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Thursday, September 13, 2018

C&D Adventures 2018 (Louisiana Bayou) Week 4

9-10-18 Monday

8:30AM,  and we are on our way to Cajun Palms.
Goodbye Florida, we enjoyed it and we have had a great two weeks at Topsail but it is time to move on.
There is a cold front coming and we have chances of rain as we travel.
Doesn’t hurt our feelings as it may keep the love bugs down along the way.
The clouds are really pretty as we make our way to I-10 via 331.

Saw the Blue Angel on a stick. LOL.

Sailing along smoothly until Lupe decides we need to exit the highway.
Lupe has lost her ever loving mind.
As we begin crossing the Mississippi bridge outside of New Orleans she tells us to exit the highway.
We do and she proceeds to take us on a 6 to 8 mile detour.
Absolutely no idea why she got us off the highway.

Traffic was moving and there didn't seem to be any slowing down.
If I had my data I would have been online checking to see what the heck she was up to.

Just another reason to not trust Miss Lupie.
I have to say Diana and Chris stick with us through thick and thin....if we exit, even if they remotely question it, they still follow us.....LOL
Now that's friendship.

We are driving into some pretty heavy duty rain clouds.
Only good part is rain would be to help wash the love bugs off the Taj-Mah-Hauler.

Lupie shows our arrival time of 3:45.
We are at the famous Cajun Palms and checked in and even get wrist bands to prove it.  

The rain has stopped so that helped with setting up.
Love bug cleaning is the first thing we need to do.

I attempt to turn on the air in the trailer and we have no electric.
I am assuming it is the same problem we had last time but nope.
After Chris checks out the pedestals it is figured out that there is a problem with it.
I call up and maintenance comes out quickly.
Ends up we have another pedestal on our site so we just plug in so we can get on with this day.
Finally set, we are on the hunt for dinner.

There is a place that will deliver to our sites but looks like they aren’t open on Monday.
Plan "B" is Chicken on the Bayou.
It is a little place next to Landry's Seafood and as soon as we opened the door into the place, we walked back out.

Not knowing what we would be getting into by eating there, we just go next door to Landry’s.
The food was good but so typical of a commercial-restaurant.
We are back at the RV and thinking about sitting outside but the mosquitoes are terrible.
We walk around the park and check out the pool area.
This place is a ghost town.
No one is out...and there aren't very many trailers even here.
We are thinking that the parties are over and everyone has gone home for the summer.  
Too bad it’s not warmer and I can imagine how busy this place is during the regular season.

9-11-18 Tuesday

Well it looks like the rains are going to plague us for another day.
There is a window of time this morning that shows we will be rain free for a couple of hours.
McGee’s Air Boat Excursion is going to be what we do during this somewhat dry time.
Diana makes reservations for us for the 11AM tour.

I am so excited to get to do this.
Here is the link to Mcgees Swamp Tours
Ends up we are the only fools or customers  that chose to go out today.
We had the boat and the guide to ourselves.  
What a great time.

Our guide Byron, took us to see alligators up close and personal.
The water was beautiful and all the wild life in the bayou were amazing.

Our ride was cut a little short due to our guides concern of the upcoming weather.
Byron tells us a little history about the swamps we are in.
There are 1.4 million miles of them.  Here is a link to more info.  Bayou
Geez, if that alligator had eaten him I think we would have been lost out here forever.
This boat trip was so spectacular.
I would highly recommend it to anyone if they are in the area.

What a fun morning we have had.
We make it back before the rain hits.
Once again we have finished our fun before the rains try to ruin our day.
The ladies at McGee's tells us that Chicken on the Bayou was a good place to eat.
We decide to try it for lunch.
The food was good and at least we got some true Louisiana food.

We made our way to the pool even though the sun refused to shine.
Looks like we have the whole pool to ourselves today.
The bars weren’t open for us and it really looked like a ghost town.
After our dip in the pool we went back to our covered patio and hung out for awhile.

