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Thursday, May 31, 2018

May in Oklahoma 2018

Hope that the April Showers are bringing May flowers to your garden.
Here in Oklahoma, we have had a few small rain least that is what is happening where we live.
The rain is very spotty and if you are fortunate to live where it has rained, you are getting quite a bit in a very short time.
Out at Chukadi Acre we are not getting much of the gully washers.

We had our regular Friday Night Dinner Ride on May what better place to have a Mexican food restaurant so we could celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Nice turn out of some of our favorite peeps and of course the food and waitstaff were great as usual.

May 11th we attended the high school graduation of Brandon.
My how time has flown.....and this guy has grown as well.
It was a really nice graduation see there were only 2 in the to say it was short and sweet was an understatement.
Brandon even got up and gave a "thank you" speech that had us all in tears.
Way to go Brandon....mess up my makeup...LOL
Brandon even entertained us with a piano solo of "Amazing Grace".
This was a very nice evening celebrating the accomplishments of the Darling family.
Great job Allen, Doreen and Brandon.

Mother Day 2018 was celebrated at Fuzzy's Taco's.
I feel so lucky to be able to still celebrate a great day with my mom.
I can't say enough about our daughter in law Heather....she is a wonderful mother to our two grandkids for sure.
Love these two "mothers" so very much.

May 15th we were excited to have a couple of our friends from Arizona come and spend the night.
Bev and Ken were on their way to Arkansas, and we are a good stopping point for the evening.
We took them to our local Swadley's BBQ in Bethany, OK.
I think the reviews were in and I they enjoyed their meal.

 Don't let it be said that Cactus don't grow and bloom in Oklahoma.
This little guy has been with me for about 15 yrs now, and every May almost like clock work, I get these beautiful blooms.
Yes, it stays outside every year.
It has yet to freeze.
I just love this little guy so much.
Not sure of the species, but it winters well here in Oklahoma.
Cooper had her yearly Dance recital this month.
It was wonderful as usual.
The girl danced in three numbers this year.
She is becoming quite the dancer.
Love watching how graceful she is while up there on stage smiling with every step or pirouette.
This season comes to an end, but she will be back on the dance floor soon learning more dance moves for the next season.

 Chuck has been working hard on the outside of the Taj-Mah-Hauler.
The sun has been hard on the body of the trailer, and since we didn't have it waxed in Arizona this season, he came home and decided to tackle it himself.
This was quite an undertaking for sure.
Chuck used a product called "Wade Maid" to buff and restore the rig to its new to us luster.
This little undertaking took over a week to do.
It just takes a bit of time to crawly up and down ladders to get the 43' monster waxed to perfection.
I think we are both very pleased with the results.
Of course we have yet to pull her out of the shed to actually see what it looks like in sunlight, but we are hoping for great results.

You can see by the one picture where he has and hasn't waxed it yet.
Man, she was really dry and oxidized.....but looks like she is coming back to life..thank goodness!
We have hopes that the next cleaning will go a lot quicker and easier with this product on her.

While Chuck was busy working on the trailer, I decided to tackle the windows in the house.
It was time to get them all shiny and clean.
It took me a few days to get all 27 windows done, but I can truly say I was so happy with the outcome.
They look so good!
The vinegar and water solution I used worked flawlessly and made an easy job of cleaning the great tilt in windows we have.
I even cleaned the blinds in the garage....they were sooooo bad!  (I can't believe I am even putting a pic on here of them)
I know I always tell people to just buy new blinds when the ones in the garage get that dirty, but I was bound and determined to clean them.
A little swishing around in the bath tub that had vinegar water and a bit of soap took care of the nasty mess.
The mud dobbers have been terrible out there.
All 4 blinds wouldn't even lift due to the mud dobbers nest inside the headrail of the blinds.
This girl is quite proud of her cleaning accomplishment.

I had wanted one of the decorative farmhouse ladders I kept seeing in all the I finally found a guy that would make me one.
He was quite fast with the order and within two days he was texting me to pick it up.
I have to say it is just exactly what the spare bedroom needed.
It really is great for storage of the throws, and it looks cute as well.
Glad I finally decided to go ahead and get one.  :)

I got the windows done just in time for some more visitors from Arizona.
Mark and Martha were on their way back west and asked about stopping by and seeing us.
Chukadi Acre is always open to visitors.
We had time to take them to downtown OKC and have some BBQ at Blu's BBQ and walk over to the Bombing Memorial.
They seemed to enjoy the history that sadly we in Oklahoma know way too much about.

The next morning, Mark and Martha set sails westerly to get back to Desert Gardens in Florence, AZ.
So glad they stopped by for a short visit.

I have been seeing the "Casa Beads" on several sites, so I decided to attempt to make some.
Well, they aren't hard at all.
The hardest thing was to find the larger unfinished beads to make them.
It was fun, and I made a few of them and also gave a few away.
Just a little project to make sure I could still "craft" with the best of them....LOL

As May comes to an end, I am pretty pleased with the yard at this point.
Sure I would love to have more lush green grass, but I think I have come to the realization it just isn't going to happen.
Takes too much water to keep the fescue happy and I just hate to use all the water for grass when we might need it to it is just too time consuming watering this acre of land.

Hope everyone has had a great May and enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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