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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Our Visit to Silsbee Texas to See The Landry's 2017

April 30th, 2017

We are taking a trip to Eastern Texas to see some friends that we met last year at an RV get together. 

Cindy and Tommy Landry have visited us in Oklahoma City last year and it is our time to go see them.

Chuck had been in contact with Tommy and they had been discussing backup cameras for the RV.

Tommy had shown us his wonderful set up and after attempting to use wireless ones without any luck it was
time to talk to the expert (Tommy) and get a wired system set up on Big Bertha and Taj. 

It was a great excuse to go to Texas as well, so we set sail for Silsbee Texas.

Our first stop was the Winstar Casino in Thackerville Oklahoma.

I would like to say the weather was beautiful but it wasn't.

The wind was blowing up a storm and it was actually pretty cool outside. 

We overnighted with the big trucks in the free parking area they have set up.

Diana & Chris were at Lake Texhoma and they drove over to meet up with us and have some El Fenix Mexican food.

The casino was very busy but our wait was quite short.

The food was very good and worth stopping for!

After we finish we walk around a bit and a couple of the machines had Diana and I's name on them.

I was a loser in true fashion tonight.

The gambling God's were not good to me at all. 

Diana on the other hand was feeling no pain as she raked up quite a fat payout. $$$

With money in hand (for her) we cashed out and decided we were done for the night.

Sure enjoyed them coming to have dinner and gamble with us.

Time to get some rest so we can get up early and hit the road.

Our trip to Silsbee Tx was without incident which always is a good thing.

Our trusty GPS Lupie decides to take us a route that was interesting for sure.

We drive twenty to twenty five miles on a road that had no traffic. 
It wasn't  the route that Chuck would have liked to take.
It that is the way Lupie decided we should go.

Of course we ended up on some fairly narrow residential roads but we made it to our friends RV Park eventually. :)

Our spot that was picked for us to park was great.
We backed into a lake view. 
This will be our home away from home for the next few days.  
The boys have work to do so that gives Cindy and I time to have some retail therapy  :)

The next morning is beautiful, and the lake has a nice fog rising off of the sunlit water.
Tommy and Chuck are up and ready to get the camera wired up and get the monitor set into the truck.
We are looking forward to having the monitor.....never hurts to see what is behind the Taj-Mah-Hauler.
Tommy had suggested a back up camera set is the link to the camera we purchased. 

Cindy and I kept busy with Walmart shopping and Dr. visits.
Cindy had fell a couple of weeks before and had an appointment to go see a Dr. so I helped her as best I could to get around.
She did find out that her foot was not broken which was a good report.
She is wearing a boot that is so fashionable....but hey, if it works, it works!

We spent evenings watching tv outdoors under the stars as The Landry's have set up an outdoor TV theatre.
Now this is living the good life....LOL

Bronco even got to take a dip in the lake.
Of course she loved it!
She even got fairly up close to the geese that Cindy feeds.

Cindy and I painted some rocks and even hid a few in the park.

Hopefully someone will find them and post to our RVing Rocks Facebook Page.

One of our trips to Walmart even got Cindy fixed up with paint supplies to start painting her very own creations.

I think it was that same trip that I bought our first Theracell Mosquito Repellent.
They had used them while we sat outside watching TV and I have to say, they are pretty darn effective.
I would highly recommend these if you are outside and trying to avoid mosquito bites.

May 3rd brought a very dreary and rainy day to Silsbee.
Chuck and I stayed in the trailer most of the day watching TV.
The news has hinted that we are supposed to have bad weather later in the evening.
Little did we know that down the road about 6 miles they had received something like 9" of rain in less than a 24 hour time.

We are being very weather aware, and unlike the TV stations in Oklahoma City, the locals aren't saying a whole lot about the forecast.
The afternoon gets pretty bumpy and the winds come up.
Still nothing on the TV to warn us.
I have text Cindy and she is a bit concerned about "tornado's) in the area.
My son even text me and ask if we are paying attention to the weather.
Yes we are...and Yes, I know we are in a trailer.
The skies are black and the rain keeps coming.
Our little lake is getting filled from all the run off from around the park.
Within an hour and a half, most of the severe weather has passed.
Their was a tornado not to far from us.
Some damage...but all is good in our little park.
Chuck and I both were totally amazed that the TV's weren't blaring with warnings.
Sure not like at home!
Ours locals take over the whole station if there is a drop of rain even 200 miles from us.
There really should be a happy medium here....somewhere....and I am not sure if we will ever see it in Oklahoma....but I do know we are very very informed!

The time has flown by, and it is time for us to pack up and head back towards Oklahoma.
We have really enjoyed our stay.
Thanks so much to Tommy for getting us set up with the new back up camera.
We will be trying it out on our journey home.

May 4th and we hit the road north to Oklahoma.
It is a nice cool morning and the skies are beautiful.
Amazing how clean everything looks after a good drenching rain.

We had really smooth sailing until we got into Tyler, Texas.
Little did we know the traffic and congestion we would experience going through that town.
They may have a route to bypass the long line of traffic lights, but we couldn't find one.
Lots and lots of stop and go driving.

The next thing of interest was in the little town of Emory, Texas.
The FEMA Relief Trailers are set up and you could see the aftermath of the tornado that tore this town up.
Sadly there were people that lost their lives from this destructive tornado.
It is just such a sad and sobering experience to see the devastation that mother nature  can unleash.

We decide to go to Lake Texhoma and spend a day with our friends Diana & Chris.
As we get close to their area on the lake, we get ready to make a right hand turn and who do we see on the other side of the road.....Diana & Chris.
What great timing!
They lead us to the trailer, and we park in the #1 spot.
Looks like we will be staying at Buncombe Creek Resort Marina for the night.

So glad we were able to get a spot to park.
Chuck gets us all set up and we are ready for some dinner.
Chris and Diana take us to the local Mexican food restaurant.
Heck, we started this trip with Mexican food might as well finish with it...LOL

Our plans were to stay just one night, but we changed them and added another day.
We got to visit with our friends for another day.
Always a good time with them, no matter where or what we are doing.

May 5th is Cinco De Mayo but we had eaten Mexican food the night before, so we just had dinner at the trailers.
But first lunch.....
We had gone into the little town of Madill and had lunch at Hobo Joe's.
Diana had been wanting to try why not now!
Diana and Chuck tried the hottest personal pizza they could find....something with ghost peppers in it.
I think it was pretty warm.
Chris and I were not as adventuress and kept with the supreme meat pizza.
I thought it was quite tasty.
Chris's brother and sister in law Ken and Kelly were heading to the lake as well.
Chris had been talking with them and no more hung up the phone and they appeared in the restaurant.
We talked Ken into eating the left over pizza we had.
So glad they happened to find us.  :)

Back at the lake we meet up with Ken and Kelly again.
They have a new boat and we got to go for a spin in it.
Enjoyed the unbelievably calm water on the lake.
It was like riding on glass.

Afterwards we walk over to some other friends of Diana & Chris and sit around and talk.
What a great end to a very nice and fun day.

We are packing up to head back home today, but first we take a ride over to the new docks they are building at the Marina Del Rey area.
Enjoyed having breakfast there and checking out the area.

Time for us to get on the road, so we say our fond farewells and do just that.
We have had a very nice trip and got to see several friends.....doesn't get much better than that.

By the way...the new backup camera is really nice.
At least you know when someone is behind you and how close they are sucked up to your trailer.
We are its time to clean up the trailer once again.  :)