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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Big Bertha & the Taj-mah-hauler Go to Florida Coast (part 5)

We are up and out of the park by 8:20
We take another route out of Destin. 
We travel Hwy. 331 and catch I-30 so we miss all the traffic that we experienced as we drove in.  

The stop and go traffic as we drove in is a killer when you are pulling a trailer.

We did get to see another "Plane on a stick" as I call Florida.
Noticed them before but didn't have my camera here it is....LOL

By about 10:45 we have crossed over into Alabama. 

We make our way back through the tunnel once again.

Mobile Alabama  and Lupi decides to take the scenic route and we are going down some fairly narrow tree lined streets with the trailer.
Not happy with Miss Lupi!!

I was so excited to stop at a Starbucks in Alabama and find my "you are here" cup!
Its the little things sometime  :)

We made a stop at New Augusta Mississippi for diesel and decided to grab some lunch. 
As we got out of the truck those damn lovebugs attacked. 
Looking at the trailer you knew they were still here in army strength.
When we got back on the road, Chuck said he didn't know how people could handle those bugs. 
They are so terrible!!!
Check out this link: Lovebug

We stop at Clinton Mississippi for the night. 
The Springridge RV park is as far as we are going. 

We get here about 4pm 
We walk to Popeye's Chicken and take it back to the RV. 
That was the extent of our evening.
Oh, but I did see a Starbucks, so that evening while filling the truck, we made a little drive there to see if they had Mississippi cups.
Nope, seems Mississippi doesn't have the "you are here" cups that I am collecting.  
But we did see a beautiful sunset!!!!!!

We pulled out around 9 and get on I-20 and pointed the truck west. 
Had a little issue getting out of our site this morning and the truck is now sporting a couple of small dints on the chrome bumper. 
I was watching the back of the trailer, keeping it out of a pine tree and didn't get up to the front to tell Chuck to not got any further forward!  
It's bound to happen, but never makes you happy!  

It doesn't take long for me to not be impressed with the driving skills in Mississippi!
The drivers don't seem to know they have signals and as soon as they pass they dart back in and almost clip the front of the truck. 
The roads in Mississippi are fairly bumpy, but actually I think Louisiana's were even worse. 
We complain a lot about Oklahoma but I truly think these were right up there at the top of the list. 
We stopped for a quick lunch and got fuel. 
One of the workers at the station asked how old our red heeler was. 
I was surprised he knew what breed Bronco was. 
In Florida most everyone had no clue.

We get back on the bumpy road and I for one was never so happy to see the Texas state line. 
Smooth roads ahead.  

Our stop for the night will be in Canton, TX. and Chuck says for me to find a spot to stay. 
I search the Internet and like the looks of the Mill Creek RV resort. 
We have two different directions to go and one calls for a u turn and that is not going to happen. 
We take the first exit and all was going well until we come to a fire truck in the middle of the intersection and a fireman directing traffic.  
We turn left onto this narrow two lane road. 
There is no place to get back to the road we need to be on as the streets are so narrow. 
We end up going straight back to I-20. 

Chuck pulls over and we put the address into Lupi. 
 She takes us down to the second exit. 
All's good until she tells us we have reached our destination and there is a McDonald sitting in the spot. 
As Chuck continue to drive I see the sign for the park but it's too late, so we go across the street and do a drive through at a somewhat temporary looking RV park.
I am sure it is full when Canton's First Monday is going on. 
We make our u turn after all!  
Back at the entrance Chuck doesn't turn in as it says "no big trucks". 
I am about to have a heart attach and he goes ahead and turns in the second entrance. 
Still a sign says no big trucks. 
What the heck!!!!

Okay. So now the RV park is visible and we make our way to check in.  
Geeze, there has to be a better way to so this. 
This is just about too much for me. 
This is very close to the same pain as having a root canal!!!
After all the dust finally settles, Chuck comes back with instructions to make our way to #8 site;
The site is 100' long so there will be no truck hanging out or crooked parking for us tonight.

There was a little Mexican drive through place in front of the RV entrance and we got street taco's for dinner. 
We bring them back to the trailer and have to say, they were very tasty!  
Did I mention that it's hot. 
It got up to a smoking 95 today. 
I am tired. 
Chuck is tired. 
Think it is time to chill for the rest of the evening.  

