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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Friday Night Dinner Ride 7-22-16

I haven't written much on the blog lately, but really haven't had a lot going on.
Today, we at least rode to dinner.
We ate at Johnnie'sCharcoal Broiler Hamburger on the south side of Oklahoma City.

As we left the house, I took a picture on my iPhone and used the Insta-weather app to see what the temperature was.
The news had been saying we would reach 100 today, and it did exactly that!
The picture tells the result I got....officially 100.

We got on the highway and the breeze was I wouldn't want to be sitting in traffic, but while moving it was fine.

We were the last ones to show up, and the others had gotten our table situated in an area that wasn't our usual spot.
I say this because there was a large group of people in the area we normally sit.
They were about as noisy as we were.
As we sat there the group got even louder.
It seems that a guy asked his girlfriend to marry him....well, that was a first for us. LOL
After the marriage proposal was done, they brought out Uno cards and got into groups and proceeded to play Uno....another first for us...LOL

Next time we come, I think I will bring a board game for us to play....NOT!!!!! Just teasing

We sat and talked and noticed that the restaurant was pretty bare of patrons....had we stayed too long?
The wait staff was kinda hanging around our it was time for us to head out.

As we exited Johnnies, I looked at the time and we actually were fine, as they stayed open until 10 and it was only 9:20.

We start saying our goodbyes, and Lynn said something about trying to go by the new Wheeler Ferris Wheel area because this food truck that sells biscuits, (I think), was going to be there.
The trucks were supposed to be there until 10, so Chuck and I decide to ride with them and check it out.
We made it to the Ferris wheel a little before 10, and meet up with Lynn & Keith's son, Andrew.
Andrew is training for a triathlon and had been running fairly close, so he dropped by to see his parents.
I think Lynn bribed him with the thought of biscuits...
We make our way to the two food trucks, and would you believe the biscuit truck was still there, but they were closing up.
We missed it by just a few minutes. ;(
No biscuits for us tonight....but there is always next time.
The other food truck had mini donuts....and we had to try them....and they were good....very good.

We finish our donuts and walk towards the Ferris wheel.
There are a lot of people gathering around the large OKC letters to have pictures made.
All of a sudden, we are right in the middle of a crowd that was gathering around a couple of people.
The crowd had signs, and before we knew it, the guy that was with the girl is on one guessed it....another marriage proposal.
The signs said " Will you marry me" and then they switched them around and they read "She said YES!"
Golly this has been an evening for proposals...and we all thought the one at the Ferris wheel trumped the one at Johnnie's ten fold!
Before we left we asked Andrew to take our picture in front of OKC and the Ferris wheel.

And that concluded our Friday evening...pretty eventful for sure.
Lynn and Keith pointed their bike towards Duncan, and we headed to Yukon.

Fun evening but no biscuits....but there is always tomorrow. :)