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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vacation With The Other Woman Irma(geddon) 2017 (week 3)

Monday September 11th

Winds and rain are coming our way so we get out of Hamilton fairly early.
We made good time and before we know it we are at West Memphis Arkansas.
We even made it under a bridge marked 13'8" and still have all three air conditioners on the rig:)
Diana has been trying to find us a spot for the night and she has had success.
Looks like we are going to Pocahontas Arkansas.
As we traveled Highway 412 I took a picture of the clouds.

The clouds were just another reminder of how Mother Nature is totally in control and so is Irma. 
I noticed these fields of yellow as we drove.
Watching the news later in the evening I found out they were rice fields.
The farmers are working hard to get their harvest done and trying to beat the winds and rain that is due to hit from dreaded Irma.
We make it to the Mulligans RV Park around 2:30 and get situated.
It's not much but we do have full hookups and we are not complaining.
We had dinner at the trailers and our outdoor sitting was cut short due to the tiny mosquito that our neighbor had warned us about.
After messing with the Tailgater Dish and finally throwing in the towel it did its usual thing and started working.
Lookout Branson cause we are coming to your town tomorrow.  
Tuesday September 12th
We are out of the park at 10:00 am.
It's cool and damp this morning.
Very light mist as we latch on.
We stopped and grabbed lunch around 11:40.
Little did we know that the next part of the trip is all curvy roads and up and over a mountain range.
Highway 160 in  Missouri to be exact.
I swear Bronco was even getting a little car sick with all the movement in the vehicle.

We are staying at the Branson View Campgrounds.
Our friends Kathy and Joe Compton are work camping here and she was able to get us a couple of spots.
As we come into Branson the GPS on the Ram decided that she was confused as usual and we took a route that was a bit different than Diana and Chris.
Thank goodness we are in contact via the walkie talkies and I told them not to follow us.
Our route just made a big circle up by Silver Dollar City and we were at the park about 5 minutes after Diana & Chris arrived.  
Kathy checked us both in and made us feel very welcomed.  

It is so good to see the Compton's and do a bit of catching up from when we last saw them at Desert Gardens in the Spring.
We just decided to grill and chill at the trailer tonight.
Kathy was telling us that Joe was getting a show together for a benefit and he was singing.
She also said that he had been talking about bringing out his equipment and singing in the RV Park.
We suggested that he just do that this evening since he had a captive audience.  :)

We walked down to Joe and Kathy's RV and Joe was all set up with his speakers and mics etc.
We had no idea that Santa Claus was Joe's next door neighbor.
This man was the nicest person, and had a story for everything.
Sadly he didn't stay out very long as he said he was battling a headache and was going to go and rest.  

Joe is ready to get his music going and he starts to sing.
He hadn't even gotten through one song and we hear someone behind us yelling "hey, I am trying to watch some football here"......
Shocked and we were giggling about it, but then we realize that the guy was serious.  
Guess there won't be anymore singing this evening.....oops!!!!!  
Sadly it wasn't even "quiet time" in the park.
Geez we were just having a little fun and Santa that lived right next door said it wasn't bothering him.
Will be interesting to see if there is a complaint at the office tomorrow! 
We retire back to the trailers and sip on a "Irma-Rita before retiring.

Wednesday September 13th

We girls wanted to do a little retail therapy today so we got the guys to take us to The Tanger Outlet Mall.
Can't say we found any bargains, but we got to walk around and shop a bit.
Not a lot of places to eat there so we opted for a Hot Dog place.
We had a terrible hot dog...  :(  
You ask how can you screw up a hot dog???
Not sure but I sure have eaten better!
What is a shopping spree without going to Walmart.  
We stopped and grabbed some of the necessary items we needed.
We chose to eat at the trailers this evening and get ready to go to our first show in Branson.
Joe and Kathy are going with us this evening to see The Baldknobbers .
They were even able to get us free tickets to the show...(thanks to Kathy and Joe)
We really did enjoy the show and even more appreciated them getting us into the show at no cost.

Joe mentioned Andy's Frozen Custard, and all our eyes lit up.
A first for us!  (and we even have an Andy's very close to our house in Yukon.)
Wow, is all I can say.
I got the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer with Chocolate Ice Cream.....need I say more.  :) 
In sugar overdose now, so it is time to call it a night. 

Thursday September 14th
Today we explored some of the shopping areas around Branson
Last night at the Baldknobbers show they had mentioned a knife place and of course the guys ears perked up at the word "Knife",so we headed there this morning.  
It was in a shopping area that had a Coleman Camping Outlet Store.
First time we had ever been into one of them, but we came out empty handed.  
The knife place was mixed into a crafters mall so we walked around and checked out the local items.
The guys were totally disappointed that the knives didn't turn out to be much at all.
Diana found me a coffee pot cover that I had been wanting, so we didn't go away empty handed.  :)
Chuck found a coat at the Leather Store he just couldn't live without.  
Not like he is going to need it anytime soon, as it is in the high 80's here today.
There was a Mexican Food restaurant in the center and it was time for lunch, so we just went ahead and ate there.
The lunch fajitas were really good.