We are on the road by 9 am. 
Time to get this chariot home. 
Traffic is moderate and the drivers are driving like they are on fire.
By the time we make it to Dallas the traffic had picked up even more. 
The construction is on going and lane shifts are inevitable. 
I have to say Chuck handles it well. 
I would be ready to run into every last one of them. 
They are the most uncaring drivers.  
Everyone is in such a rush and they don't care who they hit or cut in, to get where they are going. 
I think the stress of me being the back seat driver has gotten to me as I am ready to park the Taj-mah-hauler and be done!  
We make it out of the Dallas area without incident. 
Hopefully we will have smooth sailing the rest of the way home. 
We have been told that Trump is on OKC and is going to the OU/Ohio State football game. 
Just hope we can get through downtown easily. 

We got almost to Purcell without any slow downs and then it happened. 
The highway is closed down to one lane. 
The line is growing and all the people in the left lane have to merge to the right. 
Chuck ends up straddling the middle line to stop the people from zooming up and diving in. 
One of my big pet peeves is people think they don't have to wait their turn. 
I swear they would do the same thing at Walmart if they didn't think you would confront them. 
A highway patrolman pulled over a biker that was going down the service part of the road. 
The biker was with several others but his brothers left him to fend for himself. 

Can you tell that all the traffic is wearing one me!

We make it home by around 3pm.
So glad to be home...and now the unloading begins!

The unloading was pretty quick and we only had a few more things to do, and when I finally looked up, the skies have darkened, and do I hear thunder in the near distance?
Yep...there is a storm brewing.

We had both been so busy and didn't have our phones on us to notice all the alerts that are going off on our phones.
High winds and hail, are coming and we don't have time to get the trailer put away.

We stand in the house and watch the winds hit....then the hail isn't very large hail but it's hail!!!!

I am happy to report that Big Bertha and the Taj-mah-hauler didn't have any damage that we could see.
Thank goodness!!!

The trees on the other hand...well, we had tree leaves everywhere.

We are home, safe and sound, with 2604 miles under our belts, hauling a big ole trailer to Florida for a wonderful vacation.
Believe it or not, we will do it again!!!! 
I wanted to add that the day we left for this vacation we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook us out of bed. 
What a send off!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Big Bertha & The Taj-mah-hauler Go to Florida Coast (part 4)

We have to move the trailer today to the site next door. 
Our new lot is #162. 
We get out for a bit this morning and I got a little retail therapy out of my system. 
In fact one of the places was actually called "Retail Therapy". 
It was like a market. 
Different people have booths in a very large location. 
It was so refreshing to see all the ocean colors in most of the decorating pieces they had.
The creams and whites with all the light aqua tones were just breathtaking. 

Okay, back to reality and we go back to the trailer to see if the site we are moving into is ready. 
Our neighbors had pulled out while we were gone so we got in gear and started moving stuff and hooking up the trailer for this long drive...LOL 

It was extremely hot and humid and both Chuck and I were drinched by the time we got into the space. 
I have to say I really like the spot much better as it gives us room to spread out and actually open our awning. 
It's also long enough that we have room for the truck to fit without tucking it under the 5th wheel. 

Not a bad move at all. 
After lunch we actually sat outside with our fan going and enjoyed the weather. 
The skies have darkened and the sound of thunder is close so it makes a nice peaceful backdrop to our new home for the next few days. 
The shrimp was so good from the market we went back and bought more. 
Chuck brought seafood gumbo this time as well. 
Our dinner is planned for tonight.

After we finish eating dinner we walk Bronco so we can catch the 6:00 pm tram to the beach. 
Our first evening to see the sunset. 
We had met another couple a few nights ago and we met up with them at the tram. 
Candice was having some issues with their dog Riley. 
 Seems Riley likes to bark and carry on when they leave. 
You know me, I had to tell her about the pheromone collar. 
They had gone the next day and bought one and Riley is doing very well with it. 
Okay back to the sunset. 

It was beautiful. 
We so appreciated Candice and her husband Rich as they were able to take a picture for us. 
We obliged them and got a few great shots for them. 

We pack up and head back to the 7:00 pm tram. 
The last one for the evening, and there were quite a few people on it. 
We invited our new friends over to see our trailer. 


