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Friday, August 25, 2017

Laundry Room Painting and my Chippy Door 2017

Do you ever just get the urge to take on a project and about half way through it, you wonder "what was I thinking"?

This little project actually began a few weeks earlier, when my sweet husband made a small dream that I had wished to come to be for quite a while now.

The door

When I closed the retail part of my business, I had a few doors that I just couldn't let go.
They were transported to the house and I have used one already as a divide between Chuck's portion of his office and my area.
I love the look it gives, and adds a little bit of buffer if you are on the phone with a client.  :)

I also had a really cute old and rickety pink door.
My dream has been to use this door in the house in place of the solid door that closes off the utility room.
It would leave a more open and airy look to the hallway.
I had always wanted it hung as a barn door, but it just wasn't big enough to do that.

It did however fit in the opening just perfectly!
The old door has seen better days, but I just love the old glass and the patina its age shows.
It needed some gluing and sanding, so I got busy sanding and with Chuck's help we got it glued back in good shape.

It didn't get a new paint job as I really just wanted that chippy old look for the house.
The door is now hung and since I see inside the laundry room all the time now, I am ready to move on to the next project.

I had wanted to paint the laundry room cabinets for quite some time.
Yes, I am a fan of CeCe Caldwell Chalk paint, and I know from experience it is a fairly easy project.
Surely I knew there were 18 cabinet doors and 5 drawers in this room that I use on a daily basis.

After emptying the room out, I begin the painting of the cabinets that are directly over the washer and drying.
Man, that was easy.
Remember with chalk paint you have to paint several coats.
I found that 3 coats was giving me the look I was after.
Then you have to seal them.
I use paste wax to finish and seal the paint.
It just always gives me the finish I like on the wood.

Let me tell you, I am so excited with the change this has made in this room.

Now I gaze to the other walls in the room.
Geez, there are all those other cabinets to do.
So I just make myself get busy and paint....and paint.....and paint.

I really didn't spend every day working on them, but seemed like it took me forever to get finished.

The outcome was well worth the work, as I think it really did update the room.

Door is up, and painting is done.
I used the existing fan that we already had in the room, but I made a new light cover for it.
My dream of a "farmhouse" laundry room was coming to be.

The final thing that was done in the room was the folding table that Chuck helped me with.
I had pinned a lot of ideas on Pinterest, so I had an idea of what I wanted.

We found the lumber at Lowes and I had the guy cut it to fit...(well, almost...if you want exact, you don't get them to cut anything!), but it works fine.

I knew the look I wanted, but wasn't sure how to attach this to the wall.
Chuck came to the rescue once again and made it happen.
I am so excited to walk into this room, as it just has such a nice feeling to it.

Another small but helpful touch was the galvanized pipe laundry hanging area.
Love the Industrial look.

This project is finished and of course I have a few more on my list, but they may have to wait for a bit, as it is about time to do some traveling.
More adventures and fun to come.