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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The End of 2016

I can't believe that another year has passed!
Looking back at all the changes, it really has been a busy year.

Some things have stayed the same, and yet so many have changed.

I am so thankful to be able to write this blog and say that our family is all very healthy and doing well.
As far as changes, I am sure I will miss a few of them, but a big one for me was turning 65 years old.
Along with getting "OLD".....I have closed my sticks and bricks business, and gone totally mobile.
Chuck convinced me to do this, and I am so glad I did! 
I am loving the freedom that it brings.

If anyone would have ever told me that we would live in Arizona part of the year, I would have laughed at them.
That is where my wonderful husband comes in and makes my life so much fun.
This was his dream, to have an RV, and be able to go to other parts of the United States.
Little did I know we would make Arizona our new "winter" home.
Big Bertha and the Taj-mah-hauler is residing there as I type and we are living the desert life.
I love living amongst the saguaro cacti.
We went back to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas and on December 27th we headed back to the warmer climate.

It has been so much fun experiencing the Arizona life with our friends Cindy and Terry, (that live in Tucson).
They have even been blessed with their first grandchild on December 30th. 
Lilly is a very lucky little girl to have such a great couple of people to call grandparents.
Lilly came a little earlier than expected, and Cindy is working on her beautiful quilt that she is pouring her heart into for this sweet little girl.

How lucky to have such great friends in Oklahoma and Arizona.
When I am in Arizona I miss my BFF Diana, that is back in Oklahoma.
She has had an awesome year of weight loss, and I can't even tell you how proud I am of this girl.
I am still trying to talk them into coming to Arizona and getting the lot that is next to us. 

The newest group of friends are our neighbors at Desert Gardens.
The one reason we purchased the lot we did is because of these wonderful people.
It was a total delight to see everyone make their way back here over the last few months, and I can truly say we picked up where we left off.
I love the melting pot of people from every walk of life merging into the park and becoming friends. 

We have also been able to reconnect with Larry and Lesa, our friends from Oklahoma that moved to Gold Canyon Arizona several years ago.
We had no idea at the time we settled in Florence that they were only about 15 miles from us. 

We got back to Florence in time to send 2016 packing and welcome 2017.
Our neighbors Don & Donna hosted a New Years Eve party.
We had so much fun.
Donna had Charades and The Newlywed Game for us to play.
With 16 people present it was a laugh a minute.
Our friend Joanne won a prize for the most questions answered correctly on the Newlywed Game, and I won a prize for the least questions answered correctly....LOL....Yep, I got one right!!!!

Our son and daughter in law have moved.
They have purchased their "forever home.
It is beautiful, and the kids along with mom and dad are enjoying their new neighborhood.

The grand kids are doing very well in school and love being in the same school as their mother teaches. 
They are both growing up so fast. 
Christmas Eve services, Cooper surprised us all by reading a scripture for the children's portion of the service.
She tells us later that she had to audition for the part.
Cooper was the first one to read and she did wonderful.
The others that read did a great job as well.
I was so proud of her and how she stood up there without any fear and delivered her lines like a pro.
Cash sang his heart out as well.
These two are so amazing. (proud grandma speaking)

We have had a few friends leave this world this year.
It is so sad to think that they are gone, but makes me even more appreciative of each breath I take.

This is the final entry for 2016, and I am as usual very excited to be able to send it to Print My Blog and have it printed. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday,
We look forward to 2017 and all the things that this world has in store for us this year. 
I wish everyone health and happiness for the coming 365 days and beyond. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Traditions 2016

Traditions are something that we all seem to have.
Some are things that we have done for a very long time.
Others are new to us.

I for one love traditions, and I am happy to say that I have one that our daughter in law and our granddaughter have been doing for the last few years
The Nutcracker is just that tradition.

We go to the Oklahoma Ballet to see The Nutcracker every year when the holiday season comes around.
I love that we have a tradition that we can share.

We never know how the weather is going to be in Oklahoma.
This year it was cold...very cold!
Last year we had a tornado warning, so as I say, we just never know.

We enter the building and navigate our way to the area that they are selling Nutcracker memorabilia.
Cooper spots a Nutcracker with a cupcake on his head, and that is the one she wants.
Another girl was looking at the same one, and since it was the last one of its kind, when the girl decided she wanted another one, I nodded to the lady, and she bagged it up for us. 
Cooper was excited with the newest addition to her growing collection.

Our celebratory picture was taken beside the giant Nutcracker that was in front of their large Christmas tree.
(Thanks to the lady that took them for us.)

Being we have done this a few times, we know just where our seats are, so we navigate our way upstairs and find our entrance.
Settled in, we wait for the curtain to rise.

As we watch the ballet, I can see in Coopers eyes that she is dancing every step that they are on stage.
In fact, I am told that when she gets home she dances around most of the evening.

Not to leave our grandson out of the mix, he gets a Nutcracker as well.
I had found a cute Soccer Nutcracker for him during one of my shopping trips.

Before you know it, two hours are gone, and the final curtain goes down on this years ballet.
So glad that we get to have such a wonderful "tradition" to keep us all young at heart.