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Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Evolution of June 2018

June has been a fairly warm month here in Oklahoma.
We have been lucky enough to get some good soaking rains and even a couple of days that were quite cool to help offset the heat.

June is our granddaughter Cooper's birthday.
We got to celebrate it in style with her.
She wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory for her big day, so we had a nice big table of family to celebrate her day.
In true fashion they sang "Happy Birthday" to her.
There really are no words to describe this young lady.
She is 10 yrs. old now, and acts like an adult.
What a beautiful sole she has.
We are so very proud of our Cooper.

Celebrating Father's Day this month also, we had the guys in our lives over to have a cook out.
So very blessed to have a great "second" dad.
Louie is a wonderful guy and sports the age of 92 quite well.
My husband is also a great guy in my life.
Appreciate his taking on my son Anthony at a young age and being such a positive influence in his growing up.
Then of course I have to mention my one and only Anthony.
What a great dad and family man you are.
So extremely proud of what you have become.
Happy Father's day guys.....I love you all very much.

Chuck, Bronco and I packed up and headed to Missouri for a couple of days.
We didn't take the Taj-Mah-Hauler as we had friends to stay with at their home.
Pat and Heika graciously invited us to come to Table Rock Lake and visit.
This was a short 5 hour drive to their place.
The drive there was really nice....and even Bronco seemed to calm down and ride well.

We got to see how Bronco acted in a boat.
She did quite well....until she saw a bridge.
Thought Pat was going to jump out of his skin when Bronco let out one of her piercing barks to let us all know that there was a bridge coming up....LOL
You have to stay alert with this dog..

We enjoyed the hospitality of Pat and Heiki.....and now they are going to have to come and visit us in Oklahoma.

We got home to the news that Jimmy and Terri Manhart were going to be in the area so we were going to have them out to the house and do some catching up on their travels.
It was a nice but short visit.
So short that I forgot to get a pic of them here....OOPS!
We had a great dinner at Swadley's and once again our friends seemed to like our choice of BBQ restaurants.
Wish we would have been able to spend more time with them, but they have family in Moore to keep them quite occupied.
Terri tells me they are camping in their new trailer at Thunderbird Lake and their son and his family would be joining them for the 4th of July holiday.
So glad they took time out to come and see us....and hope they do it again soon.

Other than that little trip we have been a bit dull and boring.
It has been very humid here and it just really seems to zap me quickly.
The grass is growing like crazy due to the that is keeping us on our toes mowing.
Ahhh, life in Oklahoma.

By the end of the month we had sold our lot in Arizona.
This is a bitter sweet sell.
I am so happy that someone else thinks our lot there in Florence is a nice second home.
Sad because we are leaving some very nice friends there.
I know we will stay in touch with them, but it just never is quite the same.
With the selling of the lot, we will be making a trip back to Florence to clean out our shed.
As of the end of June we have not figured out when, but I am sure knowing us, it will be fairly quickly.
The down payment for the lot has already been sent to us, and according to the park manager we will more than likely close on the property in September when they get back to open the park up.
Congrats to the new owners....hope they enjoy that little slice of heaven.
The Taj-Mah-Hauler will be in Arizona in the winter somewhere, we just aren't sure where yet!!!
Stay tuned in for more updates.