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Monday, September 5, 2016

Big Betha & Taj-mah-hauler Go To Florida Coast (part 1)

We left the house at 9am.
Big Bertha and the Taj-mah-hauler, Bronco, Chuck and I are heading to Florida for a little vacation.
We spent our first night on the road at a  KOA RV Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.
We arrived about 3:15. 
The sites are tight but we are only spending the night so we make the best of it. 
Sadly, I think the KOA's of the United States haven't been updated in a very long time, and if you are pulling a large rig, it makes it really difficult to fit!
Bronco is happy with the trip so far, so all is good in the neighborhood.
Time to get some sleep because we have more miles to make tomorrow.

We are on the road by 9am. 
The ride is going well, until we have a little mis-communication between our driver and Lupi.
This is where our first U-turn of the trip happens.
Lupi wanted us to go 65 but Chuck is sure we were to keep going on 278. 
When you are pulling a 43' trailer behind you, it makes for a fun time to find a place to make the said U-turn!
Tension is high, but we make it....LOL
We get back on the correct road and guess what....yes...another U-Turn.
We didn't trust Lupi at this point., but it turns out she was right this time.
At least we got to see a beautiful bridge crossing over the Mississippi River. 
Roads are really rough around Jackson Mississippi. 
Hwy 49 is known by the truckers as the rocking chair. 

We hit s big rain storm right before we get the Okatoma RV Resort
 By the time we wind our way to the RV Resort it is barely misting.
The gentlemen that met us said they had fried chicken to eat if we wanted to eat. 
Since there has been no lunch stop and it was close to 4pm it really a sounded good. 

We ate some good ole KFC and then proceeded to check in. 
We didn't have to move the rig very far to get to our space. 
All the spots back up to a pond and some nice shade trees.
Upon opening the door of the Tah-Mah-Hauler I notice the wooded fascia on the kitchen has worked its way lose and was about to fall.
This is all due to the rough roads we experienced today!

The rod that holds the drapery at the back of the toy box is down. 
It actually broke the bracket right out of screw. 

After we get the slides open, I walk out and  notice is a little blue heeler pup sitting under a shade tree just a couple of trailers down from us. 
Bronco and I go to meet her and in true Bronco fashion she had nothing to do with the pup.
The puppy is so cute, and loved the attention she was getting from me.
As I come back around to help Chuck get the trailer set up it looks like we have drawn a crowd. Chuck is talking to a couple of people and they are all interested in the Taj-Mah-Hauler. 
The group asked if they could see in the trailer after we get set up. 
Wasn't long and there were 20 people ready to take the tour. 
What a nice group of people, and they all wanted to see inside our trailer.
I told them I would take a donation as they exit. 
They are all camping together and go to the same church. 
They invited us to come and eat.
Chuck went down and ate and I opted to not partake.
Enjoyed spending time with the group. 

 9-5-16  Labor Day. 

The campgrounds is starting to thin out as everyone is heading home.
The sweet little blue heeler is still outside tied to the tree.
I could almost dog nap the sweet little girl!
Not sure that Bronco would like that idea, as I think she enjoys being an only dog.

We get out and drive to Hattiesburg to get some groceries.
The day just really wasn't my favorite of the trip.
Seems everything is going wrong, and I would just like to go back to bed and forget the whole day! 

Back at the RV Chuck decides to work on the kitchen slide as it has been making a noise as it pulls in. 
Long story short we come to the conclusion that the slide is fine it's the trim board on the bottom that has not ever been installed correctly. 
He works on the silly thing for a couple of hours.

It has started to rain and with rain comes the humidity.
I can't even walk outside that I don't start sweating like crazy.  

The trim in the kitchen is now off and it will be tucked away with the other piece to fix when we get back home. 
Time to start putting things away as tomorrow we make our way to Florida and our destination of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.