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Friday, March 31, 2017

Digging for Apache Tears 3-31-17

The things you learn when sitting around talking to friends in the evenings.
Konnie and Jerry have been in the Arizona area for quite a while and they have some interesting things to share.

Konnie loves to make jewelry with rocks and she was talking one night about Apache Tears.
Of course I had to google it and find out even more.

The conversation has come up a few times over the last month and the main consensuses from Jerry is that the road that leads to the old mine has been cut off due to new road construction in the area of Superior.

Wayne tells us that he can get us into the area, and of course I want to check this out, as well as a few of the others in our little group!

The day is set for the dig and Wayne is leading a group of us to find the Apache Tears.
Jerry and Konnie didn't get to make this trip, as they had made a trip to Mexico and weren't back. 

Apache Tears are actually obsidian stones.
I will attach a link that is very interesting if you are interested. Learn about Apache Tears here

We aren't very far from the town of Superior, so the ride there was fairly quick.
We have 3 Jeeps going on this little expedition today, and although it is overcast and a bit windy, we are all excited to make the trip.

Wayne lead us down a one way dirt road that was fairly rough, so the 4 wheel drive came in handy.

We reach an area that looks a little more tricky, so the guys get out and explore the best way to go.

The route has been chosen and the Jeeps make their way down the steep trail and cross over a small stream.
Now we are only about a mile from the point where we leave the vehicles and make our way to the Apache Tears.

The area that we are going to has been closed for some time, but the big boulders in front of the old gate doesn't stop us.
The small hiking trail is littered with small pieces of obsidian and we are so excited to see them.
They are about the size of raisins.

Karen keeps saying to move along, as we haven't gotten to the good area yet.
We finally make our way to the opening of the old mine.
The barb wire on top of the fence (that has been cut open by someone else) doesn't stop this group from entering the area.

The sides of the mountain have been chiseled for quiet some time by the looks of it.
There are archways and pillars that hold up this area that we are in.
With our little picks in hand we begin chipping away at the rock to expose the obsidian stones.
 I can honestly say this is so much fun!

Ernie has found a very large stone and is working on trying to get it out of the rock without breaking it.
I think a person could actually spend a whole lot of time here just chipping away at finding these beautiful pieces of Apache Tears.

Chuck is outside the area we are all captivated with exploring around, and he comes back to  tell us about all the "caution" signs that are all over the place.
Sure didn't stop this group from digging though.

About an hour has gone by, and we all decide we really should go and find some lunch.
We had all worked up an appetite....LOL

Our tour guide Wayne gets us back on the main road and we stop at the local Mexican Food restaurant in Superior, AZ.
We always see a lot of cars and motorcycles at this place so it has to be good, right!

Karen and Wayne have been here before and she tells us that all the plates look the same when they come out of the kitchen (food that is), and she was right.
Even though we all got something different, they pretty much looked the same.....LOL

The lunch was very good, and the fellowship of this group was even better.
The laughs were abundant as we discussed our big dig of the day.
What a great day this has been.

As we got ready to leave, of course a few of us had to go to the restroom.
Bev comes back to the table and ask if we had noticed the "condom" machine in the ladies restroom.
She had my curiosity up for sure and I knew it was going to have to be a picture moment to prove to the others.
Bev and I get in line for the restroom again, and I say again, because I had already been but paid no attention to this curious machine.
Finally empty, Bev holds the door open and I take the picture.
We were giggling like school was a site for sure.

Back at the table of course everyone had to see the picture and discuss Bev's find.
Sure doesn't take a lot to keep this group entertained and that is one of the things we enjoy!

The meals have been paid for and it is time for these miners to get back to Desert Gardens with all our treasures from today.

We decide to take a different route back to the Gardens, and stop at a working mine along the way.
I had picked up a rock from this area a couple of weeks ago, and JoAnn says it is from the "dripping springs mine" looks like bacon, I kid you not!
The Jeeps were lined up at the mine so I had to get a shot of them.  Lookin good :)

Great adventure that I am sure we will take again in the future.
Thanks so much to Wayne and Karen for making it happen.
I really enjoyed it and I think the rest of the group did as well.

I now have to read up on how to tumble my "apache tears" and make them look awesome.