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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wind therapy in January

Life in the desert is going very well.
It is fun to learn about new things and places to check out. 

We have eaten at the local bar/restaurant called the River Bottom, and can truly say they have some great food. 
We always notice there are a lot of bikes around the place, and also packs in the vehicles as well, so it has to be good, right! 

We are enjoying the warmer weather and have gotten out to ride the bike a couple of times this week.
Our neighbors on both sides of us have motorcycles so it makes it nice to get out and enjoy some wind therapy.

It was time for us to check our PO Box in Casa Grande so what better excuse to ride.
Chuck leads and we took the scenic route.
The little stretch of 387 is quite appealing to the eyes.
We made our way to the UPS store and had lunch at the Firehouse Sub Shop.
Bev & Ken ran into the phone store and upgraded their phones.
One stop shop for everything.

Steve leads us back to Florence Gardens.
Enjoyed spending time with this little group of neighbors and look forward to many more trips.