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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Now That Is Refreshing :) 2018

Refreshed 2018

I am on a "refresh" binge at the moment.
The kitchen accent tiles have bugged me forever and I finally got the nerve to remove the ugly 90's tile and refresh with something a little more to my liking.

Again, it is only a little bit of re-doing, but at this moment it's helping to update the kitchen area.
I still plan on painting the center island, but haven't gotten that done as of yet.

In my mind, I can see new granite countertops, but that just isn't in the plans for now, so I will once again make due with what I have.

I purchased a tool that is supposed to make removing the tile and I have to say it worked, but I also realize a plain ole screwdriver can do the same thing!

I was able to remove the tile without any other breakage to other tiles around it.


The replacement tiles are fitting in perfectly, and before you know it, I am finished and ready to grout the tiles.
I have never grouted before so it was a bit of a learning experience.
It wasn't long before I felt confident that I knew what I was doing and was slopping grout into the tile. ( lots of excess grout was used due to my learning curve)
I think using my sponge to clean the excess grout was the most time consuming part of the whole thing.  (again due to my learning)


Since I won't be replacing the counter tops at this time, I decided to update the area below them.
There is a wooden ledge that edges the counter top.
It had a strip of Formica in it when we moved in.
The color didn't suit me back then, so I removed the Formica and painted the inset black.

Time to address the area, so one night when I couldn't sleep, I came up with an idea.
If I could find tile the size I needed for the area, I can put tile in that area.
Finally measured the size I would be looking for and made a trip to Lowes.

I brought home several pieces, but I wasn't happy with the overall look.
Returned the tiles and made a trip to Home Depot.
Found the perfect tile for the project.


The tiles worked perfectly in the area.
Grouted the tiles in place and made all my cuts for the angles without any problems.

Voila, I have a "refreshed" kitchen!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Decorating Refresh 2018


What does one do when they want to do a complete overhaul of an area, but just don't want the mess and cost of doing the whole thing.

You Refresh!!!!

Our Coffee/Bar area needed updating.
It is time to bring it out of the dark ages and make its statement in the 21st century.
First thing that has to be done is to remove the glass shelves and glass wall that has adorned the area for a few years now.

I called for my trusty assistant, my husband, to get instructions on removing the glass from the wall.
I was trying to pull the adhesive from the wall with a screw driver....LOL
He always preaches to me to use the proper tools for the job, so to the shop he goes.
Just like Tim the Tool man Chuck comes back to the house with a pry bar..
I had taped the mirror in several places, so as soon as he used the proper tools, the mirrors came of quite easily.

One of my weak moments, I had painted the bar area a turquoise color.
Not sure what I was thinking, because I am always so conservative when it comes to color on the walls.
It was a small area to paint so once the mirrors were down, I put a coat of paint on the walls.
Man, it was already looking better!

The look I was after is the ship-lap type boarding so this refresh is going to make it happen. 
I had eyed this Sun Bleached Wood Ship-lap planking during one of my trips to the local Lowe's store.
Sun-Bleached-Wood-Ship lap-Wall-Plank

I figured my square footage of the area but went ahead and purchased 3 packages of the materials as I wanted to make sure I had enough to finish the project without any unnecessary trips back to the store.  :)

I am glad I had the extra 3rd package so we didn't feel we had  to make due with smaller pieces that would have been OK.
This gave us the ability to create a good combination of lengths. 

Chuck and I made a real good team at this little project.
He dug out the chop saw to make the cutting a whole lot easier.
We figured out what pieces we wanted where and I would mark them, and Chuck would cut.
I used Liquid Nails to attach each board.
The process went very quickly and the outcome was outstanding as far as I am concerned.
I truly don't think there is a right or wrong way to make the pattern, but we agreed with the one we ended up with and are pleased with it. 

Once we had all the wood up it was time to decorate the area.
I found a really cute floating shelf at Hobby Lobby to give the shelf some depth.
The Gather sign I had purchased a few months ago at Kirkland's.
It has been on several walls in the house, but I truly think it has found a good home in the bar area.
This little "refresh" puts a smile on my face every time I walk by.