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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blue Skies, Nothing but Blue Skies January (1-25-16)

I hope everyone that has experienced the recent snow storm is beginning to shovel out.
Here in Oklahoma, we are finally getting some half way good weather.
Our Annual New Years Day ride is just now happening.
We always try to ride the bike on the first day of January, but have to admit the past few years, it just hasn't happened.
If you wait long enough, it finally happens.
That is exactly what happened this Sunday.

I am always so amazed at the pictures as the skies are always so vibrant blue.
Today was no exception.
I have gotten lazy in the past few years, and I use my IPhone to take the pics.
When I look at them on my camera roll it isn't hard to find the newly taken pictures.
Just look for the proverbial "Blue Sky".
I just can't get enough of it!

Hope everyone is able to start their New Year off just the way they want.
Lets get this year started.
We have places to go and people to see!