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Monday, January 1, 2018

December 2017

December finds us in Oklahoma and enjoying time with our family and friends for the holidays.

We are missing our friends in Arizona.
We actually got a surprise call from our friends Ida and Steve.
Steve was telling us that they were hearing some strange beeping from our trailer.
Not good!!!!
Long story short, we find that Chuck failed to flip the switch from solar back to land service.
The solar panels are packed away so you can see we are in a world of hurt here.
Looks like the refrigerator stayed on as long as it could and you guessed it......smelled like a dead body in there.
Man, I am thinking we are going to owe some people some big thank yous for taking care of our mess.
Just an example of being distracted and not going through our check list thoroughly.
So glad it wasn't any worse....but I think we have learned a lesson from this little snag.

The birthday's have been celebrated, and I am so excited to get something I had been wanting for quite a while.
Mother got me a Cricut for my birthday/Christmas gift.  
I am so excited to learn how to use the darn thing.
It is a bit intimidating, but I finally decided to get it out of the box and set it up.

Diana got herself one as well, so we can be lost together!  
I was able to make a few simple projects for Christmas and I have to admit I was kinda proud of my accomplishments.

The grandkids are singing at their church a couple of times this year, so we make sure we are there to enjoy their performances.  
Cooper had some speaking parts for their childrens service and she really did well.
Cash sang his heart out and was so cute up there with all the other kids.  

I got brave and made some Rae Dunn look alike ornaments for our daughter in law.
They really turned out cute, and would have loved to work on more, but time is flying way to quickly.

Cash and Cooper have a sleep over with us and Cooper had to try out her creativity with the Cricut.  
I think we are hooked on it!

The grands helped me deliver presents to my friend Darla.
Their dog (Katy) loved the attention they gave her. 

Our final Friday Night Dinner Ride for us was December 22nd.  
Lynn surprised us by bringing some of the best Fireball Jello Shots!!
They were so festive.....and I know what I am going to make when we get back to Arizona!!

December 24th is a busy day for us.  
Church, and again the kiddos got to sing with the children's choir.  
We have our traditional Christmas Eve present opening.
The kids were so really makes this time of year very special.
Looking through their eyes and seeing all the anticipation of Santa was just too much fun.

Christmas Day mother and Louie spend with us.
It is fairly quite until the kids come by later in the afternoon and we get to hear all about what Santa has brought them.

Cash got an I-pod, and he really thinks he is pretty cool!  
First thing this morning, he text me to wish me Merry Christmas.  

I say this all the time, but I am so very thankful for our little family.
We are so blessed with health and love abound.  

December 26th we spend packing the Jeep so we can head back to warmer weather.  
The temp is starting to really drop and some of the coldest days that Oklahoma has had in quite a while is coming this way.
Sorry, but we really don't want to hang around for it!

So nice to be back in the desert and warmer weather.
I really have to admit that I love our little oasis that we have created out here in Arizona.
What a great group of friends we have made.

December 31st and we are having a get together to welcome the New Year that is upon us!

It was a bit cool that evening but we all had our fire pits out and it made for an interesting evening.

The evening was a lot of fun....the jello shots weren't that bad either!
The moon put on quite a show for us.
It wasn't quite full, but sure did look it!

All in all the New Year came in without a hitch.
We are glad to welcome 2018 and ready for a great year with all our great friends.

Time to close and get this blog ready to print!!!
I so look forward to this every year.

More adventures await us and can't wait to be blogging about them.

Happy New Year everyone.

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