lines down everywhere.

This is going to take awhile to get cleaned up and back to normal. 

That's one thing you can always depend on is we all get back up and dust ourselves off and get our lives back to the normal day to day living. 

The ice on the trees are breathtaking. 

We got out for a bit and I took this picture as the daylight was ending. 

As far as this year, I have to say we got to go and spend some great times with our wonderful friends that we ride with

We acquired our new 5th wheel trailer and was able to take it out a few times and try our camping or what I call it glamping skills.  

Thanks to Diana & Chris for teaching us some of the tricks to make our experience even more pleasurable. 

There is a lot to learn as far at hooking up and setting up a trailer.

Speaking of Diana.....not sure how I say this but my sweet BFF has been doing a disappearing act this year. 

I am so very proud of this girl. 

She has lost a whole person in weight. 

Her determination has been over the top and she deserves a whole lot of hugs for her accomplishment. 

My husband worked his final day of work on November 20 and says he is officially retired. 

I hope he is going to enjoy being retired. 

To me it is a bit scary.  

Does that officially make me "old"?!  

Since I have worked all my life it is just hard to wrap my head around retirement. 

I guess I never thought I would ever want to stop working.

Don't get me wrong it could be fun, but I really don't want to spend my day cooking and cleaning. 

I like being around people and I guess that is why I find my store so rewarding. 

We are planning on a few trips in the future and it will be fun I am sure. 

Time will tell how our travels work out. 

We have the new year ahead of us and in true fashion I am sure I will have plenty of trips to blog about. 

I appreciate all the people that touched my life this year. 

I am thankful for our family and those wonderful grandkids. 

They are growing up way too fast:)

It was a good year and I can truly say we had plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

The new trailer has come in handy this week since we are going on day 4 of no power or water. 

We are sitting in the trailer as I write this final entry and proofread my post. 

It's nice and warm and we have TV. 

Thanks to our Dish Tailgater we can watch the Bowl game of choice this evening. 

Here's to 2016 and beyond. 

Can't wait to see what we are in store for. 

Happy New Years to everyone.