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Friday, March 18, 2016

Garden Desert RV Park or bust (Week 5)

We made it to a "first" for me a couple of weeks ago.
The RV park has Bingo on Monday nights.
Our Texas friends, Randy and Linda wanted us to go, so we did.
Chuck came out a winner that night...something like $75 winner!!!
Way to go honey!
The night we played card Bingo, Chuck was a winner as well.
Not bad!!!!

This Monday we played Bingo again, and guess who was the winner.....none other that Chuck,
He came away with about $40.
I really did enjoy playing....pretty intense....LOL

Tuesday we begin packing up the trailer as the trip will be coming to an end tomorrow.
Jo and Ernie have everyone over to their place this evening and we make sure we have every ones email addresses so we can get in touch if we need to.

We will see everyone in the Fall, as everyone has plans to start back in September and October.
The Desert Gardens RV Park has been slowly watching people pack up and exit until the next season.
Our plans are to make our way back to the newly purchased lot in October.
Our sunset was beautiful once again.

Wednesday is here and we are ready to head back towards Oklahoma.
Both Chuck and I are a bit concerned with the new tires on the trailer.
We just hope they get us home without any incidents.
The road home is going to be a different route than how we came.
We travel US 60 and wind our way back to I40.
The Salt River Canyon was a total delight.
The switchbacks and the scenery were breath taking.

We cross the Arizona, New Mexico border in the afternoon, and make our way to our evening destination.

We pull into the Sky City Casino around 5:00, and get registered and park the trailer.
There is no water at the sites, as it is still winter.
It was hard for us to believe that the temperature was going to drop into the 20's tonight, as we just left the nice warm Arizona desert.
Diana & Chris had stayed here on their way back home and we were warned that their food wasn't that good.
Well, I have to agree with their review....the food was really not good at all!

The RV parking filled up quickly, and we had a full house by the time we got back from the casino.
We signed up for a "players card" and of course, I didn't win anything...LOL
Just took all my free play and then some.

Today should be our last day on the road.
We will more than likely drive straight through.
Seems like we always think we will take just one more day, but when you get so close, (Amarillo) and it is only 5pm, might as well just keep going and spend the night in our own bed.

It's close to 9pm when we pull up to our house.
Yes, it was a full day on the road, but sure nice to be home.
Another nice thing is that when we come in late like this, we can just park on our dead end road and not worry about unloading the trailer.
The unloading and cleaning can be done tomorrow.
It has been a really wonderful trip, but nice to be home.
I also can report that we had no issues with the new tires....thank goodness!
What a wonderful trip to the Arizona desert.
Lots of memories have been made this trip for sure.
Can't wait until our next adventure.