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Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017

The desert has been warm and dry, and it doesn't sound like it is going to get any relief from the dryness for some time.
The heat has calmed down some, and the evenings cool down quickly, and I for one am enjoying it.
We actually have a tan going....well, Chuck more than me, but we definitely have some tan.

The last week in October and the first week in November the park has swelled with an influx of Snowbirds.
Everyone is accounted for in our "E" group.
Now the decision becomes who's place are we going to have cocktail hour at and on what day. LOL
I know we sound like a bunch of lushes but really we aren't....heck, most of the time I am drinking lemonade  :)

Chuck and I have been working around our lot getting things straighten up.
Our neighbors, Ida and Steve, helped us get rid of the old RV furniture we had stored in the shed last season.
We kept thinking we would see Miguel our landscape guy, but we haven' when Ida suggested we throw the stuff on their little trailer and take it somewhere, we did just that.
Ida and I went by a little resale shop and asked if she would like to have them....she said to bring it on, and so the guys did just that.

November 3rd
With the shed cleaned out, I can now paint the floor like I had planned on doing last season.
It didn't take long to get that little chore off my list.
I know as soon as we walk on it the paint will no longer look new, but that is fine...the goal was to seal the wood, and now it is done.

November 7th
We have eaten at the local Mexican restaurant a few times lately.
Ida & Steve joined us one Friday night for dinner.
They had live music and it was a lot of fun.

November 8th
Speaking of live music....Mark of Martha and Mark told us of a happening at the Gallopin Goose and we knew we had to go.
One of the guys that had tried out on The Voice, Blind Joe, was performing there with his friend Rowdy.
Sounds like a thing we need to check out.

After all was said and done we met about 20 of our closest friends (E-phers) at the Gallopin Goose and had dinner and was entertained by Rowdy and Blind Joe.
Mark got most of us up on the dance floor and I think I can say for everyone that we had a blast that evening.
What a wonderful group of friends to party with.

November 10th
Ryann has invited us to ride with them today.
We end up with 6 bikes going on this ride.
As we gathered to leave, it was 76 degrees it is going to be another warm why not be on the bike riding.  :)
The trip today was a nice loop around through Superior.

We head towards Oricle, and make our first stop at the Biosphere 2.
I think we are going to have to come back and check this out because I was reading about it as we drove away, and it is quite interesting.
An experiment that just didn't all!
I hope there was some lessons learned from all the failures.

The weather was perfect and Ryaan did a good job of not getting any sheriffs chasing us down today!
We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Superior.
It was as good as the last time we were there.
Great day for riding with some really nice people.
Thanks again Ryaan for inviting us.

November 11th
Cindy and Terry come to visit us today.
So excited to see our Tucson friends.
We had to go to LB's for lunch....its just a tradition.
The True Value is also a "have to go" to place.
Cindy was out of "Anti Monkey Butt" so Terry says, and of course you know True Value has everything.
We enjoyed our visit with Cindy and Terry, and have plans to get to the cavern we failed to make happen last season.
Its on the list of things to do....this season!

November 12th
I get a text from our daughter in law with a picture attached that our grandson has lost his first tooth.
This is a very important day for sure.
I asked how it came out, and they tell me that Cooper, our granddaughter, pulled it for him....LOL
I would have loved to have seen that  :)
About an hour and a half later I get a text from our son to inform us that Cooper has lost a tooth this afternoon as well.....boy that Tooth Fairy is going to be busy at their home tonight.

Jerry our friend had brought over a book for me to read, and I am about finished with it.
I really enjoyed Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann.
It was an interesting and eye opening story about the Osage Indians in Oklahoma.
If you like to read, I truly think it is good material to check out.

November 13th
I had planned a little get together for this evening.
I called it E-pher-giving.....since Chuck and I wont be here for Thanksgiving, I wanted to get everyone together before we head back to Oklahoma.

We have coined the name "E-phers...since we live in the "E" section of the see there are "F-phers, and D-phers" in Desert Gardens....or so we say!

My goodness, I think we need to add on to the patio area....we had 31 people there.
The food was great as I suggested everyone bring "heavy" hors d'oeuvre.....

We made sure that they were "heavy" so we didn't have to worry about cooking after this E-pher-giving.
Smart planning on our part...we girls know what we are doing.
There was plenty of different foods, and everyone enjoyed all of it.
Thanks to all who participated.

November 14th
We have another park cook-out to go to this evening.
The "piece de re'sistance for this evening is that they had a 50/50 drawing, and one of our very own E-phers won.
John was the winner!!!!!!

November 19th
We have packed up and are heading back to Oklahoma today.
We have Thanksgiving and 3 birthdays and then Christmas to celebrate in the coming weeks.
Miguel came by as we were doing all our final things to the trailer, and got a deposit for some work to be done on the yard.
Our hopes are that it will be done by the time we get back the end of December...I can't wait to have gravel over the dirt so we don't track quite as much into the trailer.

The ride home was smooth and nothing to report.
I will have to say Bronco sure did help her dad drive quite a bit this time.
She was excited to get back to her yard so she can bark at the squirrels and cows.

November 23rd
The turkey has been cooked and the house smells wonderful.
We have a wonderful time with our little tribe today.

Our kids have a Mini Golden Doodle named Olive, and she got to come to Pops and our home.
It was a first for her, and she loved being about to run and bark.
Bronco in her usual unfriendly way, was actually quite funny with see Olive doesn't have a care in the world, so when Bronco would bark or snarl at her, she would just look at her as if to say...."you want to run and play".
Your couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.
Pops and Cash played a little football, and Olive decided to be the tackler...she would try to get Cash as soon as he would start running.
It was a fun day for sure.
The grands had an overnight with us, and they went to bed without a peep....they were tired from all the playing.

November 29th and 30th
Yes, today is the day I get a little older....tomorrow my mom gets another year older as well.
I am thankful to be so healthy and even more thankful that my mom is going to celebrate being 89 years young.
A person doesn't even have to ask her how old she is....she wants the world to know.
I was with her at Walmart, and she was telling everyone that she even remotely made eye contact with that she was turning 89 years old on November 30th.

November is officially over with the passing of our on to Christmas.