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Thursday, March 16, 2017

In Search for Peridot 3-16-17

I tell you I have been bitten by the "rock hound" bug.
It is amazing to me all these beautiful rocks that are so close to us here in Arizona.
Our neighbor Bob and his wife Laura have been showing off some of their beautiful tumbled rocks,
and I am wanting to get me some.

It doesn't take us long to go to Harbor Freight and get a rock tumbler.
The process sure seems to take awhile, but I think the month of tumbling will be worth it.
Time will tell!

Jerry and Konni had spoke about the rock peridot, and they had my interest, as I remember this beautiful ring that my mother had made from the stone.

Jerry came by and asked if we were interested in exploring around the town of Peridot and see what we could fine.

Always up for a challenge, we load up Lil Bit and Jerry leads the way.
Our friends Ernie and Joanne decided they would follow us on our little adventure.

It was decided that we would eat at a little restaurant that we had tried a few weeks ago that was in the town of Globe, so we headed that way.
Sadly to say, it didn't open until 12:00 (crazy I know) and since it was only about 11am, we opted for plan "B".

Plan "B" was to eat at the Apache Gold Casino that was on the way to Peridot.
We had to make a few u-turns along the way, as Jerry couldn't decide which way he wanted to get there....
You know an adventure just isn't an adventure without a few u-turns....LOL

Konni said that the gift shop at the casino might have some peridot, as the mines are on Indian Territory and they are the only ones that can actually dig it up.

Lunch at the casino was OK...seems they need to work on their menu a bit, but hey we were hungry and it tasted pretty good.

As we  get ready to leave, we make our way to the gift shop.
The sign says "Closed" until 12:40pm.
Are you kidding me!!!!!
Looks like we have about 10 minutes to wait to go and explore the gift shop.

The shop reopened and we were in before we knew it.
They had a few pieces of jewelry made from the peridot, but nothing really excited any of us, so we left empty handed!

We regroup and head towards the town of Peridot, AZ.
It wasn't far!
Jerry turns down a road and we follow, just to make a U-turn and go back to the main road.
After we discussed it, Konni had seen a museum as we turned, and they decided to go back there and ask about the peridot we were searching for.

Jerry goes into the museum...and we wait....and wait...and wait.
Then Ernie decides to go in...and more waiting....then Jerry comes out.
He says that the gentlemen inside was going to try to get ahold of some of the local vendors and see if they would bring some of their jewelry up to the museum.
In the meantime we decide to go ahead and go into the museum.
Little did we know that when we got in there, and the guy saw that there were 6 of us, that there was a $5 a piece charge for looking in his museum.
Well, how about that....but that is ok....we paid up and looked around.
As we finished paying, a younger native American walks in and sits down.
The gentlemen that was taking our money ask the younger gent if he happened to have any peridot.
Guess it was our lucky day, because he said he did indeed have some in his truck.

Konni, Jerry, Chuck and I walk out to this guys truck, where he brings out this zip lock bag of chunks of tumbled peridot.
Konni stands there and picks her out several pieces and decides to purchase them.
We are told that there is going to be a gem show in the coming weeks in the Phoenix area, and he along with several others would have their wares for sale at this event.
I had to get a picture of Konni paying the guy for his rocks, because it looks like a drug deal to me....LOL

Konni was pleased with her purchase and we round Joanne and Ernie up and decide it is time to head back towards Florence.

I suggest we stop at the little gas station just down the road and get something to drink.
Much to my surprise, there is a few pieces of jewelry for sale at the station, and you guessed it....I found the bracelet that I had to take home with me.

What a great day, although we didn't get to actually dig for the peridot, we had to search...almost the same...but not quite.

There's Peridot in them hills.  :)