Back at the trailer we talk to Kathy and Joe and they are up for another show tonight.
Kathy suggested one and our plans are to go to eat around 5pm at Fudruckers, and then head to the show after we eat.
The first show we were planning on going to was Sold we resort to Plan "B".
None of us are sure what that plan was but we are sure we can come up with one.  
Plan "B" ends up being The Billy Dean Show.  
Again we got in for nothing, as our friends Kathy & Joe worked their magic....this is getting to be kind of nice.  :)
The show was really good and I for one had no idea how many of the songs that Billy Dean had written in his lifetime.  
It was a very nostalgic evening.  
And guess what!!!!
It was right across the street from Andy's Frozen Custard, and I am sure you know the rest of the story.......yes we did partake once again.
I even had a repeat of last night, but I failed to say chocolate instead of vanilla ice cream.
It was good, but I think I prefer the chocolate version best!  
This is our last evening to get to spend with Joe and Kathy as they are traveling to their home town of Lamar, MO for their first "official" singing gig.
Their names are in lights at the Thiebaud Auditorium and as the markee says it's "Compton's Karaoke Journey.  
All donations are going to the Hurricane Relief.  
We are wishing them luck and hope they have a great turn out.  
It can't be unsaid that we have truly enjoyed spending a few great days with these two as they have really shown us a good time while we stay in their campgrounds.  
At least we have been able to forget the word "Irma" for a few days  :)

Friday September 15th

Our plans are to go to the old downtown area and walk around, but first we need to address a tree limb that has been on Chuck's mind ever since we parked the rig.
He is concerned that we are going to run into it when we pull out on Saturday.

Chuck goes and talks to the front desk and explain his concerns.
It isn't very long and here come 3 guys down with a saw.
It is agreed that the limb needs to go.
If one of the guys had his way, he is convinced the whole tree needs to be removed....LOL

Limb taken care of and it is time to get on our way.
As usual the downtown area is a very busy spot in Branson, 
We have to park quite a ways from the downtown area, but that gave us a chance to walk through some vendors that were set up off the main street.   
What visit isn't complete unless you check out the 5 and Dime.
It was complete mass hysteria in the place.  
We were able to escape without even purchasing anything.  

Our lunch today was at The Branson Cafe.
What a tiny place but the waitress could sure make their way around.
If you need to go to the potty, you follow the yellow line through the kitchen and back to the back of the place.  
Since we have totally messed up our diets with the Andy's ice cream, we might as well indulge and have a piece of the chocolate pie for lunch.  
It was really good, but at least Chuck and I shared a piece instead of getting a whole piece to ourselves.  :)

Time to relax before we got to our show tonight.
Dinner and a show, can't beat that!   
The lines were quite long when we got to the will call area, but it really moved quickly.
By the time the guys got the vehicle parked and walked up we had gotten the tickets. 
Kathy told us to be there by 4:30 for the pre-show.  
We did just that, and enjoyed the entertainers.  
Just like cattle, the bell rang and we were all herded into the arena area.  
We find our seats and the experience of the evening begins.
The show is really interesting and the bonus is that you are fed as they entertain you. 
The food was very good as well.
It is served without forks knives or spoons so your hands are your utensils.
The servers were really great and were able to take care of the people in a timely manner.  
I am so glad that Diana suggested this show, as it was really a fun time and I think we all enjoyed the whole experience. 
Back at the trailers we finish our evening with the last of the "Irma-rita's.
This is our last night to spend away from home, as we are heading back to Oklahoma in the morning.  We have really
had a great trip, even with Irma trying her best to ruin it.  
One thing about us and Diana & Chris....we can always find an alternative just takes some thinking on all our parts.  
We are blessed to have such great friends to travel with.  :)

Saturday September 16th 

Getting out of spot was a breeze now that the tree limb is gone.

Chris on the other hand had a little bit of a fright.
He opened his electric box to disconnect the trailer and grabbed a frog.
He said he wasn't sure what he had grabbed and he jumped back to see the frog leave.  
Thank goodness it wasn't a snake!

Our GPS was a bit confused as we pulled out and we got into a small traffic jam, but it didn't last too long.  
When you are pulling a 43' plus size rig the U turn that Lupy is suggesting just isn't going to happen.  
Traffic isn't bad after we finally get out of the Branson area. 

We had a bit of a scare as we were driving the hills outside of Branson.
When topping a hill there was a very very slow moving truck in front of us, and Chuck had to slam on the brakes.  
About that time we see Chris passing us on the left side.  
So glad he did, as we had to come to almost a complete stop due to this guy.
Chris is now in the lead, and Chuck tells him to keep on leading....its our time to follow  :) 

We stop at a Rest area for a quick lunch and keep making miles.  

Our last stop was at the midway on the turnpike between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
I had just opened the door to the trailer and I heard this bang.
In my mind, I thought maybe Diana had closed her door on the trailer.
She comes around her trailer and asked if I saw the accident.
Seems a truck driver hit the back of the trailer rig that was parked next to them.
So that was the bang I heard.
What a surprise to the driver that was sitting in his rig minding his own business.
He was nice enough to help the driver that hit him get his truck straightened out and on down to a parking spot.
It didn't do any damage to the parked truck, but I think there was some fender issues with the truck that hit him.
Excitement for sure.

We make it home safely and so do Diana & Chris.
What a wonderful 3 weeks even if "Irma" tried her best to ruin our Florida vacation.
Already planning for next years great adventure to Topsail...we will be able to book it in about a month.
Hopefully hurricane season will be a little less active in 2018.

Hope that Diana & Chris enjoyed their trip as much as we did.
They are the "best" friends we could ask for.
So glad we have such great friends to make memories with.

Chuck and I will be heading to Arizona mid October, so I am thinking we will have some Blog worthy post to write about.