 After they checked ours out, we went and checked out their class A.  
Riley was there to meet us as they open the door. 
There was no sign of anything torn up. 
They had videoed her so the play back of the last hour will tell the tail on Miss Riley's behavior.  Love their rig...really nice! 
Riley was a very good girl according to the video and it looks like the collar is doing its work!!!
We are back at our trailer about 8:00 pm and it's time to kick back and relax. 

We decided to make a quick trip over to Destin. 
Bronco was left at the trailer to guard it today. 
We make a stop at Starbucks and get something to drink and head west to Destin. 

Golly, never knew two people could spend so much time at a Walmart. 
The bikes caught our eye and we spent some time looking at them. 
Chuck needed a new phone case so we had to pick out just the right one. 
We check out and get back into the truck to make our way on to the next stop. 

Well that stop never happened as we got to talking about the bikes we had seen and decided to go and take another look. 
Good golly, we are like two old people buying a car. 
I loved the banana yellow bike and that was the one I wanted. 
Chuck liked the Panama Jack bike. 
We decided to get them and as you know a bike has to have accessories. 

We picked out a bell for my bike and Chuck got a horn. 
They even had a cool rear rack bag that I thought could come in handy. 
Man we are fixed up. 
Finally we are back at the truck with two bikes. 

We jockied around with them trying to get them to straddle the fifth wheel connection. 
I swear we were out in that parking lot for a good thirty minutes. 
I bet if they check their camera footage they could have a good laugh with us old folks attempting to get the new bikes situated just right to make the 15 mile trip back to the RV park. 
We make it back safely and after we drive through the check area Chuck stops the truck and gets my bike out. 
I get on "Yellowrose" and peddle back to our spot. 
We take the bikes out again and ride down to one of the lakes that is on the nature trail. 
We didn't see any wildlife but it was fun to be able to ride the bikes. 
As we rode Chuck's bike had a knocking sound. 
He inspected it and all seemed okay. 
We decided to load the bike up and return it to the Walmart that is close by.
At the customer service center we met the manager and he said he used to own a bike shop and that the issue was that the chain is too tight. 
In time it will stretch but seems this is really tight. 
He suggest Chuck loosen it a little.
I drive the truck back and Chuck rides. 
As he makes his way back to our site he says that the traffic on Hwy 98 was a bit scary. 
He will adjust the chain in the morning and see if this guy actually knows what he is talking about. 

Chuck gets his bike out and loosens the chain as the guy suggested. 
He rode it a little and sure enough there was no noise. 
Guess the manager knew his stuff!!!! 
We drive to a bike shop just to see if they have the disconnects for the front tires for easy hauling. Well I am here to tell you our cheap little Huffy's are no match for these $2000 bikes. LOL
They have the disconnects but we would need to bring the bikes back to them to get the correct size, and that isn't going to happen this trip!
It's time for lunch so we visit a local Mexican restaurant. 
Wasn't bad food, but the was very slow!  

We get back to the RV and walk Bronco so she can get some exercise. 
Walmart is about a mile away so later we ride our bikes over to check on a few cheaper accessories for the bikes. LOL
It's time to start packing up as we pull out and head home tomorrow morning
We will be hauling two new bikes in the Taj-Mah-Hauler. 
Kinda lightweight load for her. LOL

Time to get some rest for tomorrow we travel. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Big Bertha & Taj-mah-hauler Go to Florida Coast (part 3)

Sept 9th

We are heading to the beach this morning and we make our way to the 10:00am tram.
I think we look like official beach people today. 
Our little red wagon is full of our chairs, new umbrella and our noodles.

We set up pretty much in the same spot as the other day.

The beach is still very open, and we are assuming this is due to the time of year! 
We find out our newly purchased umbrella doesn't have the auger attachment to assist in making a hole for it to be secure. (another Walmart stop)
Chuck and I both push and hope we have it secure.
Chuck heads to the water and I sit for a bit. 
Good thing I stayed behind as our umbrella has decided to topple over and make a run for it. 

Thanks to the nice man that assisted me in securing the rogue umbrella.
He helps me push it into the sand once again and he asked if we had the auger that usually comes with them.
Heck no we don't. 
This is a Walmart special and I am assuming you have to purchase it separately. 

