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Monday, December 31, 2018

December Review 2018

The month of December is always full of the usual hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas.
This year was no exception.

I had cleaned out the attic of all my old Christmas decor as I just don't really enjoy getting out all the stuff to have to put it away quickly as we usually leave and head back to Arizona right after Christmas.

This year is different because we didn't go to Arizona in the fall.

It has alloyed me the time to decorate a bit, so you know that means I have bought some new stuff to decorate with.  LOL

I have gotten a bit obsessed with the small Christmas villages and the cute travel trailers that light up, so this year, I decorated with my tiny houses.

It makes for a cute display and is fairly easy to put away quickly.

I am thinking this is the "new" look for Christmas decor in this house. :)

Cooper, Heather and I went to The Nutcracker this year.
As Cooper says, "its our tradition".

We met with our usual Friday Night group and Doreen asked the bartender if he could make her Grinch drink.
She showed him the recipe and made them for us.
You can tell by our smiles we didn't like them at all!

Christmas Eve church services with the family is a regular event for us.
Cash decided to ride with us to the church, so of course we got to hear about his concerns that he hasn't been good enough for Santa to actually bring him the gifts he has asked for.
He kept Great Grandma and Papa Louie entertained for sure.

As a child we always opened the family presents on Christmas Eve.
Seems we do that as an adult as well.
Part of the fun of being an adult is to watch the grandkids excitement and anticipation as they hand out all the presents.

It was the usual free for all in the package department.
Wrapping paper and Christmas sacks were flying everywhere.

And before you know it....its over.
Just like that, all that shopping for the right gift and wrapping it up so nicely, and poof, its finished.

Our family is so blessed to get to spend this time together and enjoy the moment.

Speaking of excitement....Cooper cracked me up this year as Pops was showing her and Cash a few magic card tricks.
Her expression on her face when she saw that he had fooled her was absolutely priceless.
Now she wants him to teach her how to do it.

The kids are leaving for a fun adventure at Harry Potter World in Orlando Fl. shortly after Christmas.
Should be a fun time for all although Cooper really wasn't looking forward to the long drive.
She thought they should just fly.
This is from her fear of being in a vehicle of any kind after the bus crash.
Hopefully her new weighted blanket will help with her anxieties.

I am sure Cooper and Cash will come home with a few priceless items from their adventures.

December has been fairly cold and wet here in Oklahoma.
Arizona has been cold as well according to friends of ours.
They even have snow in Tucson as the year comes to an end.
Our plans for the coming weeks is to latch onto The Taj-Mah-Hauler and make our way to Winterhaven, CA.
I will share more on our travels in January.

As 2018 comes to an end we are so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family that have made this year as spectacular as it has been.
Life is so good and precious and I for one am very thankful for every breath I take.
Love, health and prosperity is what I wish for everyone.
Thanks again for being a part of my life.

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