Bronco got to meet Duke the dog.
He was a resident of Cajun Palms it looks like.
He didn’t like to mind his parents and just roamed around a lot.
Duke came back a little later and attempted to be friendly with Bronco but she wasn’t interested.
Dinner was from the local Fast Track that delivers to the park.
Have to say we really weren’t that impressed with our choice this evening.
As the sun sets the mosquitoes start coming out so we say our good nights and go inside.

9-12-18 Wednesday
On the road by 8:30 and heading to Canton Texas.

Lunch stop at the Texas rest stop just over the Louisiana border and Chuck is looking at the trailer and noticed it was sitting a bit uneven.

Looks like we have lost a very large bolt in one of the wet kits on our equalizer.
This was just done on the trailer in June and other than our trip to Colorado, the only miles we have traveled.  
Maybe someone didn't tighten all our bolts like they were supposed to?  

Louisiana has some of the worst roads and bridges I have ever seen but after talking to Chris he has told us earlier on in our travels that he thought something fell off the trailer...kinda like when you follow a know what I mean.  :) 
We are 106 miles from our destination for the day and as soon as we reach it we will be looking for a temporary bolt to get us home safely.

The traffic heading south is full of FEMA trucks and trailers making their way east to help with the Hurricane Florence recovery.
It is really expected to be a very bad storm and our hearts go out to the people in her path. 
Florence should make landfall this evening.
We stay in Canton at the Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort this evening.
The Tractor Supply in the town of Canton got some of our business today as it was the only place we could find bolts, washers, and nuts to bandage the Taj-Mah-Hauler back together.
Chris notices a big chunk out of one of his tires, so he changes the tire and puts on his spare.
This was one of those working stops, but at least our guys make sure we are safe.
There is a little Taco Shop in front of the resort, so we walk over and get some Mexican Food for dinner and take it back to the trailers and eat outside.
The sunset was beautiful this evening, and I think I really got a good picture of it. 

9-13-18 Thursday
Packed up and on the road by 8:30 am.
Our final leg of our three week vacation is coming to an end.
This morning it is foggy and have to say it’s one of those days you could really sleep in.
But we have some miles to make so we set out on our final day of travels.

Diana and Chris will be heading to Lake Texhoma so we will travel with them to Pottsboro Texas.

We stopped for a potty break in Leonard TX and Chris was checking his tires and one of them is about to throw the tread.
Although a small town Diana found a place that had their size tire. (talk about luck)

Guess this stop was meant to be because it appears that
all of his tires are either separated or in the process of separating.

As we stood there, a guy came over and started talking.
Seems we had stopped in this same little town on the way down to Florida.
This same fellow had talked to us on that stop as well.  
He was interested in our stain glass windows that are on our trailer. 
His wife was upset the last time that he failed to ask where exactly in Mexico had we purchased them in.
He now knows the scoop on them so his wife is going to be so proud of him.
(I don't think he was really stalking us, just a very friendly guy)  ROFL

The tire shop was quick and efficient and within an hour or so we were back in business.

It is now time to say our final farewells to Diana & Chris.
Pottsboro, TX was  a perfect spot to pull over for a moment.
Diana & Chris will head for the lake and we will make our way back to Yukon.
Sadly this adventure is over.
The real world is calling us back.

Even though Chuck and I are retired, there are always things that need to be taken care of at the homefront.
So much for taking time to smell the roses.
With traveling, there always seems to be only a certain amount of time allotted.
Those places you see along the roadside, you know,
the ones that you see every time you travel that same road.
They are once again driven by without a stop.
Oh well, maybe next time!

When you are pulling such a large trailer those quick stops have to be planned out as there just might not be enough space for you to even get into a parking lot.

We are so fortunate to be able to have the health and well being to be able to experience it.
Not sure what the next trip has in store for us but I know it will be an adventure worthy of me writing about.

What a great three weeks and some change we have spent with our friends Diana & Chris.  
So very glad we get to share our time together.
Thanks to them for participating in another C&D Adventure.

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