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Sunday, June 10, 2012

6-9-12 Saturday is a busy day :)

The morning starts off with Chuck leaving the house about 8:30 to meet up with Jennifer and Steve for a poker run.  I on the other hand, got to clean the house and get ready to go to Cooper's 4th Birthday Tea Party.
The Tea Party was a big success, and the 6 other little girls and 1 boy had a really good time.  Think the moms of the children and us grandma's and great-grandma and other cousins had a really nice time too.  The room was set up very nicely, and the fine china was out for everyone.  The children got their lemonade served in individual tea pots.  They were just quite up town.  The desserts were wonderful, and so were the sandwiches.  I had the chicken salad and it was really tasty.  They also had cucumber sandwiches, and raisin bread with cream cheese.  They had a fruit cup, and these wonderful small strawberry cupcakes.  The food was awesome.  Watching the little ones sit in a big girl room acting all princess like was priceless.  Cooper was a very good little birthday girl.

They all gathered around her as she opened her presents, and when they would get up and huddle around her to see what she had unwrapped, she would tell them "please sit down".  She did this several times....we all got a good chuckle out of it.  Several of the girls go to her daycare, and you could tell they had all heard that command before.  The party was really a hit, and even Peyton, our one boy that braved the party, seemed to have a good time.

Chuck had text me as we got to Tealicious, and said they weren't the fatality on I-35.  I had not been paying attention to the news, but I can say I was really glad to hear this, cause if for some reason I would have heard about a motorcycle wreck, it would have come to mind.  The sad part about all of this is, my daughter-in-law Heather called me after the party to tell me that a very good friend of hers mother was one of the fatalities that Chuck had text me about.  How very sad.  Not enough details to know what happened, but my understanding is there was another wreck that had happened ahead of them, and the traffic was really bad, and the driver of the bike that Heathers friends mom was on, stopped quickly, and when he swerved to miss the car in front of him, the passenger (friends mom) was pitched off the bike into the median.  Neither were wearing helmets, and he had some head trauma, and didn't even realize he had a passenger on the bike.  More confusion because she didn't have any ID on her person.  What a terrible thing to happen.  I sure feel sorry for her friend.  This whole wreck was a really strange thing, cause the original wreck that started the whole chain of events was a good Samaritan  stopping to help another person that was having car trouble.  Someone mowed them down as the wife and 1 yr. old child stood and watched it all unfold.  Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try to help.  Don't get me wrong, we have stopped and helped people on the road, and we have been the person on the side of the road, but it is really a dangerous spot to be in.  Its just a hard to know what to do, but I really think a person should be as far from their car or bike as possible.  Too many of these wrecks happen.  OK, enough...back to the rest of the day.
Keith & Lynn were in town today, so I called to see if they wanted to have dinner with us, as Chuck had called me to say they had found a "new" place in Tuttle we needed to try out and see if it would be a good FNDR place.  Chuck, Steve & Jennifer show up at Chukadi Acre about 15 minutes after I get home.  Keith & Lynn are going to meet us at Harley World and leave from there for dinner.  Lynn is in the cage as they had helped their son move today.  We are standing around Harley World talking and this car drives up, and the guy rolls down his windows and says "Jennifer" was the guy from work, Troy, that she had spoke about.  He was wanting to ride with us sometime and so I guess we all got to meet him.  Now he knows who we are, we will see if he is really interested in riding with us or not....LOL...
Steve leads and Lynn brings up the rear.  The wind has really been up today, but all in all it was a nice ride.  We make it to Grady's Pub & Grill around 7pm.  Chuck and the Alvey's had been here earlier today as it was a stop on the poker run.  You have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the place, and it is one of those old, musty smelling buildings.  Very nice surprise when you get to the restaurant.

 The waitress was a little taken back by Chuck and his usual bantering that he does.  She figured him out pretty quick and started dishing it back to him.  Food was great, and we all gave it a thumbs up for a dinner ride.  They have a really nice area to sit outside too. We head back downstairs and we girls made a pit stop.

We see an elevator and of course we have to try it out.  Lynn, Jennifer and I are in this tiny little box.  I think all 3 of us are claustrophobic, and this is probably not the place we should be.  We survived the ride down to the main floor...silly girls!!!   Its now almost 9 and it is time to get home.  We all give our usual hugs and everyone is instructed on texting me to let me know they made it home safely.  It was another great day in this ole world we live in.  Home safe and sound.