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Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 2019

June has been a busy month for us in Oklahoma.

Lots of fun stuff going on.

Lucky to have our group of friends to go and eat dinner with on Friday nights.
Although we have stopped posting a weekly location we still try to get together as often as possible.
After dinner at Maples BBQ we decided to ride to Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert.
With all the rain we have been having it was really nice to take advantage of a dry night and ride.

Another evening, we all met at S&B Burgers to enjoy some group time.
I feel so lucky to have such great friends to spend some quality time with.
Blessed for sure.

June 11th we celebrated Coopers 11th Birthday.
Our tradition of getting a mani/pedi continues.:)

That girl is growing up so quickly.
We aren't sure what she is going to spend her birthday money on, but I am sure she has a calculated idea of what she is wanting to purchase with it.

Our next door neighbors have sold their home and will be moving this month.
It makes me so sad to lose them.
I enjoy seeing the kids outside playing and saying hello to us.

Our neighborhood just won't be the same without them.
It's exciting to see them move on, but gosh, it sucks for us.

We pack up the trailer and meet Diana & Chris along the way as we take a trip to Canton, TX. for First Monday!
Excited to go and check out all the "stuff", but I know that it is going to be really HOT!
HOT wasn't the half of wind and humid and HOT....this girl doesn't do very well in that condition.

I have never drank so much liquid in my life.
At least we were there for a few days, so we were able to pace our shopping.
The nice part was that the RV park has its own transport bus that makes regular pick ups and drop offs every hour, so we don't even have to get in the vehicles.

Bronco rode in the bus once again and did well.
We only took her the first day we were there.
I think she was happy to stay in her own trailer and enjoy the cool while we shopped.

The RV park has live entertainment on Friday night so we walk up to the area and listen to some local talent.

There was a food truck as well, so we had chicken salad sandwiches as we soaked up the cool air in the clubhouse.

Not sure if any of you have been to Canton (I'm sure you have) but it seems you have to have a cart to carry around all your purchases

We had bought one the last time we were here, so I actually remembered to bring it along.
I am telling you, I am going to have to step up my game on the cart.
I had no idea you are supposed to decorate them.
Our red cover that was on ours has basically disintegrated due to it age.
As I looked around at the ladies that were "Pros" at shopping here, their carts were all decorated with different fabrics and different types of materials.
Heck one lady had used men's ties to weave back and forth to fill the area.
Got me to thinking about ours.
Next time we will sport a "new" look as well.

We were told to eat at The Dairy Palace while we are here, so of course we do just that.

This place is pretty interesting and seems to have about anything we could want to eat...and of course they have ice cream.

The rain decided to come and visit us here as well.
We watched it build and then we got the wind and the cooler air.

We actually sat outside for quite awhile and enjoyed the mist, but the mist turned into a downpour and when a branch from the tree we were sitting under fell and hit Chuck on the arm we decided to take refuge in the trailer.
Amazing how many people had their awnings out and how many people we saw scampering around trying to
get them put away before the wind turned them inside out.

I think we all enjoyed our little outing, but I truly think we are crazy for trying to walk through all the areas of Canton during the hottest part of the summer.
Maybe we will do this again when it is cooler!!!!

Once again we have tuckered out our puppy with our travels.
She is such a good travel companion once she calms down from all the excitement of knowing she is going on a trip.
I caught her taking a few winks as we make our way back home.  :)

That's a wrap on June.
More to come in July.