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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Big Bertha & The Taj-mah-hauler Go to Florida Coast (part 4)

We have to move the trailer today to the site next door. 
Our new lot is #162. 
We get out for a bit this morning and I got a little retail therapy out of my system. 
In fact one of the places was actually called "Retail Therapy". 
It was like a market. 
Different people have booths in a very large location. 
It was so refreshing to see all the ocean colors in most of the decorating pieces they had.
The creams and whites with all the light aqua tones were just breathtaking. 

Okay, back to reality and we go back to the trailer to see if the site we are moving into is ready. 
Our neighbors had pulled out while we were gone so we got in gear and started moving stuff and hooking up the trailer for this long drive...LOL 

It was extremely hot and humid and both Chuck and I were drinched by the time we got into the space. 
I have to say I really like the spot much better as it gives us room to spread out and actually open our awning. 
It's also long enough that we have room for the truck to fit without tucking it under the 5th wheel. 

Not a bad move at all. 
After lunch we actually sat outside with our fan going and enjoyed the weather. 
The skies have darkened and the sound of thunder is close so it makes a nice peaceful backdrop to our new home for the next few days. 
The shrimp was so good from the market we went back and bought more. 
Chuck brought seafood gumbo this time as well. 
Our dinner is planned for tonight.

After we finish eating dinner we walk Bronco so we can catch the 6:00 pm tram to the beach. 
Our first evening to see the sunset. 
We had met another couple a few nights ago and we met up with them at the tram. 
Candice was having some issues with their dog Riley. 
 Seems Riley likes to bark and carry on when they leave. 
You know me, I had to tell her about the pheromone collar. 
They had gone the next day and bought one and Riley is doing very well with it. 
Okay back to the sunset. 

It was beautiful. 
We so appreciated Candice and her husband Rich as they were able to take a picture for us. 
We obliged them and got a few great shots for them. 

We pack up and head back to the 7:00 pm tram. 
The last one for the evening, and there were quite a few people on it. 
We invited our new friends over to see our trailer. 


 After they checked ours out, we went and checked out their class A.  
Riley was there to meet us as they open the door. 
There was no sign of anything torn up. 
They had videoed her so the play back of the last hour will tell the tail on Miss Riley's behavior.  Love their rig...really nice! 
Riley was a very good girl according to the video and it looks like the collar is doing its work!!!
We are back at our trailer about 8:00 pm and it's time to kick back and relax. 

We decided to make a quick trip over to Destin. 
Bronco was left at the trailer to guard it today. 
We make a stop at Starbucks and get something to drink and head west to Destin. 

Golly, never knew two people could spend so much time at a Walmart. 
The bikes caught our eye and we spent some time looking at them. 
Chuck needed a new phone case so we had to pick out just the right one. 
We check out and get back into the truck to make our way on to the next stop. 

Well that stop never happened as we got to talking about the bikes we had seen and decided to go and take another look. 
Good golly, we are like two old people buying a car. 
I loved the banana yellow bike and that was the one I wanted. 
Chuck liked the Panama Jack bike. 
We decided to get them and as you know a bike has to have accessories. 

We picked out a bell for my bike and Chuck got a horn. 
They even had a cool rear rack bag that I thought could come in handy. 
Man we are fixed up. 
Finally we are back at the truck with two bikes. 

We jockied around with them trying to get them to straddle the fifth wheel connection. 
I swear we were out in that parking lot for a good thirty minutes. 
I bet if they check their camera footage they could have a good laugh with us old folks attempting to get the new bikes situated just right to make the 15 mile trip back to the RV park. 
We make it back safely and after we drive through the check area Chuck stops the truck and gets my bike out. 
I get on "Yellowrose" and peddle back to our spot. 
We take the bikes out again and ride down to one of the lakes that is on the nature trail. 
We didn't see any wildlife but it was fun to be able to ride the bikes. 
As we rode Chuck's bike had a knocking sound. 
He inspected it and all seemed okay. 
We decided to load the bike up and return it to the Walmart that is close by.
At the customer service center we met the manager and he said he used to own a bike shop and that the issue was that the chain is too tight. 
In time it will stretch but seems this is really tight. 
He suggest Chuck loosen it a little.
I drive the truck back and Chuck rides. 
As he makes his way back to our site he says that the traffic on Hwy 98 was a bit scary. 
He will adjust the chain in the morning and see if this guy actually knows what he is talking about. 

Chuck gets his bike out and loosens the chain as the guy suggested. 
He rode it a little and sure enough there was no noise. 
Guess the manager knew his stuff!!!! 
We drive to a bike shop just to see if they have the disconnects for the front tires for easy hauling. Well I am here to tell you our cheap little Huffy's are no match for these $2000 bikes. LOL
They have the disconnects but we would need to bring the bikes back to them to get the correct size, and that isn't going to happen this trip!
It's time for lunch so we visit a local Mexican restaurant. 
Wasn't bad food, but the was very slow!  

We get back to the RV and walk Bronco so she can get some exercise. 
Walmart is about a mile away so later we ride our bikes over to check on a few cheaper accessories for the bikes. LOL
It's time to start packing up as we pull out and head home tomorrow morning
We will be hauling two new bikes in the Taj-Mah-Hauler. 
Kinda lightweight load for her. LOL

Time to get some rest for tomorrow we travel.