I think it's time to take a dip. 
With my pink noodle we make our way out into the water. 
The waves are a bit more aggressive today and you have to make sure you know it is coming or you will lose your balance. 
Then it happened. 
I was blindsided by a wave. 
It was a fairly big one and I was turned to the side of it like I had done before.
In a blink of an eye my RX glasses with attached sunglasses were ripped from my head. 
I let out a scream and try to catch them. 
No such luck🙀
Chuck moves over by me and by the look on my face he knew I had a problem. 
My glasses. 
Oh my gosh. 
In the ocean!!! 
I tried to stand in roughly the spot they came off and Chuck is trying to look for them. 
The waves are churning up the sand it makes it hard to see the normally clear bottom. 
The water is about 4feet deep I think and I am totally devastated as we continue the search. 
Everything was going through my mind as to how to get another pair made and where is my prescription for them. (and no I didn't have a spare pair)
It is so amazing how your mind can go in so many directions at once and still be able to look for the needle in the haystack! 

Good gosh how could I have been so stupid to do this. 
It had worked the days before.  
I didn't plan on this. 
No backup glasses or anything.
I have only worn glasses for about 5 yrs I think but they are my best friend.
I put them on in the morning and wear them all day. 
What am I going to do?
By now, Chuck has drifted about 15-20 ft away and says he thinks he has found them. 
At that same time another big wave was almost to him and I see him go under it and go to the bottom. 
He pops up and has my glasses in his hand
I am beyond belief that he found them. 
He is my HERO!!!!
I had all but given up. 
I think maybe our guardian angle was watching over us. 
That man that just won't give up didn't, and he found my glasses in this vast ocean. 
After all this excitement we went back to our chairs and I put my glasses away. 
I will be getting one of those cords to secure them on my head. 
Or better yet maybe I need to leave them on shore!  

We regrouped and went back into the ocean and enjoyed the water. 
I loved floating with my pink noodle. 
You can always tell when an hour had gone by as the tram drops off the next group of people and they make their way onto the beach via the Boardwalk. 
We had a group of four kinda close to us and as we watched them get everything situated, we see them putting a kite into the air. 
We had been told by a couple we met in Fredericksburg (Debra & Craig Dickinson) that we would know where they were on the beach by the ladybug kite they fly. 
Well couldn't have planned that any better. 
It was them!  

Today's ocean experience was a good learning one for me.
I was ready to make another trip to Walmart and pick up the auger and the ties for my glasses.

Nothing else to write about for this day, thank goodness!

Sept 10th 
Saw a glass lizard as we walked around.
Glass Lizard
Chuck was sure it was a snake, but the lady that was walking by us assured us it wasn't.

We stopped at a fish market and Chuck got some steamed shrimp. 
By the time we left it was getting busy. 
We took our food back to the trailer and had a wonderful lunch. 
Their shrimp sauce was awesome. 
Very hot and spicy. 
We just chilled the rest of the day and had repeat shrimp for dinner. 

Sept 11th

We got to the beach a little before 11:00am. 
Instead of waiting on the tram we chose to walk it. 
We were set up and almost ready to get in the water by the time it got to the boardwalk area.
The water is a lot calmer today and we really enjoyed it. 
I took my pink noodle out and Chuck tried it and decided when we go back to our chairs for snacks he would bring his blue one out. 

We saw an amazing amount to dolphins today. 
They were very close as well 
We had a flock of  pelicans fly right over us.
Enjoyed seeing some of the ocean animals today.
We packed up and made our way back to catch the 1:00pm tram. 
It's time to eat some lunch and cool down.  
The temperature has been in the 90's the whole time we have been here.
It is really nice, but again the humidity really zaps me. 

After lunch, we decided to go to Starbucks and let Bronco get out a little bit. 
We both tried their new Chili Mocha Frappuccino and thought it was quite tasty. 
I had to get a few things at the grocery so I just ran into the Publix that was very close to the Starbucks. 
What a nice store!  
Picked up some fried chicken for dinner so we don't have to worry about cooking anything. 

We explored another area on this evenings walk.  
The little water area that is around most of the area has some really beautiful water lillies.

Tonight is our last night at Lot 164 and we will be moving next door to Lot 162 tomorrow for our remaining three days. 

Time to get some rest. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Big Bertha & Taj-mah-Hauler Go To Florida Coast (part 2)

September 6
It was nice to wake to sunshine this morning. 
The only problem with that is it makes the humidity go through the roof. 
By the time we are unhooked and ready to leave we both could use another shower. 
We get away from the RV park by around 9 am
As we make our way down Highway 98 I totally understand why this area is called the Pine Belt. 
The pine trees can be seen as far as the eye can see.
Of course your vantage point has to be on a hill to see very far as the road is lined with pines. 

