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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Life's Unexpected Curve Ball 2018

It seems that we all know that life can be so unexpected and I have to say we have had a very unexpected event happen last week.
If you follow me on Facebook you know that our adorable granddaughter Cooper was going on a much anticipated 5th grade trip to Sea World in San Antonio.
Cooper was so excited to make this trip with her friends and at 7 am on Saturday October 1st their adventure started.
Two busses filled with 5th graders began the drive to their destination....
One bus has the girls in it and the other one has the boys.

Our world stopped for a moment when I got a call from our son instructing me to come to Norman to take care of Cash our grandson.
Anthony had gotten a call that the girls bus had been in an accident in Lampasas, TX.
The 45 minute drive to Norman seemed to take forever.
As we drive up to the kids house, there are other parents gathering and trying to get as much information of the incident as possible.

The parents were ready to make the 6+ hour drive to Lampasas, TX.
Anthony and Heather give Cash kisses and hugs and assume me they will be in contact with us on any updates.
The only report we could get was that Cooper was pretty beat up.
The hours tick by and the reports I get from our daughter in law is that Cooper has a severe concussion, her clavicle is broken and possibly her hip is broken.

It’s now a little after 9pm, and thankfully our son and DIL have made it safely to the hospital.
Cooper does not have a broken hip,  but she does have severe head trauma that the Dr. is quite concerned about and a broken collar bone.
The Dr. suggest that they transfer Cooper to the Children's Hospital in Temple, TX.
There will be two other friends of Coopers that will be sent to this hospital as well.
The one girl has a brain bleed and is in ICU.

Cooper will be at the Children's Hospital for a day or two so they can keep a close eye on her concussion.
She is very sensitive to light and noises due to the concussion and can't keep anything down in her stomach.
Her clavicle will be localized with an arm sling.

I stayed at their house and kept Cash on as much of a regular schedule as possible.
Cash was so good and helped me figure out what needed to be done.

He had a soccer game on Saturday and we discussed him playing really hard and if he made a goal that it would be for his sister.
Within the first minute of the game, Cash takes the ball to the goal.
His eyes lit up and looked at me with so much excitement.
This ones for you sister!

He got up and got ready for school without any protest at all.
We've got this....but it will be nice if Cooper can come home and recuperate in Norman.

Monday brings a better day and her nausea has subsided so she was able to come home and start mending in her own surroundings.

According to our son, the drive home went very well and Cooper was a great patient.

Chuck and I were so happy to see that sweet face get out of that back seat of the car.

Olive, their goldendoodle, was ecstatic to see the family back home as well.

Cash & I made a poster
Cooper remembers nothing about the accident but her friends have put a few things together.
They say that they were trying to get out of the bus and they kept calling her name.
She laid lifeless in the bus with her eyes staring upward.
One of the first responders removed her from the bus and placed her on the ground until ambulance arrived to take the students to one of the hospitals in the area.

The Dr. and staff and all the first responders have been wonderful to all these children and to the teachers that were also injured .

We have also been told that the way the people handled the children by getting all their information and contacting their parents were wonderful.

Friends made a welcome home poster.

As of end of the week, Coopers friend with the brain bleed had to have surgery.

One of the teachers had surgery on her back, and the other was released and heading home with 6 broken ribs.

All the outpouring of prayers and positive words have been so wonderful and so greatly appreciated.

Each day Cooper is feeling better.
Thanks again to everyone.

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