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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 2) Thursday

Eight bells and we are up and ready to find breakfast. We ride out the east side of Eureka Springs and much to our dismay the restaurant we are trying to get to is closed and for sale. So plan "b" is in effect. We will ride a little further and find food. As we round one of the turns Chuck notices our trail car now known as Chevy Davidson disappeared. We pull over and make a u turn I am on the phone calling Janie and she tells me Troy forgot his wallet and they will catch up with us at the restaurant. Thank goodness for cell phones. We make it to plan "b" and guess what. It isn't open on Thursdays. There is a gas station up the road so we make our way there and I call Janie to let her know where we are at. We end up going another 20 miles and finally find a place that is open and get Janie and the others their much needed coffee fix. We stop at Garrison, population 116. This should be interesting. Have to say it was really good. All made from scratch biscuits bread and pancakes. Very nice little hole in the wall.

 We are ready for the day. On to Pig Trail Harley. It is only 10 and it is already warming up quite nicely. Going to be over 100 today so we will be looking for cool spots to stop. Next stop is Bradcliff Marine & ATV to check out spydie stuff. Chris finds a mesh jacket and pants.  Looks like we have a successful shopping experience. It is getting really warm and we are going to ride to Cliff house Restaurant which is outside of Jasper.  We have about an hour and a half ride to get there.  We had driven by Cliff House last year and wanted to go back and try it.  This is the day we will make it happen.  As we pull up to the restaurant we see a closed sign. Seems like this is a reoccurring theme today.

Well, we are back to plan "c".  Chevy Davidson leads us back down to Jasper and we pull into the parking spaces across from some local flavor restaurant.  We are so hot at this point we just want a cool place to drink a gallon of water and tea.  We girls are the first to walk in and oh my, did we get the looks.  Guess they noticed we weren't from around there parts. 

Food was good and our waiter must have known we were parched cause he brought a pitcher of water and tea to our table.  Was nice to get out of the heat.  We are refreshed and get back on the road and make it back to the rooms around 6:30. Didn't have to ask any of us twice about going out to the pool.  Man it felt great. The rest of the evening was spent out there.  We ended up calling for pizza and asked for it to be delivered. We called around 8:20 and we didn't see it until around 9:40. Not real speedy around these parts.  Tasted pretty darn good at this point in the evening.  We ended up getting too much pizza as we usually do, but that was alright.  We finally ended up back at our rooms around 11. Nice but very hot day of riding.  We did a little over 200 miles according to the Chevy Davidson.