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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Traditions 2016

Traditions are something that we all seem to have.
Some are things that we have done for a very long time.
Others are new to us.

I for one love traditions, and I am happy to say that I have one that our daughter in law and our granddaughter have been doing for the last few years
The Nutcracker is just that tradition.

We go to the Oklahoma Ballet to see The Nutcracker every year when the holiday season comes around.
I love that we have a tradition that we can share.

We never know how the weather is going to be in Oklahoma.
This year it was cold...very cold!
Last year we had a tornado warning, so as I say, we just never know.

We enter the building and navigate our way to the area that they are selling Nutcracker memorabilia.
Cooper spots a Nutcracker with a cupcake on his head, and that is the one she wants.
Another girl was looking at the same one, and since it was the last one of its kind, when the girl decided she wanted another one, I nodded to the lady, and she bagged it up for us. 
Cooper was excited with the newest addition to her growing collection.

Our celebratory picture was taken beside the giant Nutcracker that was in front of their large Christmas tree.
(Thanks to the lady that took them for us.)

Being we have done this a few times, we know just where our seats are, so we navigate our way upstairs and find our entrance.
Settled in, we wait for the curtain to rise.

As we watch the ballet, I can see in Coopers eyes that she is dancing every step that they are on stage.
In fact, I am told that when she gets home she dances around most of the evening.

Not to leave our grandson out of the mix, he gets a Nutcracker as well.
I had found a cute Soccer Nutcracker for him during one of my shopping trips.

Before you know it, two hours are gone, and the final curtain goes down on this years ballet.
So glad that we get to have such a wonderful "tradition" to keep us all young at heart.