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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vacation With The Other Woman Irma(geddon) 2017 (week 1)

Little did we know that "the other woman" would be the Hurricane Irma that is spinning out into the Gulf and being very bipolar.
Yes, we know it is Hurricane season, but we are keeping an eye on what is going on.
Surely she will decide to turn out in the middle of the ocean and leave Florida alone.
Texas has just experienced the worst hurricane to hit the coastal areas in years.  
Harvey has left the Houston area in a very bad way with all the flooding rains it produced.
Hopefully Irma will go away.....that was our wish anyway!  

Thursday August 31st
Before we even get started on the vacation, our plans have changed.  
Due to the devastation in Texas we are not going to be going to New Orleans as we planned.
We will be taking a higher and drier route through Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama to get to our final destination of Florida.
We meet Diana & Chris in Shawnee, OK this morning around 10:30.
Big Bertha and Big Bertha's sister are ready for a trip.

The valve stems are leaking on Chris's trailer tires and before we get on the road we address the problem.
There is an RV shop across from our meeting place and Diana walks over and askes if they fix tires.
They don't but the lady says there is a guy just down the road that does.

We were given the name Dee Reemer.
Diana and I are both google queens and we begin looking on our phones for this person.
Nothing was found, so we decide to trust the lady and just head north about a mile on highway 177 and find this shop.
Sure enough we find it...Deremer Tires....LOL
It took the guy with Chris's help about an hour to change out all the valve stems.

On the road and we stop at Catfish roundup for lunch.
One reason we stopped is they have really good catfish and the other is that they have enough parking for us to pull these beasts in without a problem.

Since our plans have changed we have no reservations for the night.
Being this is going to be a busy weekend with Labor Day upon us, I called the Downtown Riverside RV Park to see if they had any open spots.
We were able to get two spots in their overflow area.
We were fine with that.
Our GPS did its usual thing and we got separated from Diana & Chris.
Recalculating and back on the road we had a very interesting drive to get to the RV park.
Diana & Chris are checking in by the time we get there.
We have had cloud cover most of the day and as soon as we pull into the RV park we had a very brief shower.
The showers are from the Hurricane aftermath of Harvey.  
The overflow area was perfect as the other spots look fairly tight and we have room to move around where we are at. 
We unhooked and get set up.

Diana surprises us with some new cups for the trip.
What a great idea.....we can have cocktails in style.
We also get our first taste of the 1800 Margarita Mix Jalapeno and Lime.
It was delicious!

Since we are in Arkansas, we decide we need to get a Walmart fix and head to one Diana has found.
Our supply list has already grown and it was a good stop for all of us.  

Friday September 1
Made it to Ameristar RV Park in Vicksburg Mississippi.
The park is associated with their casino.
We are told they have a shuttle service to and from the casino that is just down the street.  
Nice to get set up fairly early in the day.
Since we are in Lovebug country, we cleaned the front of the trailer and truck that had left overs of them.

We set out to find Diesel and food.
Little did we know that our GPS would take us for a joy ride.  
Basically we made a very large circle and our destination ended up being right across the street from where we got the diesel.
Once again we get separated from Diana & Chris and they have a table ready for us by the time we finally show up. 

The Gumbo Pot was obviously the place to be as they were quite busy.
One of the waiters came by and asked if everything was ok.
He then asked if we knew about the Do-dah day.
He proceeded to tell us this:
Do dah checks come today or do dah come tomorrow.
We got a good laugh from that.
Diana & I spotted this tasty looking drink and asked our waitress about it.
She tells us it is their "house" margarita and they are only $5.
Yes, we would like one  :)

The food was tasty and the house margarita was good as well.

We have to go to the Casino and try our luck....of course we do!  
Diana was the lucky one tonight....on the other hand  I lost and so did Chris.
Chuck was even as he didn't put any money into those one armed bandits.  LOL

Saturday September 2nd
Our route today is a little different than last years as we are bypassing the terrible 10 to 15 miles of very rough road.
We are hoping the route we are taking is better. It's an extra 70 miles but maybe the trailer will still be intact when we get to Mobile, Alabama.
We make it to Hilltop RV Park in Robertsdale, Alabama to stay for a couple of days.
Not the most well kept place but it is large enough to handle our rigs.
Would have been nice if they had mowed the area.
As we pull in it starts to rain...Harvey you need to give it up!  

Covered with Love Bugs.
Chris didn't get as many bugs.

We get parked and begin the task of getting set up and clean off the days LoveBugs mess.
It was a fairy brief shower and of course quite muggy afterward.

I had noticed a restaurant right off the highway as we pulled off to go to the RV Park.
We ate at the Derailer Diner  for dinner.
Cute place and the food was alright.
But the desert!!!!

Diana read on the menu that they had a desert that  was voted Alabama's top 100 dishes to eat before you die.
Of course we had to try it.
It was pretty darn good!

Back at the trailers we sit outside until we couldn't handle the bugs any longer.
Of course I didn't even think about getting out the thermacell device until the next morning. 

Sunday September 3rd 
We drive into Orange Beach Alabama.
Along the way we stop at Walmart and Camping World.
Bronco got a new dog bed...hopefully she will decide to sleep on it!

We ate at "Chronic Tacos"  for lunch.
One reason I thought this would work was they had outdoor seating so we were able to take Bronco with us.
After lunch we drive to the beach access area.
It is there we found we couldn't take Miss Bronco to any of the outer beaches.
They have a lake and dog park just up the way so we go there.
Diana and Chris go back to the beach access and check out Orange Beach.
We start back towards the trailer.
Got into a torrential downpour for a few minutes, again thanks to Harvey.

As we drove through Mobile yesterday, our detour took us by a Ralph and Kakoos.
It was decided that we would have to eat dinner there, so that we did.

We started dinner with a cocktail called Voodoo Juice.
We even got commemorative cups that light up.
Dinner was good but not as good as the location in Shreveport.

So excited to finally get to Florida tomorrow, but Irma you are on all our minds!

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