We have a nice cloud cover this morning and it makes driving easterly towards Mobile, AL quite nice.
The roads were a lot better today and before you know it we are in Florida.
Our travels down Highway 98 were very slow but I enjoyed seeing how much the area had changed from our last trip this direction.
Not sure that Chuck enjoyed all the stop and go traffic, which was due to all the traffic lights! 
He says we will not be taking this road on the way out next week for sure.
Once again Lupi tells us our destination was on the left, and you guessed it, she is wrong.
We have to go past our turn and make a U-turn!
We find an area that will allow us to do the u-turn, and go back to the entrance of Topsail.

We are checked in and in our spot around 2pm
The park is beautiful, and all the spots are so wooded and secluded. 
There really doesn't seem to be a bad spot in the park.
Our friend Craig Dickinson was out walking his dog as we start to pull into our site. 
He and his wife Debra are not but about 6 sites down from us.

We are using every inch of the site because I am wanting to be able to open the back of the trailer so we have our patio area open.

After we get setup, we take Bronco for a walk and check out the area. 
Chuck wants to walk towards the beach so we set out to do just that. 
It's probably about a 2 mile walk of which didn't bother either of us but Bronco was really struggling with it. 

As we make our way to the boardwalk we see "no pets" are alloyed on the beach.
Bummer for Miss Bronco!
We take advantage of the area they have set up for showering off the sand when you exit the beach and wet Bronco down. 

Bronco was worn out and she was ready to chill inside the trailer. 
Chuck and I go to the local Walmart to get some food and end up bringing home brauts to cook on the grill. 
This day is about over and it is time to get some rest cause tomorrow we are hitting the beach. 

Sept 7th
This morning Chuck is on top of the trailer getting the satellite set up.
I am busy packing the things we will need to take to the beach. 
There is a tram that you can ride to the boardwalk, so we make our way to the closest tram stop.
It runs every 30 minutes during the peak season, but after Labor Day, it only runs every hour.
We make the 12pm tram, and enjoy the 1 mile ride. 
We have our little red wagon and our chairs with us, but as soon as we get to the beach area we realize we should have brought our umbrella!  
The water was beautiful and relaxing. 
There will be another trip to the local Walmart to get an umbrella and noodles before our next trip to the beach.
The day was a lot of fun.
I can't say enough about the area we are staying at. 
One thing we noticed was that everyone seems to have a bicycle, and they use them!
The boardwalk area has a nice area for leaving the bikes when you are on the beach.
We will get the hang of this beach life very soon, promise! 
Back at the trailer we take Bronco out for a walk and exercise.  
Chuck cooks some steaks on the grill tonight, and we settle in nicely to our site for the next 5 days.  
This vacation stuff is exhausting, but oh so fun!


Sept 8th. 

The Highway 30A is our road to explore today. 
We took a joy ride to check out Rosemary Beach. 
Our kids come to Rosemary Beach every year, so we have to see what it is all about. 
 The road to Rosemary Beach is a two lane road and everywhere you look they are building new homes and condos.
Most of the access to the beach is private as we make our way through the small areas known as Grayton Beach, Seaside, Seacrest, Alys Beach, and finally Rosemary Beach.

We stop at Rosemary and I run into the Rosemary Beach Trading Company and pick up a license plate for our granddaughters bicycle. 
The town of Rosemary Beach is so cute. 
I understand why the kids love coming here. 
We drive a little further and get back on Highway 98.
 I spy a Walmart so I run in and pick up the supplies we are needing for the beach. 
Equipped with noodles, umbrella, and a few other necessities we head back towards the trailer and Chuck makes a quick stop at an Ace hardware we had seen earlier.

He is picking up a couple of cotter pins to replace two that are missing in our hitch. 
He had been inspecting it earlier this morning and we are missing the two pins that hold the pivot head of the hitch. 
This is interesting and a bit scary that these are gone. 
There is no sign of them and now we are wondering if they were removed during our couple of nights stay in Mississippi. 
Just a very strange thing that we can't explain. 
So glad he noticed as this could have been catastrophic. 

It is time to think about eating lunch.  A friend of Chucks, along with our son Anthony, had recommended "The Red Bar" so we drop Bronco back at the trailer and make our way back to the Grayton Beach area for lunch. 
I had fish and chips and Chuck had a salmon salad. 
I think my plate was better!  

