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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Adopt a Highway, Florence AZ. 2017

Have you driven down the road and see signs along the way that say "Adopt a Highway" and it is sponsored by a person, or even a business.
I know I have, and truly can say that I have wondered how and what they are all about.

At the Desert Gardens RV Park that we are living at during the winter months, we have a couple of signs that are sponsored by the park.

We now have found out what that exactly means.
I know, I must be living under a rock not to know this by now, but I had an idea what it was about, but now I know up close and personally what is going on.

A group of volunteers from the park met on an overcast but mild morning at 9am to participate in the cleaning of our mile that the park has adopted.

For us "newbies" it was pretty exciting....LOL...picking up other peoples trash...Really!
I am always surprised at all the trash on the side of the roads as we travel.
This time we are cleaning it up.

We had one gentleman in our group that was seasoned and knew exactly what to do, so he showed us how it was done.
The large blue bags work better if you run one of the tie ends through a belt loop, leaving you a little more flexible for picking up the litter.

There was an item that we will make sure we own the next time we do this.
One of those "grabbers".
Yes, the grabber can be your best friend around the cacti that are out here in the desert!!!!

Just imagine sticking your hand into a jumping cholla cacti, and then finding a snake or a varment under that mess.....I don't think so!!!!

I was the recycle gal.
I got the large black bag, and had my eyes peeled for anything that could be recycled.

Our little group worked very well together and even though we had a smaller group that the ones that were working the other side of the road, we finished our picking up in record time.

I got so tickled at all of us finding all types of stuff.
It felt like we was on a senior citizens scavenger hunt...LOL
Don found half of a dollar bill.
Chuck found a whole dollar bill.
I found a wooden box with 3 cents in it.
JoAnn found a brand new quick disconnect for TV cables.
I think Don even found the elbow PVC pipe.
Ernie found some underwear....yes he did!  

All the bending over and walking was good for everyone of us, and I know for myself, I was a bit tired by the time we got back to the Taj-mah-hauler.

We laughed and worked as a team, and we beautified a little bit of Arizona in the name of Desert Gardens RV Park.
What a fun time we had....and we even got some exercise.

Next cleaning will be in March....bring it on...but first we all buy "grabbers".....