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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Trip to the Quarry 3-11-2017

When you have so much fun doing something, you might as well do it again, right?!
That is just what we did.

Word gets around that there is a return trip to the quarry and we had a lot more interested in going.

We even have a couple of newcomers to the group.
Lori and her husband John decided to tag along and I think they really had a great time.

We pulled out of Desert Gardens at 9:00am and there were 7 vehicles in our group.
Mark and Martha lead the mule train back to where we had been the week before.

As we make our way down the paved road towards our destination, we notice a truck with what looks like fishing line attached to something in the sky.
Little did we know that this is the launching area for people that hang glide.
They are lifted to their desired height by the truck we saw, and when they are happy with the jet stream, they release the line.
This would be fun to watch, but we are all on a mission for rocks today, so we will have to come back to this area again sometime and watch the hang gliders.

I had to get a picture of the Octotillo that was blooming.
Just one of the beautiful cacti found here in the Sonoran Desert.
I call it a cactus, but it really isn't a true cactus, but I am told that the bright crimson flowers are really enjoyed by the hummingbirds.
They are so beautiful out here in the wide open spaces. 

As we make our way down the dusty one lane road, Jerry & Konni switch off with us and close a gate as we go back towards our treasures of the quarry.

As we entered the quarry, there was one hillside in bloom with some great looking wild flowers.
The lupine were spectacular. 

More rocks were found, and even some of the people that weren't even interested in rocks ended up picking some up.
I guess we are all becoming rock hounds....LOL

I can't say enough about all these great people....we have so much fun with them.
They are always happy and ready and eager to go! 
Guess this is what you get when you have a bunch of retired people....just happy to be here!

Wayne and Karen knew the way to the old stagecoach building, so they lead us out of the quarry.

"Stage Station and Homestead"

In 1879 the Southern Pacific Mail and Stage Line Company built a one room adobe station and mesquite corral. It was a horse changing and water stop on the route from the station at Pichaco for passengers going to Florence and beyond.

In 1913, rancher Juan Verdugo recorded it as a homestead; in 1917 he added a room and raised the roof. About the same time a ranch school was built to the north. In 1920 the property returned to the state. Later, area ranchers leased the land, using the building as bunkhouses and storage until the late 1980's.

Today you can still see the stage stop, the school building and the corral. The corral is still being used today!

Some caution may be required in this area as it is open grazing land. (ie cattle and what they leave behind.) It is also State Land.

We explored the old schoolhouse and checked out the corral.
Took a few pics and we are see the hunger bug was rearing its head.

Plans today for lunch are at Riverbottom Grill in Florence, AZ.
The place wasn't too packed when we arrived, and we got a great table outside.
We even had live music by a local band.

All in all it was a great day....and we even got some rocks!!!!
Now we have to go and unload...  :(

Thanks to all who participated.