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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Desert Gardens RV Park or bust (week 4)

It really has been nice to have a week that we weren't messing with the trailer.
So far so good on the transfer switch.
As far as the surge protector, they sent us a part to "repair" it, but it didn't work, so it has been stored in a safe place until we get back home and send it back to the company.

Monday we are meeting up with some friends that we used to live by in Yukon, OK.
Lesa and Larry have lived in Gold Canyon, AZ for about 8 yrs now.
When we made this trip we had no idea how close we would actually be to them.
Seems we are only about 15-20 miles away.
We meet them for lunch and enjoy catching up on their lives.
Lesa and I are friends on Facebook, so we keep in touch, but was really nice to get to see them in person.
They have a lovely home and I think that the desert living is working for them quite well.
We have to get back before it gets too hot because we have Bronco in the truck, so we make plans for them to come and see us in Florence later in the week.

We have actually had time to look at some of the lots that are for sale here at the park.
We really like the lot we are on but Chuck says it is not an easy lot to get in and out of.
I understand what he is talking about.
Since it is on the end, we seem to get a lot of dust from the cars making the curve to turn around.
Talking to the sales people in the park and Eric recommends a lot over in "F"...but to tell you the truth, we have found some really nice friends over here and think we will want to stay on "E" if we actually decide to purchase one.

We have RV Sunshade Co. coming on Wednesday to install solar shade on the outside of the trailer.
Todd & Renee show up at 11 am and get set up.
They set Renee's  industrial sewing machine up and put a umbrella up to keep her in the shade.
Todd measures and they get started.
Within a couple of hours, they were done, and the outcome was great.

These shades are to be removed while you are rolling down the road, but when you are stationary, they are snapped into their appropriate window and let the cooling begin.
Our friends Diana & Chris were interested in some as well, and after talking with Todd & Renee, they will be swinging through Oklahoma in June, and will be able to meet up with them and get shades for their rig as well.
Renee asked me about interior shades for their rig, so I was able to work up some prices for them as well.
Always working....LOL

Chuck had said this morning after he came back from walking Bronco that he thought he had found the perfect lot for us, so now that we have some time, we walk down to the lot.
It is only 4 or 5 lots down from where we are.
Because we have the toyhauler, and we like to use the patio, we really did want to get a lot that we could open the back up and use the patio.

Sure enough, he found the perfect lot.
Looks like we are purchasing "E-12".....and by early afternoon, we were the proud owners of a little piece of Arizona.
I never thought we would like an area this well, and actually want to come back, but I have to say, the nice warm sun, and the dry air, and the desert is just what we are looking for  :)
The only issue with the lot is that there is someone on it, and they cant move until the end of the week.

This is not the norm for the area, as usually if you are renting a spot and the lot sells, you have to move the next day.
We have watched people playing musical chairs all week just in our little area, as several have purchased lots, and moved to them.
Oh well, we will just wait until we can get in our lot, but wait, maybe we need to stay just a little longer so we can savor the lot as much as possible!!!!!

Thursday brings more riding in the desert with our new friend Murphy.
He was taking another couple and their son out today and asked if we would like to go and explore the 96 Ranch.
We had about a 15 mile ride to get to the 96 Ranch.
We took the trails all of the way.

Murphy knows this area quite well and takes us on a lot of trails to check out some of the crested that he has spotted.

Murphy gets off the four wheeler and gets out his camera, and checks it out a cactus that we saw  but darn it was just a large bird on the saguaro, not a crested :(

Time to eat some lunch and we find a very small area with some shade.
As we stood there, I mentioned that I thought the right tire on the RAZR looked low.
They got the tire guage out and sure enough, it was.
Murphy has a little plug in air compressor, so we air it back up.

Chuck and I have plans to meet Larry and Lesa for dinner and we need to be back to the trailer by no later than 2, so we decide after we finish eating that we will start back towards the trailer.
Since we felt we might not have enough gas to make it back, we got gas from Murphy.....of course he was carrying extra!!!!
Tire aired up and gas, we point the RAZR towards the west and try to figure out which trail will get us back to the highway.
I have to say, we actually did well, and made it back without any problem....the tire was holding, and the gas supply was good as well.

I am sure glad we headed back when we did, as we felt rushed to try to get back to the trailer and get cleaned up.
Chuck and I both got hit by flying cholla cactus.....Chuck got one in the calf of the leg, and then it moved up to his thigh...not fun!
I got hit on the arm and thought I was going to die!
Driving 40 mph, and those things coming at you like a rocket is not fun!

Lesa and Larry make it to the park and we show them around a bit.
Its time for a margarita or two, so we go to the little Mexican restaurant and find a spot outside to sit and enjoy the weather.
What a perfect end to another great day.

Friday, and it is "moving day"....yep, we get to move to our new spot.
The couple that have been occupying it are supposed to move today!
By noon, the campground workers have cleaned the lot, and made it ready for us.
We hook Big Bertha up and make the very short move.

The rest of the day is spent getting all our "stuff" back out and placed where we want it.
Love the lot, and the view is wonderful.
We have a really nice view of Superstition Mountain....and of course, those wonderful sunsets!
Life is good in the desert!

We have been going to everyones happy hours for the past week, so since we are in our new space, I invite our friends to come and experience our new lot with us.
Its an Open House of sorts.
We had a wonderful group and had plenty of food.
I had picked up some stuff at Sams, so it was pretty easy to set this shindig up.
I made one thing that really seemed to be a hit.
I used sliced beef, and took cream cheese with jalapeno and rolled into a tube.
Cut them and put back in the refrigerator.
Everyone really enjoyed them.
I will remember to do that again sometime!

Sunday we get to see our friends from Tucson again.
Terry & Cindy take a little trip out to Florence.
Our lunch plans were to go to our new found wonderful Mexican restaurant and eat.
Well, you know how some plans just don't work out!
They are closed on Sunday.
Plan "B" takes us to another Mexican restaurant....Jalapeno's.
No margaritas, but the food was really pretty good.
Back at the trailer, we fix a margarita and walk the trails and show off the park.
Terry knows his cacti for sure, and I paid attention to what he was telling us about each one.
I am sure he thinks we are crazy...being so interested in these plants, but I have always loved them, and just really excited to learn about the barrel cactus, and saguro and all the others that are out here.

In fact, Terry brought us a hybrid blue agave, and some aloe vera plants.
Wow, our first plants for our little plot of exciting.
Before you know it the time has flown by and Terry and Cindy's visit is over.
It was so wonderful to see both of them again.
Cindy brought me some home made moisture cream that she says she uses all the time.
She is so sweet and dear.
Along with the moisturizer she brought the cutest little pin cushion that she makes...and also some refrigerator magnets....what a girl!!!!!!
Great visit, and again, can't wait for the next time we are here to have more quality time with these folks.

By the time Cindy and Terry get home, Chuck and I have planted the new plants.
Not sure if they will make it over the summer here since we won't be able to water them.
Time will tell.
Terry assures us that there are plenty more where those came from. :)