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Monday, April 30, 2018

Making our way back to Oklahoma April, 2018

April is here and it is time to pack up Arizona and make our way back to Oklahoma.
With all the turmoil in the park, I am really ready to get back there.

We have decided to sell the lot and just move on with our lives.
Amazing how rules can change in an instant and your once happy place is now a place you can't wait to leave.
Don't get me wrong, we love the people we have met there, but the newly elected higher ups are just making life too hard to deal with.

Chuck and I went to Benson, AZ for a couple of nights along the way home.
There is an RV Park there that has lots for sale and our friends Heike and Pat had been researching it, so we decided we would check it out.
Benson Arizona is more of the high desert, and as we find out after talking with some of the people that are living in the park, is that is gets a bit COLD in the winter.
Little too cold for our liking.
The park was very nice and there were things we liked about it, but after staying there a couple of nights we realize it probably isn't where we would want to stay in the winter.

We took out one morning and made our way to Tombstone, AZ.
Have always heard a lot about it so we had to check it out.
OK, for me it was just a glorified Frontier City that we have in Oklahoma.
Gunfights and all.
We have Bronco with us and it was looking like there was going to be a gunfight fairly soon, so we made a quick lookie lookie and made our way back to the truck.
You see, if Bronco had heard the gunshots, we know she would have gotten all excited and barked, and  barked.
One of the drawbacks to having a dog with you, but that is OK.

Next we drove to Bisby, AZ.
Quaint little town.
Reminded me of Eureka Springs, AR. and also Criple Creek, CO.
Very artsy...and oh so much history.
The mines were really a very big influence on the state of Arizona.
We had lunch at a little cafe and we sat outside and watched people.
Again, with Bronco this just works out better for us.

Back in the vehicle, we ride basically parallel to the US Mexican border.
That is pretty interesting...when you look as far as you can see, and you know that is, is all I can say.

We get back to the trailer and speak with a gentlemen that has lived in the park for quite a few years.
He tells us that this is the windy season for them.
This is an understatement....and since he mentioned it, yes it was quite windy that we decided to spend another night there and let the winds calm down a bit.
So glad we decided to do this, as the next day was pretty breezy.
Waiting out the storm in a since worked well for us.

The following day we set our sails east and make our way back towards home.
I called the place we like to stay at in Tucumcari, NM and she informs me she is booked solid.
This kinda alarms me as you just don't pull a 43' trailer over just anywhere and stay the night.
I then call the RV Park in Santa Rosa, NM....he says he is swamped checking people in right now, but to come on as he will make sure he has a spot for us.

It was about 5pm when we got there, and there were a few trailers in front of us checking in, but sure to his word, he had a spot for us.

I was glad to have this day behind us.
It is just a dull drive across a lot of empty open land.

We get set up and order dinner from the restaurant that is in the RV park.
The lady delivers it to us about 6:30pm.
Now that is service.
This is our last night on the road as we will get home tomorrow.

April 11th we are officially back at Chukadi Acre.
It is so nice to see the green green grass of home.
I am so glad to not have to come home to all the 100's of bags of leaves this season.
The people that did the yard did a wonderful job.

One big task we took on when we got back was to coat the roof of the Taj-mah-hauler with a new roof.
The Arizona sun has done a number on the body as well as the roof.
It is time to get busy doing some much needed maintenance.

Now, I have to tell you it is pretty hard to find a few days that are worthy of us working on the roof.
Chuck washed the top a couple of  times with anticipation of starting the roof, but every time we had rain in the forecast and we have to have a couple of days to get the roof done.

Finally our break came at the end of the month, and I even got up on the trailer and helped.
The product we used was Gaco Roof Coating System for those of you that are interested.
It is a two part process.
Chuck has taped off the sides of the trailer and instead of taking all the air conditions and other stuff off the rig, we opted to trim around them.
The company suggest you use two different colors when applying the roof.
This insures that you can tell where you have been.
First day we started around 8am, and by noon we were finished.
Perfect day to roll this stuff it is very thick and stringy.

Next morning we are at it again at 8am.
The day is not as good as the previous.
We are supposed to have winds coming up during the day, so the sooner we finish the better we will be.
The winds did make it a little more messy.
But again, by noon, we have finished the roof and can let it dry.

I think we are both pretty proud of the roof.
It turned out great, and we know that we are protected for quite a few years to come.

This concludes the month of April for us.
On to May!!!!