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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Big Bertha & the Taj-mah-hauler Go to Florida Coast (part 5)

We are up and out of the park by 8:20
We take another route out of Destin. 
We travel Hwy. 331 and catch I-30 so we miss all the traffic that we experienced as we drove in.  

The stop and go traffic as we drove in is a killer when you are pulling a trailer.

We did get to see another "Plane on a stick" as I call Florida.
Noticed them before but didn't have my camera here it is....LOL

By about 10:45 we have crossed over into Alabama. 

We make our way back through the tunnel once again.

Mobile Alabama  and Lupi decides to take the scenic route and we are going down some fairly narrow tree lined streets with the trailer.
Not happy with Miss Lupi!!

I was so excited to stop at a Starbucks in Alabama and find my "you are here" cup!
Its the little things sometime  :)

We made a stop at New Augusta Mississippi for diesel and decided to grab some lunch. 
As we got out of the truck those damn lovebugs attacked. 
Looking at the trailer you knew they were still here in army strength.
When we got back on the road, Chuck said he didn't know how people could handle those bugs. 
They are so terrible!!!
Check out this link: Lovebug

We stop at Clinton Mississippi for the night. 
The Springridge RV park is as far as we are going. 

We get here about 4pm 
We walk to Popeye's Chicken and take it back to the RV. 
That was the extent of our evening.
Oh, but I did see a Starbucks, so that evening while filling the truck, we made a little drive there to see if they had Mississippi cups.
Nope, seems Mississippi doesn't have the "you are here" cups that I am collecting.  
But we did see a beautiful sunset!!!!!!

We pulled out around 9 and get on I-20 and pointed the truck west. 
Had a little issue getting out of our site this morning and the truck is now sporting a couple of small dints on the chrome bumper. 
I was watching the back of the trailer, keeping it out of a pine tree and didn't get up to the front to tell Chuck to not got any further forward!  
It's bound to happen, but never makes you happy!  

It doesn't take long for me to not be impressed with the driving skills in Mississippi!
The drivers don't seem to know they have signals and as soon as they pass they dart back in and almost clip the front of the truck. 
The roads in Mississippi are fairly bumpy, but actually I think Louisiana's were even worse. 
We complain a lot about Oklahoma but I truly think these were right up there at the top of the list. 
We stopped for a quick lunch and got fuel. 
One of the workers at the station asked how old our red heeler was. 
I was surprised he knew what breed Bronco was. 
In Florida most everyone had no clue.

We get back on the bumpy road and I for one was never so happy to see the Texas state line. 
Smooth roads ahead.  

Our stop for the night will be in Canton, TX. and Chuck says for me to find a spot to stay. 
I search the Internet and like the looks of the Mill Creek RV resort. 
We have two different directions to go and one calls for a u turn and that is not going to happen. 
We take the first exit and all was going well until we come to a fire truck in the middle of the intersection and a fireman directing traffic.  
We turn left onto this narrow two lane road. 
There is no place to get back to the road we need to be on as the streets are so narrow. 
We end up going straight back to I-20. 

Chuck pulls over and we put the address into Lupi. 
 She takes us down to the second exit. 
All's good until she tells us we have reached our destination and there is a McDonald sitting in the spot. 
As Chuck continue to drive I see the sign for the park but it's too late, so we go across the street and do a drive through at a somewhat temporary looking RV park.
I am sure it is full when Canton's First Monday is going on. 
We make our u turn after all!  
Back at the entrance Chuck doesn't turn in as it says "no big trucks". 
I am about to have a heart attach and he goes ahead and turns in the second entrance. 
Still a sign says no big trucks. 
What the heck!!!!

Okay. So now the RV park is visible and we make our way to check in.  
Geeze, there has to be a better way to so this. 
This is just about too much for me. 
This is very close to the same pain as having a root canal!!!
After all the dust finally settles, Chuck comes back with instructions to make our way to #8 site;
The site is 100' long so there will be no truck hanging out or crooked parking for us tonight.

There was a little Mexican drive through place in front of the RV entrance and we got street taco's for dinner. 
We bring them back to the trailer and have to say, they were very tasty!  
Did I mention that it's hot. 
It got up to a smoking 95 today. 
I am tired. 
Chuck is tired. 
Think it is time to chill for the rest of the evening.  

We are on the road by 9 am. 
Time to get this chariot home. 
Traffic is moderate and the drivers are driving like they are on fire.
By the time we make it to Dallas the traffic had picked up even more. 
The construction is on going and lane shifts are inevitable. 
I have to say Chuck handles it well. 
I would be ready to run into every last one of them. 
They are the most uncaring drivers.  
Everyone is in such a rush and they don't care who they hit or cut in, to get where they are going. 
I think the stress of me being the back seat driver has gotten to me as I am ready to park the Taj-mah-hauler and be done!  
We make it out of the Dallas area without incident. 
Hopefully we will have smooth sailing the rest of the way home. 
We have been told that Trump is on OKC and is going to the OU/Ohio State football game. 
Just hope we can get through downtown easily. 

We got almost to Purcell without any slow downs and then it happened. 
The highway is closed down to one lane. 
The line is growing and all the people in the left lane have to merge to the right. 
Chuck ends up straddling the middle line to stop the people from zooming up and diving in. 
One of my big pet peeves is people think they don't have to wait their turn. 
I swear they would do the same thing at Walmart if they didn't think you would confront them. 
A highway patrolman pulled over a biker that was going down the service part of the road. 
The biker was with several others but his brothers left him to fend for himself. 

Can you tell that all the traffic is wearing one me!

We make it home by around 3pm.
So glad to be home...and now the unloading begins!

The unloading was pretty quick and we only had a few more things to do, and when I finally looked up, the skies have darkened, and do I hear thunder in the near distance?
Yep...there is a storm brewing.

We had both been so busy and didn't have our phones on us to notice all the alerts that are going off on our phones.
High winds and hail, are coming and we don't have time to get the trailer put away.

We stand in the house and watch the winds hit....then the hail isn't very large hail but it's hail!!!!

I am happy to report that Big Bertha and the Taj-mah-hauler didn't have any damage that we could see.
Thank goodness!!!

The trees on the other hand...well, we had tree leaves everywhere.

We are home, safe and sound, with 2604 miles under our belts, hauling a big ole trailer to Florida for a wonderful vacation.
Believe it or not, we will do it again!!!! 
I wanted to add that the day we left for this vacation we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook us out of bed. 
What a send off!!!