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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cash's 6th Birthday Party 2017

There is no better reason to drive 1000 miles as to celebrate a special someones 6th birthday.
Cash our grandson is turning a year older and we must be a part of the festivities.

There was a little bit of change on the day of celebration due to the location they use had overbooked the Saturday they really wanted, so looks like we will be celebrating on February 11th instead of February 18th. 
His real birthday is February 17th, but he is good with what ever day works out.

We start our trip back to Oklahoma on February 8th and it looks like we will have some good weather to make the miles an easy drive for us.
The desert has been nice and warm after the cooler rainy weather decided to move out.
As we make our way to I-40 we see remnants of the snow that the higher elevations had received during the last week.

The sun is shining and the drive back home was flawless.

We get back to the house around 4pm on February 9th.
I can not lie that it was nice to step into the sticks and bricks we have been away from for a month and a half.
It didn't take us long to get the water turned back on in the house and settle into our regular routine. 

Saturday morning bright and early we head to Norman to watch Cash play basketball.
His game was at 8:30am, so we get around and start our day of with a little basketball. 

The game was exciting, and Cash scored a couple of goals for his team.
He really hustled and worked the ball well.

Game is over and it is time to move onto the next event....The Birthday Party.
Cash's theme this year is Mine Craft.

His cake was so cool, and as usual, it tasted just as good as it looked. 

The party started at 10:30 and before you knew it there were kids all over the play area and the bouncer.

This guy had an awesome birthday....
He was a gentlemen and thanked everyone for coming and for the presents he got.

After the party ended we did our little tradition, and took his birthday balloons outside to some unseasonably 80 degree weather and set them free.

What a great day to celebrate this grandsons birthday.
Happy Birthday Cash...You are the best grandson a grandparent could ask for.
Like I tell you sister all the time....Love you to the moon and back.