Had a margarita as well. Wow it was stout!  
Finished lunch off with our first piece of key lime pie.

So excited to see that Starbucks has the "you are here" cups for Florida.  
Just one of the little things I have started collecting with our RV travels.  

Back at the trailer we chill for the afternoon and watch a movie in the nicely cooled trailer. 
We cook burgers later in the evening and enjoy a nice relaxing day. 

Tomorrow we go to the beach with umbrella and noodles!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Big Betha & Taj-mah-hauler Go To Florida Coast (part 1)

We left the house at 9am.
Big Bertha and the Taj-mah-hauler, Bronco, Chuck and I are heading to Florida for a little vacation.
We spent our first night on the road at a  KOA RV Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.
We arrived about 3:15. 
The sites are tight but we are only spending the night so we make the best of it. 
Sadly, I think the KOA's of the United States haven't been updated in a very long time, and if you are pulling a large rig, it makes it really difficult to fit!
Bronco is happy with the trip so far, so all is good in the neighborhood.
Time to get some sleep because we have more miles to make tomorrow.

We are on the road by 9am. 
The ride is going well, until we have a little mis-communication between our driver and Lupi.
This is where our first U-turn of the trip happens.
Lupi wanted us to go 65 but Chuck is sure we were to keep going on 278. 
When you are pulling a 43' trailer behind you, it makes for a fun time to find a place to make the said U-turn!
Tension is high, but we make it....LOL
We get back on the correct road and guess what....yes...another U-Turn.
We didn't trust Lupi at this point., but it turns out she was right this time.
At least we got to see a beautiful bridge crossing over the Mississippi River. 
Roads are really rough around Jackson Mississippi. 
Hwy 49 is known by the truckers as the rocking chair. 

We hit s big rain storm right before we get the Okatoma RV Resort
 By the time we wind our way to the RV Resort it is barely misting.
The gentlemen that met us said they had fried chicken to eat if we wanted to eat. 
Since there has been no lunch stop and it was close to 4pm it really a sounded good. 

We ate some good ole KFC and then proceeded to check in. 
We didn't have to move the rig very far to get to our space. 
All the spots back up to a pond and some nice shade trees.
Upon opening the door of the Tah-Mah-Hauler I notice the wooded fascia on the kitchen has worked its way lose and was about to fall.
This is all due to the rough roads we experienced today!

The rod that holds the drapery at the back of the toy box is down. 
It actually broke the bracket right out of screw. 

After we get the slides open, I walk out and  notice is a little blue heeler pup sitting under a shade tree just a couple of trailers down from us. 
Bronco and I go to meet her and in true Bronco fashion she had nothing to do with the pup.
The puppy is so cute, and loved the attention she was getting from me.
As I come back around to help Chuck get the trailer set up it looks like we have drawn a crowd. Chuck is talking to a couple of people and they are all interested in the Taj-Mah-Hauler. 
The group asked if they could see in the trailer after we get set up. 
Wasn't long and there were 20 people ready to take the tour. 
What a nice group of people, and they all wanted to see inside our trailer.
I told them I would take a donation as they exit. 
They are all camping together and go to the same church. 
They invited us to come and eat.
Chuck went down and ate and I opted to not partake.
Enjoyed spending time with the group. 

 9-5-16  Labor Day. 

The campgrounds is starting to thin out as everyone is heading home.
The sweet little blue heeler is still outside tied to the tree.
I could almost dog nap the sweet little girl!
Not sure that Bronco would like that idea, as I think she enjoys being an only dog.

We get out and drive to Hattiesburg to get some groceries.
The day just really wasn't my favorite of the trip.
Seems everything is going wrong, and I would just like to go back to bed and forget the whole day! 

Back at the RV Chuck decides to work on the kitchen slide as it has been making a noise as it pulls in. 
Long story short we come to the conclusion that the slide is fine it's the trim board on the bottom that has not ever been installed correctly. 
He works on the silly thing for a couple of hours.

It has started to rain and with rain comes the humidity.
I can't even walk outside that I don't start sweating like crazy.  

The trim in the kitchen is now off and it will be tucked away with the other piece to fix when we get back home. 
Time to start putting things away as tomorrow we make our way to Florida and our destination of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.