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Monday, April 3, 2017

Now Its Time To Say Goodbye To Arizona April 2017

It is about time for us to make our way back to Oklahoma.
Yes, we have a lot to do to get everything ready for our departure of our spot in the Sonoran Desert.
All those pretty little things that are on our lot now need to be put away.
The lovely patio furniture, the hummingbird feeders (4) the wonderful pieces of Talavera pottery we have purchased.
My beautiful little flowers that have been so much fun to grow now need to be dug up and disposed of.
Sad isn't it!
But we knew this day would come, and we are ready to make it happen.

The storage building has been cleaned out and the stuff that is going back with us is now getting packed into the back of the Taj-Mah-Hauler.

We came in October with a motorcycle and a golf cart.
Chuck decided to sell the golf cart so we wouldn't have to haul it back.
Our good friends Danny and Linda bought it.
We now have more room to take the extra 7, oops, make it 6 tires back with us. (I say 6 because Ernie needed a spare tire, so we gave him our old spare)
You see, Chuck wasn't happy with the tires we purchased in haste last season due to our China Bomb he got new hydraulic brakes and new tires for Taj...
We will be able to stop on a dime, and our tires are now able to handle about any weight that we throw back there comfortably.

The process of getting everything put away and packed away was not that hard.
We just want to make sure that the tires ride home and don't go bouncing all over the toy box area.

Along with the packing, we had several "goodbye" evenings.
Our friends Don and Donna were one of the first to leave.
Donna has a lot of traveling to do in the next few months before she makes it back to Colorado.
When she does make it there, she and Don will be getting ready to go on a Alaskan Cruise.

Before Donna left, I asked her to pick a little critter from a cardboard box that I had.
You see, I ordered some little critters on Amazon, and my intent is to have each of our friends take one with them this Summer and keep us informed of their travels.
All the girls were willing to go along with my crazy scheme.

Lori and John had left earlier in the month and I had her draw out of the box....she got a little bear. We have yet to hear what she and John named her little guy or gal..

Donna ended up with a zebra.
She named her Luci.

Bev our next door neighbor was next and she got a penguin she named Petey.

The next lucky person to draw from the box was JoAnn.
She got Rooster Cogburn.

Karen got a monkey and they named him Buddy.

Martha got a fawn, and they named her Fern.

I finally had Chuck draw from the box for us, and we got Billy the Bison.

Konnie and Jerry got a blue pig they named Pigella.

Bonnie and Randy got Geraldine the giraffe and I will tell you she has be
en a little hard to house break.LOL....

As soon as we get back in the fall, Glenda and Steve will have to draw from my little box of animals and get their little furry friend.

You can see this group is easily amused by my crazy antics.
It really has been fun to see what they are doing as they make their way back to their summer homes.
Fern is residing in Florence as Martha and Mark full time at Florence Gardens.

Our great friends Linda and Danny will not be residing at the park next year but we decided they were our honorary couple that had to be part of this group.
Linda got the Cobra and she named him Striker.

One of our final get togethers we decided to go over to Don and Donna's and then Ken and Bev's and look like we were having a party on their lots.
You see, if you aren't there, we will make you feel like you are.
We miss them already!

There were lots of laughs from everyone as we posted pictures on our Facebook page for the missing couple to see.

We even got in a game of Yahtzee before we left.
Randy had make some really nice large wooden dice for us to throw, and it was an absolute blast....even though I had no idea what I was doing.

It looks like everyone has made it to their destination without too much troubles....well, except for Ken & Bev.
Seems the underbelly of their trailer has ripped off due to wind catching it in the right place.
They were able to use zip ties to secure it well enough to get them safely to their destination.
Looks like they will be going to Camping World to get a repair done.

We met our friends Lesa and Larry one last time before we left.
We ate Mexican food and drank margaritas at Macayo's.
Their glasses are so cute, and if you bring them back for a refill they are less expensive.
Its a win win situation I think!!!!!

Along with all the fun around the park, we make a final trip to Tucson to see our wonderful friends Cindy and Terry.

Our trip to Tucson was detoured to a Discount Tire, as we had a slow leak in that darn right tire on the Jeep.
Yes, the same tire that we replaced about 3-4 weeks ago.
As soon as the tech came out, he said, "well, here's the problem"....and showed us a nail that was in the tire.
Geeze, give us a break.....this is just crazy.
Within an hour, they had us on our way.

Due to the time crunch we weren't able to get all the fun things we wanted to get done this season with Cindy and Terry, but we so look forward to more adventures with them in the Fall.
I know that one of the trips is going to be to a cavern!!!!!

I think I might even have them talked into coming and staying at the Rancho Sonora Motel that is next door to us, and then we can make our way to the Monastery and Cindy and I have to explore the Mesa Market the boys....well, they can figure out something to do I am sure!

I know this summer will fly by and we will all start our way back to Arizona for the winter before we know it.
Can't wait to see what adventures await us.

Our beautiful lot looks sooo empty.

Safe travels and good health to all our friends, and we will see you soon.
Love to all.