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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Desert Gardens RV Park or bust (Week 2)


Part of the mystery of this whole transfer switch saga has been that Chuck has looked for an easy access to it when he was installing the on board surge protector.
He and Chris had wired it into the unit inside the trailer.
It just takes a woman to do these things.
Sure enough, I found the access area and all it took was a few screws to open it up to the world.
Chuck has removed the old transfer switch, and I called a place in Casa Grande and they have one.  
The tires are being put on and we are to pick them up late afternoon so we ran to get the new switch at Norris RV.  
As we drove back to Coolidge the winds are really up and we went through quite a dust storm. 
It was like a white out.

Chuck is going to be busy this evening replacing and putting on tires.
We are no longer the ghetto trailer in the park!!!!
Tires are on and they look so nice.

Transfer switch is installed, and we turn the power back on and there is NOTHING!
Now we meet another neighbor and he has some experience with electricity.
He tells us that the switch is broken.
We need to take it back and get another one.
At this point Chris suggest that we just direct wire the trailer for power, and bypass everything.
We were told to get big blue wire connectors...the biggest they have, and stand back when you turn the power back on....LOL
At least we were able to use everything in the trailer again.
Man, this is getting really old!
I almost forgot to say that the maintenance guys came by and checked the power box and found a leg of the 50 amp was we don't know if this happened before or after or sometime in between, but this saga of the loss of power is getting really complex.

Tuesday 2-23-16
Chuck has met more of the people in the park since he has been working on this trailer.
We laugh and say no one would know him in person, as the only way they see him is his head in this little hole in the trailer with his back to them.

We get back to Norris RV and I let Chuck handle the mess.
The first guy that he talks to immediately says "well, you can't return that".....Oh man, don't make me come over there boy! 
The girl that waited on us told the guy, "they just bought that yesterday", and then the guy says that Chuck will need to talk to the man in parts.
The gentleman in parts was very nice, and come to find out it looks like our box was a returned item, and somehow got back in stock.
Our luck! 
With a new transfer switch and even instructions, we head back to the trailer.
Chuck is getting good at wiring them up but the big wire is a pain to work with.
He gets it wired and he plugs us back in.
Our surge protector was throwing a code so at this point he just direct wired and bypassed the transfer switch.
Contacted the surge protector people and they walked Chuck through a couple of tests.
They think a circuit board is fried, and will send a new one to us at the RV Park.
We will not be protected from any power surges, but at this point, who cares.
This evening was so nice to actually sit with lights on and watched TV.

Wednesday 2-24
I really need to do some laundry and I pack up everything and take the RAZR to the laundry room and do a few loads.
Chuck is busy removing the surge protector and installing the new transfer switch.
I am happy to announce that the switch worked!
Things are looking up around here...and pretty soon we are going to start having some fun.
Seems like someone is always having a happy hour around here, so it isn't hard to find one and chill.

Thursday 2-25
Glad to have everything working again....well, almost...the surge protector is still messed up, but at least we have power again.
We decide to go to Gilbert, AZ as I need some food from Sams.
It was fun exploring the area and seeing the sites.

We get back to the trailer and decide we need to take a ride on the RAZR and explore an area that some of the people had told us about.
With just a brief direction of what area we would be looking for, we take off.
Four miles from our park, there is a road marked with two tires hanging on the fence...yep, found it.

Drive straight, until it finally turns to the left....yep, did that.
Then drive just a little farther and you are going to see this awesome hugging saguaro cactus...yep, we found it.
Oh my gosh....its beautiful.
It is so much fun riding in the middle of the dessert amongst the cacti.

I see something that looks like a very large nest up in one of the cactus and tell Chuck I think there is something in the nest.
He turns around and sure enough, there is a big ole Owl sitting on that nest.
Now that is cool!
We no more get going again and a coyote runs in front of us.
Wow, we have really been a part of nature today!

We ride a little further and I guess we disturbed the cattle and almost were in the middle of a stampede.

The little outing was really nice, and we both enjoyed getting away from the trailer for awhile.
Back at the trailer we talk to some of our neighbors and enjoy one of the beautiful sunsets that we have been so lucky to experience.
I think things are looking up for us.  :)

Fast forward a few days to when Diana & Chris come and visit.
We are so excited to see them.
They have brought their RAZR and we have plans to ride with a guide on Monday.
Sunday we ride out to the area we found and show them the amazing hugging cacti.
Chris and Chuck ride together, and I am driving Miss Diana....LOL...not Miss Daisy!

We take our pictures and proceed down to the area where I saw the owl in the tree.
Can you believe she ( I assume) is still sitting on her eggs,( I am guessing).
We cook food out and have a nice peaceful evening.
The temperature drops pretty quickly so jackets were needed to keep us warm, but was so nice to sit and chill with our great friends.
We have to get up and around in the morning to meet our guide, so we hit the hay early.

Things I learned this week.
Met some really nice neighbors and enjoy the area very much.
Can drive to Casa Grande and find about anything we need.
Laundry dries really quick out here!
I am not good at cards...just sayin
We have some really great friends (Chris & Diana) but we already knew that.  :)